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September 2006 -- I broke up with my ex thinking 'Hmm, I can do better'. Decided to go off the pill since I wouldnt be doing any of 'that' for awhile... didnt realize 'THAT' would hide forever because of the horrible effects going off Birth Control had on me.

I slowly started developing spots on my face... those went away after 4 months of crying.... Tears the cure for Acne? No. Eventually tears made the acne worse and by July of 2007 my face was covered in cysts, boils, marks, and eventually horrible scars.

Some of the worst experiences from this:

1) Riding on the bus and having some Crazy Bus Lady preach to me about a magic cloth that will take my acne away... lucky for me the bus was PACKED and everyone heard wat was going on :evil: Crazy Bus Lady actually took offense to me turning down her Magic Cloth idea, and wouldnt drop the idea until her stop finally arrived!

2) My little cousin commenting that i have zits all over my face... "Can I pop them?" she asked. First of all, EWWW! And secondly... get a hobby... popping zits at your age should not be something that you strive to do.

3) Working at a grocery store one gurl tapped her friend on the shoulder and I heard them whisper "Look at her face!!!" Gee, thanks guys :(

4) Everyday since September 2006.

October 2007 -- Decided to go back on the Birth Control Pill, and not for the fun reasons most woman go on it for. By January 2008, the cysts finally went down..... but HELLO Scarring!!!

I never realized how bad it was until I went to see a dermotologist... a very OPEN and honest dermotologist with no filtering system who kept pointing out how many scars I actually have. Thanks Tips!

Started off with 3 IPL's --- Highly recommended since they improve red marks!

After that was all said and done, I didnt think I had spent enough money over the last year on my face.... so I decided to spend another $700 on having the ProFractoinal!!!!!!!!!

Will post the experience shortly... stay tuned!


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