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:wub:[OK!!! so hey everyone... its june 17th 2008 @ 3:00 in the morning( im ALWAYS up this late) and i have to work in the morning...UGH!!! but neway.. i just began my journey of accutance and im hopping that it will work for me.. I haved tried so many things such as proactive, monocycline(sp) doxycycline.. plus more!!! I used to have pretty skin up until I was 15 (Im 19 now) and it has its days where it good, bad, and absolutley awful!!.. I have been looking on this site for about a month now when i had initially made the decision to use accutane.. I love to look at other people's progress, it makes me feel like there is hope for my skin... However, bc i used to pick at my skin alot.. I have ALOT OF BLACK MARKS!!... When I see pictures of others there marks and most of there scars went away.. BUT I'm affraid that mine won't.. and I hope this is not the case bc I hate taken pictures of myself and all I see are black marks EVERYWHERE...well I will keep you posted on how my progress is doing and try to upload pics on here (my computer has been acting really slow)

~So long Farewell~

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