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Day 47

Everythings going great as of now! I only still have a few lingering red marks and a couple pimples. I just got out of the shower and am extremly dry. Im taking 30 mg in the morning then 30 mg at night.

I feel like this may be a help to some people:

I lather on Carmex before I go to bed (emphasis on Lather all over! I think most of my acne has come on the top of my lips because of this...If you manage to use carmex at night in the morning and after showers you will be fine.


Day 35

Everythings going great right now I just got moved up to 60 m/g per day it seems like the side effects such as a sore back and my skin is actually dry enough where im forced to put on lotion. My face looks great it looks like my face is completely clear because I spent a week out in Panama City....my face was fine because I had spf 80! on all weekend. I decided to use SPF 15 on my arms and got absolutely roasted!

Easily the best my face has looked I'm really looking forward to the next few months getting through this acne shit for good!


Day 29

I went to the derm and he bumped me up to 60 mg per day 30 in the morning and then again at night. I dont know whats going on lately but I havent slept well or even been able to fall asleep for more than 6 hours in the last two days...i think its possibly because of all my midterms in school this weekend is big for me and im making the short drive to Panama City for a few days. My face is looking clean for about the 5th straight day i feel like when I get to 60 mg my face is going to have another little breakout.



Day 24

I went to the dermatologist today and he bumped me up to 60 mg per day. I dont know really know how much different two 30 mg pillsa day will be compared to one 40 a day i'm sure this will be a long month.

My face is lookin good right now maybe because I passed my English Comp, Accounting II classes! Very Exciting


Day 22

Im going on Day 23 right now, I have a dermatologist appointment in the morning and I got my blood tested once again today....I absolutely hate needles and it was awful once again.

This past weekend around day 19-21 was the worst breakout so far. I havent had acne on my cheeks in about 3 years, but it seemed like it just all loaded up on me (it was terrible) To put this all in perspective I was so pissed because of my acne I decided not even to write on the blog. Its about 90 somethin degrees here in In Georgia about every single day, so im being very careful outside.


Day 18

I had a rough skin day today, it almost makes me want to just sit inside my apartment and write on this website...oh yeah thats what im doin! My appetite is definately taking a hit, it seems like i'll have one big meal a day then just snack the rest of the time. The more I talk on this blog the more it seems like im over analyzing everything. Taking this medicine is for the best and I feel if I keep a positive attitude that will lessen the feel of side effects.


Day 1-17

Hey ya'll Im actually new to this blogging thing, but im going to go through my journey on Accutane the first week I was on the medicine was pretty easy. The second week also didn't cause much of a problem the only reason that i'm so experience in Accutane because its my second course the first being when I was 15 now i'm 20 years old. My acne isnt bad i'm just the type of guy who will freak out if he has a bunch of pimples.

Day 17 Im starting to really feel the effects that I hated as a teenager im only on one pill a 40 mg of Claravis my lips are extremly dry but I make sure to put on Carmex religously when sitting around. It seems like everyone talks about there bad skin days and there good skin days to me its almost like I have good skin hours and bad skin hours...Right now I havent seen much difference except for less oil. Ill be updating this every couple days!

How is it being out in the sun? Im going to Panama City for July 4th did anyone have a tough time being out in the sun on this medication?

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