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sooo i have been trying to figure out what has been causing my breakouts and i think i have found the answer!! i think what is causing me to breakout and never truly heal is the makeup i am currently using. i never put the two together until just yesterday, i thought it was a variety of other things regarding my makeup (like the brushes and whatnot) but never thought it could be the actual makeup.

i have been using bare essentuals mineral makeup for almost two years - and have been battling breakouts for just as long. i have had a long history with acne, yet i was clear for almost a year before i started using the makeup.

i did some online searches and found that my skin is most likely having a bad reaction to the ingredient bismuth. i then searched the forums here and found that a lot of other people have reacted badly to bare essentuals as well, most likely because of the bismuth. i found that most people switch to other mineral makeups that do not use this ingredient. so i did a few searches and compared reviews and have decided to give every day minerals a try. it is a lot cheaper than bare essentuals and has a lot more variety. i really hope that it is a quality makeup and will help soothe my skin.

i have also started taking my omega 3 and zinc supplements and have been drinking a ton of water (which i try to do anyway), i am waiting for my acne.org face wash and bp gel to arrive so i can start the reg.

i have stopped using the differin gel i was prescribed because i felt like it wasn't really doing much, i also think it made my neck incredibly dry and itchy.

i think i am a little face obsessed right now and need to remind myself to chill out. i don't want to constantly think about my face and acne. i think it is time to try and let it go and think about more positive and happier things. i don't think people notice my face - breakouts - as much as i think they do. no one is as obsessed with my as much as i am - lol.

anyways - i will update when i start using my new makeup and after a few days on my supplements.



after reading a little about both zinc ad omega 3 supplements i think i will need to make a trip to the drug store to pick some up for myself. i have very inflamed irritated looking skin and think that both supplements will help. i am currently taking tetracycline and should find out if either would interfere with that.

i will also be receiving my acne.org face wash and bp gel soon. i can't wait to see if all of this works. i have a pretty good feeling about it! i love reading the success stories!! hope i will soon have one of my own!


keep on keeping on!

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