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One month to go

I'm in my final month of Accutane. It's been a long journey.

The first few months were hard; i'm not going to lie. Not that my face got worse, it just stayed the same, which was frustrating for me because i wanted to see results instantly lol. I had a few embarrasing moments where my skin was so chapped it actually cracked and bled. in public. without me realizing it. but that was when i learned to put moisturizer on my face in the morning AND night. I use Dove moisterizer btw. I noticed my face would still break out occasionally, especially around my mouth and chin, but i had no more cysts after month 3.

About halfway into treatment, the scars from previous "battles" had began to appear. My cheeks also became more pinkish than usual. but it wasn't bad as long as I used my moisturizer, which was SPF 15. The only time i would break out was right before my period, usually around my mouth, but the blemishes were small and disappeared quickly.

Now I'm 5 months and 1 week into treatment, and my skin has never looked better. I don't breakout anymore, even around my period. and even the stubborn blackheads have disappeared. I get compliments on my smooth skin all the time.

I must say that Accutane was the best decision I ever made. I want to thank God for blessing my life. I struggled with cystic acne for 10 years and I'd ask God for help everytime. I'd recommened anyone going through the same battle that I dealt with to look into Accutane. Ignore all the horror stories and hype; they're not true. Accutane was a life-saver for me. Now I can actually make plans for the weekend without having to worry about what my face will look like. I can make eye contact when i'm having a conversation with someone and know that they are not looking at a blemish or cyst. It's wonderful to have that freedom.

Please condiser Accutane and don't be scared. It may seem frightening at first, but there's really nothing to be afraid of. I havent experienced any side effects (except for chapped lips and dry skin) the entire time i was on it, and chances are you won't either. It's absolutely worth it :P


Day 61:

Well, it appears that i jinxed myself after all. My acne is worse than ever. I had 3 large bumps on the left side of my chin, one that has developed into a monster. I have a random pink spot, also on my chin. I have no idea where it came from, because it wasnt a bump, but it has somehow developed into a scab. I also had 2 white heads underneath my nose; they too have turned into bleeding scabs. Aaaaand i have a couple of places on my forehead that are giving me trouble. Im so f*ing frustrated with my face right now. My doctor told me Id definetely see improvements, but so far I havent had any! I'm going back to her on Tuesday and I'm going to ask her to increase the dosage. So far, 60mg has done nothing for me. I don't even have dry skin! And I take my medicine exactly as it said i should: 2x a day, with a high-fat meal. I just dont understand why my face cant seem to heal :naughty: It makes me very very sad.

Also, it took me a lot of courage to post these pics on her, so there you go lol.

nvm scratch that. i don't know how to put pics up :naughty:


im back lol

Day 51:

It's been a long time since my last post, but i've been busy with work and moving out of my house and stuff. but anyway, i think the last time i updated the ol blog i had a couple of cysts on my chin and forehead. Two weeks into the second month of treatment (with an upgrade from 40mg to 60mg) I have yet to have another cyst. I only get the occasional small white head on my chin. But other than that, my skin is looking great, except that i have a few dry places on my chin and around my mouth. nothin a little moisturizer can't fix :naughty: I hope i haven't jinxed myself again lol


Day 32:

I haven't posted in awhile, but I've been very disappointed in my face. I've had the worst breakout of my life for the past week...first I had a major cyst on my forehead AND my eyebrow. It was kinda ok though, because I used my bangs to hide them. As they were going away, what seemed like a tiny bump was starting to form on my chin. After 4 days, the 'tiny' bump turned into a massive monster that made my entire chin swell up. It's one of the worst cysts I've ever had in my entire LIFE. At the 30 day mark, I went to my dermotologist. That was a big headache, because they claimed that I didn't set up an appointment, but I DID over a month ago. So they had to squeeze me in between appointments and I barely got to speak to the doctor. However, she told me that she was going to increase my dosage to 60mg, but she was going to keep me on it longer. She said a lower dosage over a long period of time decreases side effects. I should be done by Christmas :( On the bright side, the blackheads on my nose and chin have disappeared. My skin is becoming dryer, though, and my lips. Also, my back has cleared up a lot. As of right now, I have no other cysts forming. But the one on my chin makes up for it ;_; I just hope that this thing clears up and that it will be the last cyst that I ever have...



Day 22 (I think):

Well it seems my luck has run out. I had 2 major whiteheads pop up this morning, one between my eyes and another on my chin. I call these types the 'never-ending-whiteheads', because I thought that I popped them this morning, yet they returned later on in the day. The one on my chin is worse than the other one, but they seem to be going away. Hopefully they won't trick me again :( I also feel a cyst forming on the side of my nose. Right now it is just a pink spot, but I have a feeling it will show itself in the near future. My hopes of going to Warped Tour this weekend with a clear face look bleak. I hope Accutane will kick some major acne butt before the week is over...


Day 21:

I'm sorry I haven't written in awhile. There's really nothing more to say at this point. My face is still clearing up (hope I don't jinx myself) and I don't have a lot of side effects. Next week I go back to the derm. Unless something pops ups, I probably won't post until after my appointment...


Hopes and fears

Day 19:

Everything is still going ok. I had 2 little white heads pop up on opposite sides of my chin, but no other breakouts. The blackheads are becoming more an more visible on my nose and chin, but they seem to be underneath the skin. I hope they go away soon :( My body is still aching. I just hope that this isn't the calm before the storm. I'm afraid that my face will start to get worse and worse within the following months...I REALLY hope that doesn't happen!


Catching up

Days 15-17:

As I predicted, a small bump popped up right above my eyebrow. Now it's just a pink spot. No other new blemishes to report. My back looks good once again. Also, I'm beginning to notice that my skin looks nice even without makeup, which is strange to me because usually my skin looks dull. I've suffered no other sides affects, besides my back hurting like crazy when I lay down at night. And chapped lips of course. In 13 days, I go back to the derm so she can up my dosage. Maybe I'll experience more side affects then...



Day 14:

No new blemishes to speak of. I think that showering everyday helps lol. I'm sure a new one will pop up sometime this week. But for the time being, no dry skin or anything. My lips are chapped though...Also, my back hurts a lot. I don't know if that's a product of Accutane or not. Oh and my back kinda broke out again, but not as bad as before. :(


Not too bad

Day 13:

My face looked good enough to brave a trip to Rock Hill to visit my friend. I tried my best to hide the damage done to my cheek and the lump that still persists between my eyebrows. Hopefully the next time I hang out with him, my skin will be clear :( High hopes indeed...I'm so tired of worrying about my face. No new blemishes to speak of. Just feeling a little sad.


Day 12:

Finally my cheek is almost clear. I still have a scab, but it is getting smaller and smaller. I'm never touching my face again! The thing between my eyebrows is smaller, but still very hard and red. I guess there is nothing I can do for it but wait it out. I've also noticed that I have a lot more blackheads; I think that they are coming to the surface. I only had a few visible ones before I started Accutane, but now they cover my nose and my chin. Hopefully they can be covered up with concealer. My back and neck look much much better. So far, I'm happy with the way things are going. I know that I won't see complete results within the first month, but it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Then again, I'm only at day 12...I hope I don't jinx myself and breakout even more after this. I feel like I have more energy today, but I'm still sore. I would like to say that it's from running, but I've never really felt this soreness after a run and I've been running for 8 years now. Oh well maybe it will go away. Tonight I'm going to try the baby hair brush technique to get rid of all the dead skin that's on my face. If you wanna try it for your self, type baby hair brush in the search; an article should pop up. I'll let you know how it turns out :(


Healing up

Day 11:

I am still recovering from my allergic reaction. The thing between my eyebrows is smaller but harder. Lips are getting more and more chapped. Skin not as oily. I am so tired and sore that I didn't even go on a run today :( My back hurts a lot and my head hurts. I don't know if it's because of the Accutane or the cortizone shot. But I hope I get over this slump because it's not very fun...


Day 10:

I don't know how my days got out of line, but I do know for a fact that today is the tenth day I've taken Accutane. So whatever. Anyway, the hives had not gone away by the time I woke up this morning. I finally called my doctor and he gave me a cortizone shot. He said it could take up to 24hrs to work. The scab that caused all this mess is smaller in size, but has not yet healed. If it were a person, I would've murdered it by now. The cyst between my eyebrows faked me out yesterday, because it has increased in size and become much harder. I just wish it would go away because it makes me irritable. I also have a very small bump at the baseline of my scalp. But the rest of my face looks ok and my back is continuing to clear up. My face isn't as oily, but it's not dry. My lips are a little chapped, but that's about all of the side affects I've had so far with Accutane. Maybe more good news will come tomorrow...


A minor set back

Day 8:

So I woke up this morning to find that my face was broken out in itchy, white hives around the area where I used the Neosporin and Polysporin. Turns out I'm allergic to it. My right cheek was swollen and itched like crazy! I quickly took a Benedryl tablet and put some hydrocortizone cream on the hives. After a little while, the swelling had gone done, but the hives are still there and still a little itchy. I asked my Mom if my face looked bad, and her response was: "Well, it doesn't look good." I'm really glad I have her support lol. I called my dermatologist in hopes that she could slip me in, but she had no openings. So I'm just going to continue to take Benedryl until the hives go away completely. I had to call in sick to work today, just because I didn't want people to stare at me :wub: But in other news, the cyst between my eyebrows has dramatically decreased in size and I have no more current breakouts. However, it's only Wednesday and I shouldn't count my chickens before they hatch lol. Also, my back is clearing up nicely. I would post some pictures, but I'm not sure I could handle it. I commend all of you who are brave enough to put pictures up for all the world to see. Maybe in time I'll gather up the courage and do it too...


Day 7:

Things are better today. The cyst on my nose is gone, but the one right smack in the middle of my eyebrows has gotten bigger. I'm just waiting it out. The wound on my cheek has made slight progress. I had to put Neosporin on it because, despite my mother's reassurance that we had Polysporin, we did not. :dance: But I picked some up on my way home from work today and I'm going to try it out tonight. My back is looking better. Also, I'm noticing that my face is starting to dry out a little and my lips are getting chapped. These are good signs :wub:


Day 6:

I forgot to mention that my back is completely broken out. It happened about a week before I started Accutane. I've never ever had this happen before. Hopefully it will go away soon; I'm not too worried about it because I can easily cover it up with a shirt. I put Neosporin on my wounded face and made slight progress with it. A very nice person suggested that I try Polysporin, so I will give it a shot tonight. There is still a cyst forming on my nose, which SUCKS but I think it will subside after a few days. Also, I have one forming between my eyebrows, but it is not yet visible. Other than that, my face is ok. I have a few scars from past battles, but those can be hidden with concealer.


Hello to all,

I'm Carey and I'm a 19 year old cross-country/track runner for Winthrop University here in South Carolina. I've been struggling with acne since I was 10 and I've finally decided that enough is enough! My dermatologist recommended that I try Accutane and 30 days, 2 pregnacy tests, and a blood test later, I've begun my treatment. I found this great website a few days after starting and I thought it'd be awesome to have the support of other acne sufferers.

The type of acne I have is cystic acne. I get one or two cysts at least 2x a week, usually on my cheeks, chin, or right above my eyebrows. I've tried every type of treatment, but it's very stubborn and only gets worse as I get older. I'm more fortunate than others, though, because it doesn't completely cover my face. However, it is very embarrasing, especially when I have to wear make-up to track meets or to practice to hide my 'imperfections'.

Right now I'm on 40mgs of Sotret a day. For the first few days I took the medicine with breakfast, the lightest meal of the day, and then I read it is better to take it with a high-fat meal. For me, that's supper, so now I take it right after I get done eating dinner. I hope I will see more improvements with this change.

Days 1-5: My face was broken out with a large cyst on my cheek and another on my chin. After a few days, the one on my chin went away, but I stupidly messed with the one on my cheek and it is in the process of healing. It's frustrating because I was supposed to go see my friend this weekend but had to cancel because of my face. I'm putting Neosporin on it because I think it's infected. Other than that, my face is clear. I think I'm starting to get another cyst on my nose, but I'm going to LEAVE IT ALONE and hopefully it will go away. I've noticed that my face is less oily, but I'm not dried out. Yet. Also, the inside of my nose is kinda dry.

Last night, I had a tiny tiny white head on my chin. I usually 'take care of' white heads because they don't swell up or cause too much damage. Something unusual happened though...the stuff inside of it was completely dry! I've never seen that happen before. Maybe the Accutane is starting to work! :wub:

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