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Hey there! This is my first little entry in this whole site. For some reason I couldn't find the email to activate my registration.

Well my name is Rebecca but I like to go by Wren. <3

I'm 22 years old and engaged to a beautiful man who is 23. We live together in Texas with my mama and brother and three cats.

I've been a Vegan now for a whole month! It's been a really intense learning expierience, let me tell you. I was a vegetarian for a while before that, but there are so many things I was still taking for granted. On the other hand, I certainly don't miss eating meat anymore, since it kind of makes me sick to think about it.

I was going to get on Accutane. I've been wanting to for a long time. But it's so expensive. I've had a lot of mental disorders and it makes it difficult to get a job .. so I haven't been able to afford it till now. And even now it's kind of a lot, because I'll have to get on birth control simutaniously. T__T I was on Ortho-Tri Cyclin for a while and it seemed to help clear my skin just a smidgen. So even if the 'tane doesn't work, the ortho might.

But in the meantime (because you all know it takes forever for that stuff to start working) I've begun Dans Regimen. Now, it's a strange thing, because several years ago I stumbled upon this treatment by complete accident while testing to see what would help my skin. For a long time I would just pile on the foundation. But it was heartbreaking to see the terrible skin underneath it at night. I felt like a monster. Then I gradually stopped wearing makeup at all, or at least foundation, and used BP to cover up the spots. It was white and chalky, but at least it wasn't huge and red. T_T

But enough of the sob story. Eventually I found Cetaphil and our lovable knock-off store brands. They were (and are!) so gentle. This, alongside the On-The-Spot BP from Neutrogena, helped me a lot. I also went on birth control during this time so I looked a little better.

Then I went off the birth control, and my skin got really, really, really bad. To be honest it had been getting bad even before I got off it. I can't fathom why. In any case I still didn't wear any makeup and washed my face gently every day. I used the Neutrogena gel on my spots. Nothing seemed to work anymore.

Then I went vegetarian and then vegan. Since I stopped drinking milk I've definitely noticed fewer large lesions directly on my face. Now, out of the complete blue, I'm getting bacne and shoulder acne. And also these strange deep cysts behind my ears and under my jaw. T_T I also have millions of little red pigmentations on both cheekbones.

But you know what? It's okay. If I could choose between acne on the face and acne on the back, I'd choose the back any day.

Today I finally got Dans BP gel in the mail. I'm so excited to start! I had my first treatment a few hours ago. It was a little 'burnie' for a few minutes but it feels fine now. God I hope this works. I'm going to try and get on the 'tane anyway, but I guess this is my last-ditch effort to try something before I move on to the serious stuff.

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