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This is only my third day of being on Roche brand Accutane. I am neither dissapointed or happy, how could I be, there isn't too much going on in the first couple of days! Well, I'm a little worried about the initial breakout, because school is starting real soon, I really don't want to have bad skin on the first day. That would be a bummer. Anyways, I have noticed some white heads forming in strange areas, my collarbone, and my lower arms. Maybe it's the start of my initial breakout.

I am very excited to be on it FINALLY after all that waiting. I had a hard time getting it though, we finally resorted to going to a military base to purchase it(my dad is a retired marine), this is because our insurance still needs to process the request to pay for my medicine. Amazingly enough, we only had to pay 5.00 for the medicine, since Tri-Care(military insurance) paid for it.

I will keep you updated with my results when I return from Minnesota.


Well, this is my first time ever on Acne.Org. I was looking at a lot of sites that had reviews and before and after pictures of Accutane patients. I'm interested in trying it! I've tried a lot of other Acne products, and none were successful, or have kept my skin clear.

(I have moderate acne I guess you would call it, I have it on my forehead especially, that's where I first started getting it, so it's real scarred up there.. And now it's recently starting to occur around my mouth and cheeks :wub: It's pretty bad.. All I want is clear skin, so I can have my confidence back)

I'm going to see my dermatologist tomorrow and talk to her about using Accutane. I'm aware of all of the side effects and such.. And I've tried many other medications, so hopefully she will agree to put me on it!

I'll post another blog tomorrow after my appointment.

Wish me the best of luck!

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