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Eliminating dairy

I had some deep cyst like things on my chin until last week. But it developed heads and went away about a week ago. Usually I would get new ones soon after. But I havent gotten new ones for maybe a week now and my chin is all clear! :naughty:

I stopped eating dairy also about a week ago so was dairy the culprit? I am still eating eggs though and those cysts on my chin have not returned. So I think its ok to eat eggs.

I am also trying to sleep on my back without my face touching the pillow but its really hard. My spine is not comfortable that way and I dont even realize when I roll over to my side in the night. If anyone has suggestions on how to sleep on the back or any special pillow which allows you to sleep on side without the face touching the pillow?


July 20

I truly want to find out if my acne is hormonal, or if its because of insulin resistance or what...

I am trying to keep a diary to see if I get more pimples just before my period. If its because of insulin resistance, I am going to try taking metformin for it. My mother has diabetes so she already has this medication. I can just try it to see if it helps my acne.


07/10/08 - I bought some Clinique products today. That lady was super nice, she found my right color in the clarifying makeup (it has salicylic acid, so it fights blemishes as well as covers them), oil free loose powder and the skin toner. So basically now, my makeup itself is my acne fighting solution now! Now I wont worry about wearing makeup too long and clogging my pores.

Also I am currently doing this experiment of not drinking any milk. So far so good. Haven't got any new spots. I am taking calcium supplements, in caramel flavor( yummy.. , so I am not missing milk too much for now). I bought soy milk but not a huge fan of it. Some people say they break out from soy milk as it has lot of phytoestrogens. I have never consistently had soy milk but hopefully its not the case for me. What I have noticed is that meat usually breaks me out, that too in big pimples. But I think milk and eggs is ok for me as long as I dont have too much of it. But I do tend to break out in small pimples from time to time, so I want to see if eliminating milk can completely eliminate those!

Also I bought olive oil as it's supposed to be anti-inflammatory and better than vegetable oil. I cooked some stuff in it yesterday and didnt notice too much of a taste difference. So I think I can stick with that.

My doc has given me Retin-A but kinda scared to try it due to the IB. My face has no active pimples right now, just some red marks. So I dont want to start something new now and get a face full of pimples. I am just going to do the milk expt. for now and see.

Will continue later...

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