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Day 6

Hey all!

So it's officially my sixth day on accutane. So far the only change I've seen is I'm getting a little bit less acne. I still have a few spots here and there but nothing like what it was last week. I have been using Aquaphor healing ointment for the sides of my nose and the corners of my mouth and so far I haven't had anymore dryness :(

I'm basically just praying to God that I won't have a HUGE and TERRIBLE break out in the coming weeks... but I probably will lol.

Question: I never asked my derm about it... but what's the rule/situation with squeezing pimples while on accutane. Is it a no-no? Anyways.

I hope everyone else is doing well!


Day 3

So! It's day 3 of my ACCUTANE EXPERIENCE! Obviously, Im not expecting that I would feel much difference or look much different. I have no back pain and my skin is still pretty oily. I have noticed slight drying around my nose, which doesnt surprise me because I used to have pretty bad eczema there at one point. I haven't had any new breakouts (which is sortof unusual for me), but im almost 90% sure its only a fluke so Im definitely not going to get my hopes up.

At the moment I have two actives on my face. One cyst on my right jawline (that hurts pretty bad) and one nodular one on my forehead. Hopefully the accutane will start drying these out :(

So my plan is to just keep moisturizing, drinking tons of water and hoping for the best!

Maybe I'll try to figure out how to post some pictures later.

Anyways. Good luck to everyone!



My name is Angela. I am a 20 year old female from California! I have struggled with acne for the past 8 years. My acne during this 8 years has ranged from very mild to cystic and unmanageable. I have tried a long list of topical and oral antibiotics as well as facials that range from $55 to $100 for an hour. When I finally got the nerve to ask my dermatologist if accutane was a possibility, his response was "You're not a candidate at this time". (whatever that's supposed to mean!). Since my boyfriend had used accutane a few years prior I chose to see his dermatologist, who put me on accutane without any hesitation.

Today is my first day on accutane. I am taking one 30mg pill of Sotret daily (with a meal). I've heard horror stories about the first month on accutane, but I am definitely going to try to think positive :( .

Just a note: I am also currently taking Lexapro (for anxiety and depression) and have been slowly tapering off my dosage for the past two months... so we'll see how i respond now that I have added accutane. If anyone has any comment about antidepressents and tane or just it's effects on their mood that would be great!

Wish me luck!


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