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I had the radio on earlier today and every hour or so, the station would air the Proactiv commercial. They just never get tired of marketing themselves. Full of false promises and a waste of money.



Well.....it keeps the skin well lubricated and you're less prone to wrinkles as you age.

On the other hand, oily skin can be a nuisance. For me, it's looks unattractive so I must use loose face powder to combat the shine. And give myself a little color.


Acne prone since teens and got worse as each year went by. Never went to a dermatologist...couldn't afford it, so I dealt with this on my own by experimenting with many remedies. I tried brands such as Proactiv, Murad, Dermalogica. Some worked but only temporarily. Others, I developed an allergic reaction. From these trial and errors, I learned that my skin is highly sensitive to alcohol, any type of acid, benzoyl peroxide, and harsh detergents. It was until my mid twenties that I found the solution quite by accident. Paper towels and Clean & Clear! I'm now 28 but I still occasionally suffer from a pimple or two.

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