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I've decided to create a blog to keep me accountable! Hopefully this is the last step in my journey!

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Vanessa P

Day 57

I have decided to change my routine once again. This should be the last time I change my mind!

So I overestimated my ability to stop wearing makeup. After wearing makeup for two weeks and actually feeling pretty, going these past two days with no makeup was a serious stab at my confidence. I got pretty bummed out last night, drank a bunch of wine and binged on steak and chocolate. I know, weird. 

So I decided makeup is going to have to stay in the routine. I found this website where you can copy and paste the ingredients list of your makeup and it will tell you which ingredients are comedogenic. (Here's the link: I put in all the ingredients of the foundations I had used in the past and they ALL had comedogenic (pore-clogging) ingredients!! So I went through a bunch of different foundations ingredients list online and finally found a foundation that had NO comedogenic ingredients: Physician's Formula Organic Wear BB Cream. I'll start wearing it tomorrow and see how it goes! 

I also am putting masks into my regimen (a dead sea/algae mask, a charcoal and coconut mask, a cucumber and aloe mask) and adding's AHA+ cream into my moisturizer at night. 

Tbh the only time I feel acne form is when I'm wearing makeup, which is why the caveman regimen was working so well for me. So maybe all along my comedogenic makeup was the issue (although I KNOW dairy was a culprit too). So let's see if this switch and this regimen works for me!

(This definitely is no longer a caveman regimen! I'm basically logging this as my own way of tracking data, so sorry for anyone who was following with the intention of seeing how the caveman regimen worked!)

Vanessa P

Day 55

Good news - I decided to go back to the caveman regimen! 

My skin definitely needed some to time to normalize while I was moisturizing and introducing hydration back into my skincare. My skin texture is back to normal, nice and hydrated! But I'm still breaking out around my mouth. Boo. 

Since the caveman regimen really was creating results for me, I've decided to go back to the caveman regimen but this time, moisturize twice a day and I will wash with a really nourishing, all natural cleanser at night. So basically I'm cutting out the makeup and makeup remover and HOPEFULLY this will be the cure! 
(Also side note: Bio-Oil made me break out and was not good for my skin, so I've switched over to Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin moisturizer with a drop of jojoba oil at night)

Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin Moisturizer

Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin Cleanser
Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin Moisturizer (with added drop of jojoba oil)

Dairy free

Betaine HCL
Fish Oil
Vitamin A
Women's multivitamin

Let's see how this goes! :)IMG_0161.jpgIMG_0162.jpgIMG_0163.jpg

Vanessa P

Day 42

So sad news. I think I'm giving up on the caveman regimen. 

It was working really well! But then as soon as the weather started getting colder, the skin around my nose and mouth was getting way too dry, and the dryness was causing it to break out again. So I needed moisture and started using Bio-oil. On top of that I REALLY missed makeup. Like REALLY REALLY missed makeup. 

So here's my current regimen:

-moisturize w/ bio-oil
-foundation on spots only, not all over skin

-cleanse w/ Burt's Bees sensitive facial cleanser
-moisturize w/ bio-oil

-dairy free
-betaine hcl supplement
-L-lysine supplement

-exfoliate w/ clarisonic brush
-mud mask

It's still definitely stripped back. I used to use benzoyl peroxide twice a day as well as retinol and hyaluronic acid products. So hopefully with this 'modified' caveman regimen we'll see some results! :)

Vanessa P

Day 33

I can't believe it's already been over a month!! That went by so freaking quickly.

So I've definitely pegged dairy as the culprit of my cystic acne. Last weekend, I ate a pumpkin roll with cream cheese frosting in the center, then went to a Friendsgiving dinner in which EVERY DISH had dairy (except the turkey itself) and the next day - BAM. Cystic acne on my forehead. Since then I've been good about avoiding dairy and no more cysts - though today I ordered bubble tea not even thinking about dairy and I'm pretty sure it had milk in it. So we'll see what happens over the next day or two. Hopefully it wasn't enough to make a real difference!!!!

So I live in PA and it's getting colder which is not helping the whole 'no moisturizing' part of this regimen. The area around my nose has been getting red, so I'm trying to see if I can add some kind of moisturizer once every couple of days. I tried jojoba oil but that made me breakout. Then I tried an argan/coconut blend and that made me breakout too. I just bought BioOil (mostly because my mom raves about it) so I'm going to see if applying that around my nose / lips area can moisturize it without making me breakout. 

This regimen (plus the elimination diet) has definitely revolutionized my skin. I feel like at this point it's just a big experiment to see which moisturizers will help deal with the dryness. I still am not wearing any foundation / concealer and am not washing at all. I definitely don't want to be a purist about this forever though. If I find a moisturizer that works and can get my skin clear on a consistent basis, I do want to add some kind of mineral powder foundation and a super gentle cleanser back into my regimen because I really miss makeup :( BUT I will not do so until I find the perfect balance and equation to clear skin for me. We'll see how long this takes. 

Vanessa P

Day 21

I cannot believe it is day 21!! I thought I was going to be way more diligent about posting here but life gets busy, what can I say?

Anyways, I've been really good with my diet after I had an incident. It's actually pretty funny now that I think about it. My last blog post talked about how much I missed cheese. Well, the next day I split half a pizza with my husband and yes - I broke out! And I don't mean the whiteheads I had before, I mean big ugly cysts.  It took awhile for my breakout to mellow down but now I know that dairy definitely causes my acne! Before I just assumed it did because it does for so many other people, but secretly I didn't want to believe it, but now I have concrete evidence. Also, I've been eating a bunch of gluten with no breakouts so I know that's not an issue. It may still be sugar related as well (I'll have to eat sugar without dairy sometime soon and see if I break out) but at least I know dairy does for sure. 

Anyways, my skin is now pretty clear. I have a couple tiny whiteheads that I don't really know how to get rid of. I started using jojoba oil around my nose since it's been a little dry because of the cold and it's definitely been helping with redness. Part of me wants to start adding products and makeup back into my routine but the other half of me is scared to! I think I'll wait a little longer and see if the whiteheads clear up on their own. 


Vanessa P

Day 13

I didn't update over the weekend and I wish I would have. Because, like I said in my first post, I was trying not to binge on weekends and what did I do?? Exactly that. We'll see over the next couple days if anything pops up because of it. 

So the zit on my lip got HUGE over the weekend and it's finally going down but it's still super red. The forehead bumps are finally going away too. 

I haven't had any new cysts form yet since starting the caveman regimen (which is HUGE because I just got my period and I ALWAYS get cysts before!! Not this time!). I'm still nervous though because I had two huge sandwiches on nice gluten-stuffed white bread on Saturday AND I had my first bowl of ice cream in two months on Sunday (my husband bought my favorite flavor, what was I supposed to do??). So I'm praying no new cysts form because of my food mistakes this weekend. 

I do kind of feel one forming under my skin on my right cheek. I hope I'm just being paranoid and it's nothing. There's nothing to do but wait now. Booooo. 


Vanessa P

Day 10

I feel extra gross about my skin today. The ones on my forehead got inflamed, but the same thing happened to the ones on my chin, so hopefully that just means they're healing. I also got some whiteheads around my lip lines, which I'm honestly not surprised about because I was wearing lipstick basically everyday to try and distract people from the fact that I wasn't wearing any foundation. 

I really miss cheese today. That sounds like such a silly thing to say but I LOVE cheese. Grilled cheese is my comfort food. I miss pizza and lasagna and goat cheese with crackers and ravioli and sharp cheddar and cheesecake and cannolis. I'm praying that once my face clears up, I'll be able to introduce cheese again. But who knows if that'll actually be a reality. UGGGGGGGGG

The good thing when I first started this regimen I was super oily, but I don't have to blot anymore! Also my pores have definitely shrunk. I still have hope!! This is just way more difficult than I thought it was gonna be. 

On another note, it's the weekend!!!!! I've caved and eaten crap basically every other weekend before, I'm declaring this weekend will be gluten/dairy/sugar free! (Hopefully!)


Vanessa P

Day 9

Nine days in a row of no foundation. CRAZY. I've been getting more down about it lately. I just want to feel pretty and I don't at all. I feel self-conscious about the state of my skin and it sucks. BUT I'm committed and will 100% stick through this for at least three months. I'm committed. 

So I've been good about the regimen, despite the impulse to put SOMETHING on my skin. It is nice to have such a short bedtime routine, so that's good. I've also been good about my diet, though when I went to the bank today, I got all shaky and impulsive when I noticed a bowl of chocolates at the window. I grabbed one and chowed it down when I got to my car. I'm pretty embarrassed at my reaction, but maybe writing it down will help me bring awareness to it and have better self-control the next time something like that happens. 

The white heads below my noise totally dried up overnight!! Also most of my chin bumps are totally gone. Sadly, little red bumps have been forming on my forehead but they're barely noticeable. I just hope they heal as quickly as the ones on my chin! The cyst on my temple started scabbing (I think I might have bumped it when pushing my hair back) but I'm hoping that goes away soon. I just know that one will scar. Boo. 


Vanessa P

Day 8

So the tiny white bumps from yesterday are still there. Three of them got inflamed and got bigger - I'm thinking this is from me washing my face yesterday. They just want to be left alone! 

The cyst on my temple is pretty red and raised, which could mean any number of things. 

I did pretty well with my diet yesterday! (Dairy/gluten/sugar/caffeine/hard-liquor free) The only place I slipped up a bit was a co-worker offered me a 100 calorie pack of pretzels. I figured since it was such a small amount, no harm done! 

Side note - I'm also doing intermittent fasting during this, so that could be playing a part in all of this. (I fast 16 hours, eat for 8) Some women experience hormonal fluctuations while IF, but for me I feel like it's regulated it. I'm thinking that because I am restricting my calories by restricting the time I eat, I'm overall eating less carbs and inflammatory foods. Yay! 


Vanessa P

Day 7

Here we go...

My story is similar to so many users on here, especially those who have tried the caveman regimen, because I have been on everything (antibiotics, topicals, retinoids, Accutane, birth control, BP, medicated cleansers, vitamins, you name it) and NOTHING has worked. Everything works for a little while and then the acne comes back at some point or another. So I guess everything worked but nothing lasted

So here I am, trying to heal myself the au-natural way. Thanks to blogs like Organic Olivia and The Love Vitamin, as well as so many user experiences here, I'm pretty confident and excited to move forward with the next step...the Caveman Regimen. 

So like the blog title says, I'm on Day 7 but I woke up with some tiny little whiteheads around my mouth and chin and freaked out and immediately washed my face and put on some nice chemically boosted facial spray. Ug. SOOOO hopefully writing everyday (or so) will give me some accountability. I'm also trying to cut out dairy/gluten/sugar/hard liquor so I'm hoping for some added accountability there too. 

Up until now, my skin has been clearing up SIGNIFICANTLY. The weird thing is, I never had whiteheads before, my problem was always inflamed cysts. I only have ONE cyst right now (on Day 1 I had 6 cysts) but these tiny whiteheads have popped up. I read some other blogs and other people have had the sam problems, but they did end up going away on their own. I'm going to try and NOT wash and moisturize again because my face is dry and red now and it looked better before I washed it, despite the whiteheads. 

I trust the process!!

Also in an attempt to not eat ice cream before bed, I've been eating frozen mangoes. A little too many frozen mangoes, which might be contributing to my little chin breakout. I'm gonna stop eating those for awhile and see what happens. 

If anyone has done this before and had the same reaction, let me know if you have any tips!

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