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Acne Pen Day 3

I feel so silly using this thing, but it seems to work. I have 2 of the 4 pimples are gone, the third one is almost gone, and the 4th one is smaller.

I used it 2x's on Friday, 3 x's yesterday, and once so far today. I also zapped a place behind my ear that felt uncomfortable, like I was getting one, and then it was feeling better too.

Seems to work so far, but I will keep trying to see!!!


Day 1 The Pen

So I ordered a new product I came across called the Acne Pen. The site I ordered it from was www.Acne-Pen.com. Trust me, I need to know that in case it doesn't work and I need a refund.

Brief background, I used Proactive for a while, but since I am on a limited budget and in high school, I had to find something more economically feasible.

I ordered the acne pen which is an electronic device the size and thickness of a fat ink pen. It has a silver probe that you touch to the pimple and it, for lack of a better word, zaps the pimple.

I used it for the first time this morning. I sprayed the "silver spray" (looks like water) on my face. Then I touched the silver part to each pimple for 15 seconds. At first I thought it wasn't doing anything other than flashing. Then when I touched one that I had just popped, I could feel it. It was a small sting, less than when I use alcohol on one.

So far I only see a difference in one, it is the one that stung that i had popped. The swelling & soreness have gone away. It is still a little red but not as bad. :dance: The others seem unchanged. I am going to do a second treatment now, and one before bed.

Wish me luck.

Does anyone else have info regarding this?? :wub:

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