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I am a 15 year old girl with moderate acne. I have had it now since I was 12, but it is hereditary as my dad had severe acne growing up, and still gets it to this day. I am in the middle of my GCSE's at the moment so am now allowed to take Accutane because of the links to depression and decrease in concentration. Recently my acne has been making me upset, especially with summer approaching as I do not want to have to worry about my skin, for example when I go swimming, as I do have acne on my back and chest as well. Recently I also received a comment from someone who is obviously not sympathetic towards acne as they said they could see 'spots growing out of my face'. I didn't realise how much this would actually mean to me, as it left me crying for a long time. 

I am writing this so I can keep an eye on my mood because I am aware of the mental side affects that some people get from Accutane. I am hopefully starting my prescription in 2 months when my GCSE's have finished, but I would be grateful if people could message me regarding good products that kept their skin from flaking too much, and also any makeup which didn't show the dryness up too much.

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End of month 2

So just finished month 2, and I feel some major improvements!!! So my face is almost completely clear apart from some remains of cystic acne around my jawline but this is fading. My back is clearing up but this does seem to be a longer process and I am still getting regular whiteheads on my shoulders. 

BUT I am having problems... my eyes ew bloodshot and get irritated quite easily. I she got some gel eye drops from the chemist which i am trying to use daily. I mean also using Dr Dans hydrocortisone lip balm 3 times a day because if I don't my lips get very dry and flakey. Apart from that I have no other apparent side effects which is a relief!! But hopefully my eyes will  down soon as they stand out a lot against my blue eyes. 


Almost one month

I have now been on Accutane for almost a month now. I have seen an improvement on my face, as I am hardly getting any whiteheads, and if I do they are going away very quickly with little effort. My back however has gone very bumpy, but I am praying this is where the blackheads are being pushed out. All the old spots on my back are drying out very quickly which is a positive.

However, on the negative side I am really starting to see the side effects kicking in. I have dry lips constantly which i am trying to moisturise every hour. I am also getting very small dry patches across my face. But luckily, it seems that once the dry patches go they leave behind clearer skin. Additionally, I may having very frequent but small nose bleeds which seem to stop before it ever reaches the outside of my face. And i am still experiencing a very dry and flaky scalp.

I am planning to raise my dosage next week to 40mg, so i would expect the side effects to get worse. 


New side effect

Just took a shower this morning and looked in the mirror and in horror my whole scalp is peeling. I don't know if I maybe burnt my head on holiday but it looks like I have dandruff all over my head :(. If anyone has had the same thing please let me know as I haven't seen anything like this on the side effects sheet i was given. 


One week in

So I am a week in to my course of accutane, so far I have not had overly dry skin but already my lips are drying out. They're not cracking they just feel dry to the touch. So I am using Nivea Moisturising Care lip salve with SPF 15. I am on holiday at the moment as well, so I am struggling with the sun as I am burning very easily, I cannot emphasise that enough!! I am applying factor 50 twice a day, but this isn't really enough. 

I am still on a very low dosage so I am expecting more side effects when the dosage doubles.


Today my skin has really flared up and I don't know why.... especially on my chin and cheeks, don't think it has ever been this bad before. Can not wait to start treatment but still have just over a month to go. Birthday this week so really wanted it to have a clearish face but what can you do :( if anyone has any thought about why I'm getting acne around my mouth and cheeks please let me know!! 

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