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40 pills in

I had a bad breakout over the weekend, which was strange. My skin hasn't been perfect, but this was just random. I blame stress.

Otherwise, things are going really well.Skin is going in a general clearing motion, smooth skin I haven't seen in YEARS.

As for my lips, which were the one side effect that was really incredibly annoying....Aquaphor DEFINITELY works, and has done wonders for my lips. I finally found it in with the diaper rash creams at CVS. Really. My lips definitely don't look disgusting anymore, and they only hurt a little bit around the edges. I keep a tube at home and a tube at work. If I do nothing, it stays on for maybe 6 hours, but if I eat, I have to reapply. And if it's not on, my lips feel chapped-- not as bad as they had been before, but still annoying.

Still no other big symptoms that I can tell.


My lips got much, much worse. They are finally getting better again, but they became all over painful, scabbed over, and the sides were continuously crusty, not to mention being very painful when I opened my mouth. Yuck.

I've been using Blistex medicated (the creamy stuff) and Neosporin + Pain at night. Today I got some Neosporin lip-specific stuff. I was looking for what my dermatologist recommended, which is Aquaphor, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

My skin continues to slowly get better. The "wow my skin looks clearer" phase is over, though. Now the difference is much more gradual, but definitely still there. My makeup doesn't get the cakey look anymore, and only once today did I look in the mirror and immediately reapply powder (normally this is 5-6 times a day).

Excited for what is to come!


My lips are definitely getting worse. They bleed about once a day if I happen to smile widely or otherwise stretch them. They are crusty-feeling and gross. Luckily its only on the bottom around the sides of my mouth, but it hurts. A lot.

Skin continues to clear, but I definitely have a long way to go.


17 days in

Day 17. I should really remember to keep up with this blog, as I'd like to track this journey a little better.


First the bad stuff/ side effects:

Before I started Accutane I picked up some medicated Blistex and some Visine. Nothing beats being prepared. I also always have my trusty Burt’s Bees with me.

Over the past week or so, my lips have definitely chapped quite a bit. My top lip looks normal but feels very dry and my bottom lip looks dryer but puffier than normal, and was so chapped a few days ago that it started bleeding on the sides. So now I have scabby lips on the sides. It’s annoying but isn’t terrible, and isn’t too noticeable. I can’t smile very widely, because then they will crack and bleed again. I apply chapstick or blistex pretty much every hour or so. And not only on my lips, but right around them too – specifically underneath the sides, where it’s scratchy and dry.

My skin also feels drier than normal, like I need to moisturize. Which I do, and it doesn’t help.

I’ve been trying to eat foods that are a little fattier right before I take my accutane. It’s supposed to help the medicine work. It’s just weird because I don’t eat that much fat normally. And I have to remember have my pills with me after I eat, and all that. It is helping me drink more water though! No burning my esophagus for me.

I’m terrified of my hair falling out, which hasn’t really happened. I’m also terrified of losing my hearing, so I keep checking to make sure I hear normally.

I’ve also been constipated. I’m unsure if this is related.


Now the awesome stuff:

My skin is definitely, definitely clearing up. I may or may not have had an initial breakout, but whatever it may have been, it’s definitely over, and my skin is getting clearer. I have had a few new pimples, but nothing too bad. The bigger thing is that old stuff seems to be disappearing, and my skin tone is evening out.

Last weekend (July 3rd, I think) I was already ready for bed and realized I needed something from the grocery store. And I actually went out *without* makeup. It was like 1 am and I was in a city where I barely knew anyone (visiting Orlando), but still! A few weeks prior I would have put on makeup just to go out for 20 minutes, and this time I didn’t!

A co-worker also mentioned that my skin was looking clearer, and my boyfriend and I have talked about it a few times, and he definitely notices a difference.

Not to mention the difference I notice every morning! My skin is much more smooth which helps my makeup go on more evenly, and today as a test I’m wearing just loose powder (though, a good bit of it) and no other foundation. I really can’t wait till I can go out every day without makeup. I get giddy just thinking about being able to shower in the middle of the day, splash cold water on my face, not worry about makeup rubbing off or fading off throughout the day, swimming, no worrying about having to run to put makeup on before I answer my doorbell, or sharing hotel rooms with friends feeling really self conscious.

My routines have definitely changed too. No five step acne systems and definitely nothing on my face at night. I used to go to bed with gunk all over my face and now I’m just fresh and clean. I’m still using the Murad acne cleanser, morning and evening, but that’s it!

I have a blood test this week to make sure all my levels are good and such, and then of course my monthly pregnancy test to make sure I’m not pregnant.

And then I get my next month’s dosage! I hope I’ll have great news next time I post, and less chapped lips!


Day 3

Day 3:

Exactly nothing has changed with my skin. Exactly nothing.

I noticed myself being a little moody earlier, but that may have been related to something else. Otherwise, seriously... nothing.. has changed.


First day

Today marks the first dosage of Claravis, 40 mg.

I'm extremely excited to have clear skin. I never broke out at all until I was 16-17 years old, so I skipped the middle school horror... but then suddenly in senior year of high school through now, I've had some pretty bad acne. I don't know what it's like in middle school, but I'd venture a guess that it's a worse problem in college, and out, once you're supposed to be over this, and have clear skin.

I've tried pretty much everything. First the over the counter stuff: Clean and Clear, Clearasil, Neutrogena... then the more hardocre over the counter stuff, like AcneFree, and then ProActiv, Murad, and TriClear.

Not that they don't work. I'd hate to see what my skin looks like if I had stopped. But why should someone have to do this so constantly and spend so much money, and still have miserable skin at night.

And during this time I also tried minocycline, and something that started with a C that I don't remember. For the past month (waiting to take my second pregnancy test) I've been on Adoxa, in addition to topical Ziana, and it seems to be clearing my skin, but not anywhere near what I'd like it to.

I'm not a makeup kind of girl, but have not gone outside my house without makeup for about 7 years now (I'm 23). Even staying in hotels with friends, at boyfriends houses, etc., I always hated to take off my makeup, and sometimes wouldn't, making my skin even more gross of course, and waking up with oily, cakey makeup.

It's like my youth is being wasted away with crappy self-esteem, too much makeup, and not being able to splash cold water on my face if I need to. And to be able to shower in the middle of the day without having to spend time taking off and reapplying makeup.

I had heard of Accutane but was scared of the side effects. At this point in my life, I realize that side effects are listed because they have to be, and, yes, they do occur, but probably not as bad as I've imagined. I'm prepared for cracked lips and dry hair, for dry eyes, and some nosebleeds. I hope that I'm not someone who will have really bad side effects.

So overall I'd say I'm excited but anxious. I just can't wait for a few months to pass, I really look forward to my first day stepping out with no makeup.

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