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Day 123.

So this is day 123. I have slept like 4 hours total last night... I went to bed at 6-7 and got up around 10, because of all the pain... This is horrible... I try to keep my head up high but i don't know what to do anymore... I cannot live a life like this any longer something has to happenand it has to be soon.


day 103.

So i went to the derm today, he gave me a prescription for 2 months of accutane and a new appointment in 2 months and my condition is getting better, he says that we have it under control and that i will get a good result so im pretty happy about that :(

Status: day 103.

Dosage; 80mg accutane 0.75mg prednison.

Side effects; alittel dry facial skin and dry lips.

Current acne; a big cyst on the right side of my chest.


day 98.

I kinda think its time to write here again, i've been busy with all the graduation parties but all that is over now and its time to return to the normal life.

in the past couple of days i've been getting many severe cysts. 3 on my back, 2 on my left buttcheek, 2 on my shoulders, 7 on my chest and 2 on my neck it really hurts! So a total of 16 new cysts. My life is so ruined :<


Day 89.

Today i woke up, took a shower and i only saw 1 pimpel on my chest, i pop'ed a cyst no my back yesterday before i went to sleep though.

Today i have my last exam! yay! Graduation day = no mor school! yesyesyesyseyseyseysey!!! It also means party later :wub:


Day 88.

Today my skin haven't been too irritated but i have gotten 2 new pimpels on my chest which sucks, im also starting to get 2 pimpels in the back of my neck and they hurt like fuck :< and i though i was gonna go to the hair dresser today but there is no way in hell that im going there. Im also getting a cyst on my left arm which makes my arm really sore and painfull.

At the moment while im sitting here i become so aggresive, i feel like bursting out in rage i have no specific reason to but i still do :S

Status day 88.

Dosage; 60mg accutane & 5mg prednison

Side effects; dry facial skin & dry lips

Active acne; 2 pimpels on my chest, 2 in the back of my neck & 1 cyst on my left arm.


Day 87.

I just took a shower and im currently waiting to go to work, i kinda noticed in the shower that it seems like my body is starting to heal, which made my very happy eventhough im still in alot of pain.

A great thing! My neck is almost completely cured! its 85% done and i can't wait for the last spots to go away, makes me soooooooooo fucking happy! :D:dance::dance::wub::(

Its around 22.30 here and i just got home from work, my skin was alittel irritated today, but nothing big really pop'ed 2 cysts on my arms though, that shit fucking hurts like hell :<. I got some anger attacks at work today though, i don't know if its related to the accutane but i don't believe that it is.

Status day 87.

Dosage; 80mg Accutane & 5mg Prednison.

Side effects; Dry skin, dry lips.

Active acne; 3 cysts on my arms, 1 pimpel on my chest.


Day 85.

Its around 2.20 p.m here and im getting ready to go to work, so far today i have only discovered 1 pimpel on my forehead, its the worst place though :<. ALthough my right shoulder is still swollen and it hurts.

Finaly im home. its about 11 p.m: my shoulders hurt a tad at work, especially my left one, but when i took my prednison pill the pain went away and i've tried this before. I really love prednison sometimes. My skin is fine at the moment, and im heading to bed in a short while, so lets see what tomorrow brings.

Status day 85.

Dosage; 80 mg accutane & 5 mg prednison

Side effects; dry lips, dry facial & body skin

Active acne; 1 pimpel on my forehead


Day 84.

I just woke up today and its 8.20 a.m here. i gotta go to an exam in half an hour and im nervous i just hope it wont affect my skin, i woke up with extremely dry lips its just around my mouth openings and it feels like my lips are gonna crack open, (note to self, remember to apply lipbalm before going to bed!)

Its now 10.45 a.m i finished my exam and i passed :dance: then i went to the doctor to have another blood sample taken, my skin is currently fine at the moment, but the last few days i've been struggeling with my fingers being dry, the skin is peeling off and they hurt, its my distal phalanxs that are dry and it really sucks, even though im using lotion several times a day then they are dry minutes after i apply the lotion, its frustrating :<.

Its now 12.17 p.m i just discovered 2 new pimpels on my chest and a cyst on my right arm that i pop'ed. My skin feels really itchy and annoying but im gonna go sleep for a couple of hours now and hopefully that will help. And i just noticed that im getting a new cyst on my chest :dance:

Now at 21.50 p.m im sitting by the computer and both my shoulders are starting to get swollen, my right shoulder hurts really bad and its really itchy, my left shoulder is abit peainfull aswell but not as swollen as the right one. I think this will cause a real disturbance in my sleep tonight but time will tell. :wub:

Status day 84.

Dosage; 60mg accutane & 5mg prednison

Side effects; Dry lips, dry skin on my arms and dry facial skin

Active acne; 3 new pimpels on my chest, 1 cyst on my right arm, and 1 pimpel on my right shoulder.


Day 83.

So i just woke up on day 83, i've had a little pain while sleeping because of my back, my lips are really dry and my face is dry aswell, other than that i had 1 new pimpel on my back and one on my chin. I will probally experience pains in my back later today since i have to go to work but lets see what's gonna happen. :wub:

Its now 4.15 p.m and im getting ready to go to work, i just took at shower and my skin became really irritated its itching everywhere and it hurts like fuck! hopefully work will keep me occupied so i get my mind off it. :dance:

its now around 11.30 p.m i just got home from work my skin was pretty okay to begin with but then it became rather irritatet, and i was soo warm the entire evening that might be the reason though. But i discovered two new pimpels on my chest when i got home.

Status day 83.

Dosage; 80mg accutane & 5mg prednison.

Side effects; Dry lips, and dry facial skin.

Active acne; 1 pimpel on my back, 1 on my chin and 2 on my chest


So first of all, My name is Christopher i live in Denmark so if my english is a little terrible from time to time that might be the reason. Im 20 years of age and im graduating this year. For as long as i can remember i have always been VERY aware of the way people perceive me and what they think of me. I really want ot be perfect in everybodys eyes even though i deep inside know that im not. I have to wear the right clothes, shoes etc. for me to feel fine

So, when did my acne start ? i basically started around 14-15 as far as i remember. It just started out as regular pimpels on the forehead and in the face, nothing special, also add in some blackheads and so on. This didn't really bother me this much though, i didn't really care to do much about it since i knew every single teenage boy on earth was going through the exact same thing as me. That stage continued for a year, so when i was around 16 it started to spread to my body, my back to be more exact, i started to get red spots on my back, nothing really special just spots not real pimpels with white goo. Then i started to tan alot and swin to see if that would help, but nothing happend. This went on for a good time, but then when i was around 17 had gotten worse. I had gotten a new girlfriend, and one day i when i was showering at her place she walked in on me, she saw my back and asked "what's that on you back?" i just replied "i don't know, its probally nothing" or something like that, but i knew what it was. and i felt so shy and embarresed about it. I can just remember the situation so clearly still. it sickens me :wub: .

Then as time passed by it just got worse and worse, it slowly started to escalate but it didn't really bother me that much, but then i started to become more and more aware of it as i grew older, i had a bigger urge to go out and have fun but it was getting harder and harder due to the fact that i was so aware of how people are perceiving me, they might not be saying it to my face, but i know that they are thinking about it. So i slowly started to get zits in the back of my neck they were very sore, and this was really embarrasing when i had to get a haircut. But luckily my dad's girlfriend is a hair dresser so she cuts my hair, that makes it slightly embarrasing but it was still hard to do. Then it was still getting worse but i covered it up as much as possible.

Late i had a period where i was wearing either a cap or a beenie all the time, and im pretty sure that's the reason why i started to get a lot of pimpels on my forehead so that didn't really help either, and at this point people started noticing my condition. My dad noticed it and he went to the pharmacy to buy me some cleansing peeling which i used every night before i went to bed, but to my surprise nothing happend. so i stopped using it after a couple of weeks. But then it slowly really slowly started to go away by itself, which was a huge relief.

Soon i was 18 and the acne on my body was getting worse, i didn't really bother my that much though so i did nothing about it, it was my problem and i told no one about it, nobody ever nedded to know. But it just kept getting worse. by the time i reached my 19th birthday it was on a big level, i started to help myself. i started drinking loads of water 2-4 liters a day because i heard that would help, i gave up candy and soda for the reason and once again i started to tan because that might help. I even started to wash my face 2 times every day with a special soap to see if that would help. but nothing helped. Then i got feed up with it, so i went to the doctor because i knew some of my friends had gotten some medicin to help them. I went to the doctor and she prescribed me some "Tetracyklin DAK" 333mg tablets which i immidiately began to eat, in the beginning it helped alittel but then it kinda stopped working, i eat my way through 1½ jar, that's like ~ 150 pills, then i stopped taking them because i didn´'t feel them working. Also when i took the Tetracyklin i got really tired in the beginning, the really wore my body out and i slept all the time which was a nightmare.

Then my acne started to go really crazy it evolved really madly and i went to my doctor again, but getting to a doctor in this town is not easy, i had to wait a whole month! While i could just see my condition getting worse. Then when i finally got there, i told her that i only wanted accutane, i told her my condition was giving me a slight depression and that it was generally just bringing my life quality to a lower level. And of course she began with all her medical rant about it being dangerous, but i was really determent and i wanted the treatment cause bisically i had nothing to lose. then once again i had to wait another 5 weeks for me to get an appointment at the derm. And still my condition got worse so i sad back feeling really screwed over by the system. my acne was going strong and i began getting cysts on my face, my cheeks and it was starting on my neck aswell. meantime i also started to get cysts on my chest and on my back.

Then finally i went to the skin doctor, he told me that my conditon wasen't too god and that i should have started accutane a long time ago, (special thanks to the above mentioned "doctor") then of course i sat down with him and he explained to me about all the sideeffetcs etc. But i really didn't care much. i just wanted the pills so i could get better.

I started the accutane after i had taken some bloodsampels. My Journey is below.

My dosage is 70mg each day.

1st week:

Day 1: nothing special

Day 2: Still nothing special

Day 3: heavy headache, and my lips started to turn dry

Day 4: Heavy headache and dry lips

Day 5: Same thing Heavy headache and dry lips

Day 6: Same side effects

Day 7: All the same

2nd week:

This week i still had the annoying headache and my facial skin was starting to go dry.

3rd week:

Headache, dry lips and skin.

4th week:

Still heavy headache, dry skin and dry lips.

5th week:

Now the fun begins im slightly starting to get pains in my back, but i don't think too much about it.

i searh the web for accutane and i read the note within the medicin pack and i learn that back pain actually is a sideeffect... Fascinating... Im also starting to have problems sleeping at night, the cysts on my back hurt too much to lay down so i lay awake for several hours each night i only got a couple of hours of sleep everynight and then i had to face a 8 hour long school day which was really hard.

6th week:

I become terrible ill... I have a really high fever each and every day and at the same time i have a heavy headache, my back hurts, and the cysts on my back REALLY hurts, i hardly sleep anymore and i have to take painkillers constantly. i take a couple just to get by and then a couple again before i get to bed so that would take most of the fever. I was having really bad pains i the only time i slept were when i got so exhausted that i passed out. All of this made me skip a whole week of school. i couldn't find a meaning with it all and i literally just wanted to die.

7th week:

Im finaly starting to get over my illness and i can start to live again the cysts on my back still hurt alot though the medecin haven't kicked in yet... I still have back pains, really bad ones when i bend over i have a hard time getting up again, and this really isnt handly when you gotta work. The cysts on my face are going crazy they are really getting bigger and bigger and the cysts on my body aren't goign down either, i get so frustarted that i go to my doctor. (lucky me that i had gotten a new one) he takes a look at me and decides to call my derm who quickly takes a look at me, he prescribes me some additional pills to take wit my accutane, "Prednison DAK 25mg" just to take the edge of the inflamation these are really strong pills though with really nasty side effects.

8th week:

I was taking all my pills but im still having troubles sleeping, i can't sleep on my back nor my stomach because my chest is filled with cysts which hurt to lie on, and from time to time i can't sleep on my sides either because my shoulders and arms are sore and painfull from either cysts or pimpels. So im still having problems sleeping at this point.

9th week:

I've been to the derm again to get my dosage of prednison lowered i have to go on a stepdown thingy to get out of them, i get a new prescription of accutane pills. He takes a look at me and finaly the cysts on my neck are goign away, he tells me that im doing fine and i leave with a smile on my face :D. Things are finaly startign to go my way...

Right now as im writing this im looking at the last pills i have, there are 12 left untill i have to start my new batch. Im still having pains in my back though, and from time to time i still have problems sleeping. Im sitting here right now and i can feel the cysts on my back, its painfull but i don't wanna bother too much with it today, its itchy and its just annoying like hell. I've been on these pills for 10 weeks soon and i hope they will start to work wonders soon. I can see a few changes to my body, but not much... Only on my neck but that is also the most crucial part, its kinda hard to hide that. But actually im happy today, i can see my cysts are going down and that makes me happy. :D:dance: :dance: :(

I will begin to update this blog daily so you people can follow my result and hopefully have a good time reading it :D

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