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Day Two

So, This is my second day on the Regimen. It is going pretty well. My face is a little bit red and itchy like it lists in the "what to expect" section of the website - but it subdues fairly quickly. I am already envisioning my beautiful clear skin! I think this is going to finally be something that works.

One of the greatest things I am going to get out of this is better appreciation and care for my skin - and also myself in general. It seems like most of the time we look for those quick fixes, when really, what we need to do is just be more gentle with ourselves. So, that has been inspiring and motivating for me. I expect to see some great changes all around!

Until Next Time...


Day One

Well Hello All,

I just received my starter kit and jojoba oil in the mail today and I am so excited to get started! I'll be updating my progress as regularly as possible. I am getting married on November 29, which is less than 5 months away, so I am definitely on a mission! Any comments or helpful advice along the way would be greatly appreciated! Pretty soon here, I will also be looking to switch to mineral makeup.

Until Next Time... :(

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