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week 8 to 9


Well, I am beginning week 9 with 60 mg a day and started doryx (doxycycline 100mg, 1 x day) 2 weeks ago. So far the inflammation has reduced a lot but still the red marks and healing scars from whiteheads that pop up. Also I broke up those bad cyst under the skin at my the end of my jawline sides by the neck area. I feel it is healing slowly but is doing progress.

I also added tea tree oil on my routine and seems to be doing a good job in drying out whiteheads. Check my gallery and you will see the little improvement.

Wait for your comments.




Week 6

I am about to finish week six (day 42) and the results are very bad, just hanging there to see if this will improve. At the moment I think it was a bad idea cause I never had acne this bad (check my gallery). My doctor increased my dose from 60 to 80 mg about 10 days ago, just after I finish 10 days of prednisone which helped a lot with the inflammation.

Glad I can work from home looking this sick...

Have you ever had this bad IB? do you think is bad? or is just me?

what else did you take to alleviate the IB inflammation?




Week 4 Over

hello everyone,

I am finishing my 4 week on the accutane tomorrow and seeing my doc on Thursday am, just took the blood test today and lest see how I did.

Well after I called my doc last week about the painful inflammated cyst on my jawline and pustules on my cheek he prescribed me prednisone for 10 days (2 a day for the first 5 days and 1 a day the remaining days)... guess what, prednisone is kicking butt and the inflammation is almost gone so my face looks better and I hope its the start of a clear face...

I know I know...its just a month but look much better after 3 weeks of misery and working from home..

Hope all is well..




week 3 finish

I am just about to take my 30th pill of accutane (sotret 40 mg), not that great because the past 3 weeks has been really bad in term of breaking out.

Yes I am one of the people that get the IB ... :( anyways

My left jawline hurt a bit and the cysts there seem to be drying off because there are whitehead on the cysts now but a bit painful, righ side jawline is about the same as the left but less painful.

Then my cheekbones are yucky...

each one has 3 comedones of medium size (3-5 mm).

Hope my doc recommends prednisone, I really hate the inflammation and the consequences that the scaring could leave...

still taking the erythromicine ...

Hope to hear comments



2 1/2 weeks


I have been in 2 1/2 weeks and so far I haven't seen much improvement. My jawlines are still with cysts and just discovered 3 coming out to the surface yesterday because they were a bit painful, two on the jawline right side of my face and one under my chin close to the neck... and I forgot that the right cheekbone got some more too after been healing very well after the first week it got its dose of pimples at the begginning of the second week and now a cyst close to that area is coming up to the surface... yucks!

I have been also taking erythromicin after I called my doc and ask him if I could take that to help the inflammation , he say go ahead if you want so I am still taking that... what do you think?? would it help?? and for the inflammation I add some ibuprofen (400mg a day)... yeah I am taking a lot of crap so if you have experienced with those things and have suggestion you are welcome to write me...I'll appreciate it.

OOO... yeah, the inching is crazy... wakes me up at nites..... grrrrr

Lastlty, about 10 days more to visit my doc again.... I want to ask him about prednisone, and takig multivitamins + vitamin E for the scars.

I feel that my acne has gotten worse during the last weeks. I started kind of bad thought because I was started on erythromicin 2 months ago before accutane and didn't work.


I hope this gets better, I need to start clearing up a bit at least next month



2 weeks on accutane


I broke out really bad after the first week, jawline and bit on the cheeks. Had to call my derm and ask for something else to put on, he recommended erythromicine so Ive been taking that too.

Those areas have been very itchy at night and I havent picked up, still noticeable cryst but not pain.

Some new are coming up, and i hope they dont get too big.

Since my skin feels very sensitive I may stop accutane for a while, but keep the benzaclyn.. what do you think?

just dry lips and they are were I appy the retin-a is dry too. everywhere else ooks good not as oily as it used to be that make me think why shold I put accutane if looks good....


let me know your thought.



One week on Accutane

It has been a week already on accutane. FYI before I started taking accutane my doc put me on Erythromycin 250 MG twice a day for three months but when to see my doc just after the end of the second month cause I was getting worse. Of course he mentioned accutane when he prescribed me Erythromycin so I am sure he felt like that wont work and was like a 2 month wasted....grrr.

Anyways, one week has gone and I am still pretty much like when i started on accutane. Very bad cyst on my jawline which seem more inflammated and quite big and painful, the little cyst on my cheekbones are getting better thought.

I been prescribed an interesting dose of 60mg a day which I have to take as 1 and 2 pills in alternating days (each pill is 40 mg). I am 29y, 5'9", 160lbs and have oily skin with acne on chest and back (few papules every now and then), forgot to mention I have a very healthy diet very close to organic, MSG free, and not fried foods.

Also using retin-a and benzaclyn, I will add more of my regime down there.

First Symptoms:

Dry lips (not too bad but sure they feel different than before)

Oil on face seems the same

Nose tips feel dry

Thanks for reading and maybe you got tips for inflammation or so will be helpful.




Shower/cetaphil for face and chest-back with Neutrogena Clear pore (3.5%BP)


Cetaphil Moisturizer with SPF 15


Shower/cetaphil for face and chest-back with Neutrogena Clear pore (3.5%BP)

Retin-a Micro 0.1%

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