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c'est la vigne

Day 1,037:

Not much to post about lately. Obviously. I'm still sticking with my Dove Sensitive Skin bar/Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner (with AHA and BHA)/Acne.org BP/(sometimes) Cetaphil moisturizer routine, and it's working fairly well.

Yes, I still get some clogged pores, and yes, I still break out sometimes. But, for the most part, my skin's looking good.

Right now, I have clogged pores that mirror each other. Just above each eyebrow, and near the crease of each nostril. (Sigh.) Oh, well. I washed my face, used my toner, and dabbed a bit of BP on each one for now. Full BP at night. ; )

So... yep. That's about it. Wicked exciting, I know. But then, this is a blog about my acne, so what did you expect? Robot dinosaurs from space?

c'est la vigne

Day 950:

Whelp, I jinxed it. I have a sore pink zit on my forehead. Luckily, my bangs cover it pretty well. But still. Ugh. I just went over my whole face with my toner, and dabbed some BP on the zit. I hope it dies soon.

I don't think I'd be doing as well as I have been with my skin if I still had my 8x or 10x or whatever it was magnifying mirror up in the bathroom. I still have a 2x mirror on one side of the mirror on my nightstand, but I try to be careful about only using it for plucking my eyebrows, and not for picking. I think that's been helping a lot. I know I have a tendency to pick at incredibly minor imperfections and make them much worse, so not being able to see them ten times bigger than they actually are keeps me from wanting to mess with my skin as much.

And that's about it. Just kinda pissy about this zit. Oh well. (Z)It happens...

c'est la vigne

Day 946:

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I just wanted to say that I realize that my current regimen is no longer The Regimen. I do still use Acne.org BP, and I do use a more generous amount than most other brands recommend. I also still make an effort to be as gentle as I can when I'm washing my face, and keep my cleaning sessions short...ish. But beyond that, I've pretty much strayed from the actual Regimen.

Still, I've been sticking to the regimen I outlined in my previous post as best I can--my sleep schedule's really screwy, so it's hard to do things on a set schedule. My skin's actually still really good, though. I had a few clogged pores on my forehead, near the middle of my eyebrows, which I blame on my new haircut, which is shaggy and hangs in my face. I don't use styling products most days, though, so it hasn't been too bad.

I was just going over my datebook this morning, and I realized I've been using the Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner for, like, two months, and I was like, "Wow. My skin has been really good for a while now...".

Anywho, I don't wanna jinx it, so... ; )

c'est la vigne

Day 925:Wow, I'm actually really digging this toner. My skin feels wayyyy smoother, and it's been completely clear for about a week (except for one tiny clogged pore that went away pretty quickly, and the still-fading-but-already-pale-pink mark on my right cheek), which is, like, amazing, considering the past few months.So, generally, my current regimen goes a little something like this:Wake up: --> Swipe Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner over faceMid-day: -->(If I'm not wearing makeup, which is pretty often) Swipe Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner over faceBefore bed:-->Wash face (quickly and gently) with Dove bar for sensitive skin-->Wait about five minutes-->Apply a finger's length of Acne.org BPI'm still on Junel, and am about to start a new pack (I was supposed to start yesterday--oops!), so we'll see how this goes.I'm excited, though. : )

c'est la vigne

Day 908:

Okay. So. The horns didn't get too terrible, but they did leave pink marks. And I'm still struggling with that cluster of clogged pores on my right cheek. I swear, they've been there for months, so I keep picking at them, and they just get redder and redder and more and more splotchy looking. So I've been trying really hard to just apply my AHA to them and leave them alone. And of course I got a new little zit on each cheek near my mouth, and an old zit on my forehead revived.

BUT! It hasn't been terrible. I've been using my AHA/BHA toner about twice a day (once in the morning, after washing, and once in the afternoon), and then applying my BP at night (although I admit, I skipped the last two nights--eek!). I think the toner is helping.

And I think I know what's causing the breakouts. I don't know why it didn't occur to me sooner: my birth control. When I first started going to Planned Parenthood, I was going to the clinic every three months to pick up my pills, and they always gave me Microgestin Fe, which is a generic of LoEstrin Fe. And my skin was fine. Then the clinic I was going to closed, so I had them call the prescription in to a pharmacy near my house. And for the first few months, the pharmacy gave me Microgestin Fe, and it was fine.

Then, the pharmacy switched me over to Junel, which is just another generic of LoEstrin Fe. But I'm pretty sure that I started breaking out shortly thereafter. So maybe my body just doesn't like the Junel as much. So I think I'm going to call Planned Parenthood on Monday to see if they can switch me to a different pill. I'm thinking maybe Ortho TriCyclen, since I've been on that before... We'll see.

But yeah, my birth control. Derrrrrp. I'm so slow sometimes.

c'est la vigne

Day 902:

The Kooks: Naive. WTF?

Anyway, of course, right after I made that last post, I noticed two little clogged pores on my forehead. Which I had to pick at. Which, of course, made them worse. I look like I'm sprouting teeeeny little horns.

Fucking great.


c'est la vigne

Day 901:

I'm a little bit excited. I haven't had an AHA to use since The Swelling of '09, but now that it's getting colder, my skin is getting dryer (read: flakier), so I though I might look for an alternative to Dan's AHA.

I remembered that Wynne had a link in her signature about AHAs or glycolic acid or something, so I checked it out, and decided to pick up a bottle of Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner, which has both AHA and BHA, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

Found it at Jewel. No problem. And it was only, like, $7.99 for 8.5 oz. So that's pretty rad. And, like, I was looking at the ingredients:

Water Purified, SD Alcohol 40, Glycolic Acid, Witch Hazel, Sodium PCA, Salicylic Acid, Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) Extract, Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus) Extract, Peppermint Extract, Allantoin (Comfrey Root) , Sodium Lactate, PEG 40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Fragrance (Parfum)

Glycolic acid, salicylic acid, witch hazel, aloe... This stuff is, like, chock full of all sorts of things that are supposed to be good for your skin. Plus it hasn't made me swell up so far! And that's great!

So I've been using the toner in the morning and my BP at night for the past two days.

I was actually breaking out for a while. Not bad, but consistently for a few months. Like, a few spots at any given time. I couldn't figure out what the heck I was doing wrong (although, admittedly, I've strayed from The Regimen quite a bit). I just got a new tube of BP, though, and it seems to be working better. At least I hope it is. I hate breaking out. : P

Anyway, just wanted to make a quick update. I don't know why I'm so excited about this toner, but I am.

But yeah, that's all. On to a blissful Friday night full of bad movies on VHS and pieeeeee!

c'est la vigne

Day 794.

Woof. I've been beyond busy with my new (okay, not so new any more) job. I've been stressed out, and my sleep schedule has gone to hell. And, to top it all off, I didn't get my period last month, which pretty much scared the crap out of me.

How has this affected my skin? Well, honestly, it hasn't been that bad.

I had two zits a while back--one on either cheek, in roughly the same spot. They both healed up, and now I just have very small, very pale pink marks left over.

I had a zit on the right(ish) side of my forehead at the same time, which is also nothing but a pale pink mark now.

I did get a pimple on my right cheekbone about a week ago, and it's finally starting to heal up. And I felt a sore spot at the inner corner of my right eyebrow the other day, but no pimple has actually manifested there. I've just been putting BP on it, and it seems to be preemptively killing the would-be blemish off.

So yeah, I have been breaking out a little. But it hasn't been terrible. I blame stress and wonky hormones.

Ah well.

Anyway, it's three in the morning, and I have to be up for work in four hours, so I should probably wrap this up and tear myself away from the computer so I can get a few hours of sleep..

c'est la vigne

Day 753:

I'm testing the new spot treatment. It has AHA, BHA, and licochalcone in it, so I have to be super careful. I got it in the mail yesterday, and immediately applied a small amount to the inside of my elbow to see if I'd have a negative reaction. There was no redness or anything, so I applied a bit more to the same spot before I went to bed. Still no redness this morning.

I think I'll keep applying it to that same spot, twice a day, today and tomorrow, just to be safe. If there's no redness or signs of a bad reaction, I'll test it on my jawline for a few days before using it anywhere else on my face.

Fingers crossed that this goes well.

[EDIT] Damnit. There's the red, itchy spot. I hate being overly sensitive to this crap. I miss being able to use the AHA and stuff so much.

Ah, well. I hope it works well for everybody else. *feels left out*

c'est la vigne

Day 743:

Dear teeny scab from a long-dead cheek zit,

Please just heal up and go away. The way you're lingering is obnoxious. If it wasn't for you, my skin would be totally clear.

You're fucking everything up, goddamn it.



P.S. Okay, you're really not that bad, but still... Go away.

And in other news, I'll be starting a job within the next week or so that will require me to wake up at about six thirty in the morning every. single. day. for the rest of eternity with no days off. Ever. (No, seriously.)

*dies violently*

BUT! It only requires me to work for a few hours each morning, and I'll be making more money per hour than I do right now, so that's still a booyah!


Yeah, I guess that's it. I should probably go to bed now, considering the fact that it's after four thirty in the morning.

Damn it.

c'est la vigne

Day 736:

Aww, phooey. I totally forgot to celebrate my two year Org-iversary. It was on the 2nd. Ah, well...

Anywho, I have a party to go to this Saturday at my aunt's house. Pretty much my whole family (on my dad's side) is going to be there, and I haven't seen some of these people in years, so I really want to look good, 'cause I know they all think I'm some kind of weirdo, because I never really visit or stay in touch with any of them, and because I didn't work for a long time.

My skin's not terrible right now. It was pretty much clear for that party at M's aunt's house on the 30t, and I've only had a few clogged pores since then (I should be getting my period this weekend, so this tiny breakout isn't totally unexpected).

Still, my face looks all... blah. Just very dull and lifeless. And I still have some pale pink marks that haven't completely faded yet, so...

I dunno. Maybe I'll do the whole jojoba oil masque/exfoliation today.


Or maybe I'll just climb back into bed. It's one of those days. (The sound of soft rain outside is making me soooo sleepy.) : )

c'est la vigne

Day 723:

I'm hesitant to write this, because I know what kind of luck I have, but...

Victory is mine! *frenetically knocks on wood*

Looks like the combination of fresh BP and extra virgin olive oil has, once again, worked wonders to clear me up and fade my red marks.

Booyah! Sheryl's Deck Party, here I come!

Now, if only I could afford to cut and dye my hair...

c'est la vigne

Day 715:

Okay. So. After my last post, my face pretty much exploded. No, for real. The whole damn thing puffed up, then got all gross and grainy, then the grainy parts kind of ended up being, like, chock full of teeny-tiny whiteheads, then I peeled like a sonofabitch, and then I was left all broken out. Basically, my face was FUBAR for, like, a week and a half. It sucked. I was miserable.

My tube of AHA is now off in some dump somewhere. I don't care where, as long as it's not anywhere near my face.

Never. Again.

Anyway, I've been coping with the after-effects of my little "experiment" for a while now. I had to cut way back on my BP while my face was all whacked out, and then I had to slowly work my way back up to a full pump at night. I think I've been back on my normal regimen for about a week now, and the breakout's pretty much cleared up.

Now I just have to deal with the PIH.

I've been using my trusty extra virgin olive oil, and the marks have faded dramatically. Of course, it doesn't help that I'm constantly picking at them and making them all pink again, but I can't help it! There are layers of dead skin on them, and, as gross as it may be, I feel compelled to pick at the dead skin, revealing fresh, pink skin underneath.

Basically, I'm making the healing process take longer than it should. Damn it.

But, I'm still healing really well. I'm actually pretty excited at how fast these marks have faded. They went from being bright red and horrible about a week ago to being faintly pink tonight. At this point, I feel confident that I could easily cover them with a dab of concealer if necessary.

I'm hoping that my skin will be totally healed up by the 30th, because my boyfriend's aunt is having a "deck-christening party", and I said I'd go. (What kind of party would it be if I didn't bring my delicious cucumber sandwiches? I mean, really.) So, yeah. The prospect of hanging out with about fifteen of my boyfriend's family members is terrifying enough, but having to do it with crappy skin is just flat out anxiety-attack inducing. So I've got my fingers crossed that my skin will work with me on this one.

(Hey, maybe if I keep my fingers crossed for the next twelve days, I won't be able to fuck up my skin any more. Hot damn, I'm a genius!)

c'est la vigne

Day 697:

Well, I'm going to try to add AHA back into my regimen, but I'm gonna have to be sneaky about it. As a first step, I just applied it all over my face, let it sit for about ten to fifteen minutes, then washed it off. My skin got a little pink while it was on, but quickly changed back to its normal color after I washed.

I'll see how my skin is over the next few days, and if I don't notice any negative reactions, I'll do the same next Wednesday. Maybe I'll just stick with doing these mini-applications twice a week for a while if my skin can handle them.

*crosses fingers*

[EDIT @ 9:54pm] Awesome. I fucked up my face. The skin on either side of my mouth, from my nose to my chin, is bright red.

And I have to go visit my family tomorrow. Fucking great.

c'est la vigne

Day 682:

Wow, I am such a dummy.

I've been breaking out a bit for the past month or so, and I couldn't figure out why. I hadn't changed anything, and I couldn't figure out what the problem could possibly be.

Then, one day, I looked at my bottle of BP and realized that I'd had it since last May. It was almost a year old. And it says right on danielkern.com:

Treatment: Unopened product is good for two years from date of manufacture. The expiration date is printed on the bottom of the bottle. Once opened, use within 6 months for best results.

So I ordered a fresh tube of BP.

Well, it came today, so after my shower, I tried out the new stuff. Just a few hours later, my skin is clearing up. The spots that have been lingering on my face for the last two weeks have dried up and are starting to flake off.

There is such a huge difference between old BP and new BP.

I'm just glad I finally figured out what the problem was. Derrrrrrp!

c'est la vigne

Day 666:

Well, I've decided to give the AHA another test run. I applied a tiny bit behind my right ear at about 2:05pm. It's now 2:21, and I haven't noticed much of a reaction. It's a little pink, but not the bright, raging pink that it turned last time. And it's not really burning or stinging this time. I just feel a slight tingling sensation.

If it doesn't get any worse, I'm not going to bother with washing it off, like I did last time. I'll just leave it on for twenty four hours, and see how the skin there looks tomorrow.

I'd really love to be able to use the AHA again. I miss how smooth it made my skin feel.


*crosses fingers*

c'est la vigne

Day 658:

Dear PMS,

Thank you so much for the breakout. The bloating, tender breasts, and irritability really would've been enough, but you went above and beyond by giving me not one, not two, but three pimples!

You really are too generous.

Love forever,


P.S. Do you understand sarcasm, PMS? I hope you do. ; )

c'est la vigne

Day 652:

Why do I do this to myself? My skin will be looking great, but then I get all stupid and pull out my 10x magnifying mirror and I pick at my pores. They don't even have to be clogged--in a 10x magnifying mirror every pore looks huge and terrible.

So now I've got three red marks on the left side of my lower lip, and two red marks on the left side of my nose from pores that I picked at for no reason. And because they're red, I end up picking at them even more.

(Sigh.) Damn it.

c'est la vigne

Day 636:

I decided to spot test my SA+ and AHA behind my ears to see if my skin could handle them now, since it's been several months since the last time I tried to use either of them.

About ten minutes ago, I put a teeny dab of AHA behind my right ear and a teeny dab of SA+ behind my left ear.

A few minutes later, I mentioned what I'd done to my boyfriend, because the AHA was burning a little, and I asked him if it looked red. He said it looked like it might be a little pink, and then he looked at my left ear, and his jaw dropped.

"You need to go wash that off. It's bright red. It looks like a bad rash!"

(Sigh.) I don't think my skin's ever going to be able to handle them. : (

[EDIT] I took these pictures right after I washed the AHA and SA+ off; about 15-20 minutes after I applied them:

Right ear (AHA): http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v166/cry...rg/RightEar.jpg

Left ear (SA+): http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v166/cry...rg/LeftEar2.jpg

(The pictures were taken with my boyfriend's phone, which is why the quality is so poor.)

c'est la vigne

Day 635:

Damn the dry air in my house! I can't stand how much it dries my skin out. My face, my hands, my feet, my legs... Dry, dry, dry. Thank goodness for jojoba oil. I've been mixing a few drops with my Cetaphil every time I moisturize--which, I'll admit, isn't every day--and I occasionally mix some in with the St. Ives moisturizer I use on my body. I think I just need to stop being such a lazy-butt about moisturizing. I'm sure if I did it every day, things wouldn't be so bad. (Truth be told, things aren't even that bad--I'm just a whiner.)

I also did something akin to Cool As Kim Deal's jojoba oil exfoliation/masque the other day, and it felt pretty nice. My skin felt so smooth and soft afterward. And, as an added bonus, it hasn't been as oily as usual for the past two days. Usually, my skin is slightly shiny about two hours after I wash, but it's just been nice and matte these past couple of days, which is kind of neat, actually. So I'm thinking that I might make the jojoba oil exfoliation/masque a weekly or semi-weekly thing.

Other than that, not much going on. Just wanted to make a quick update.

c'est la vigne

Magra Fahrbot.

Day 603:

Marks on forehead? All but faded.

Cheek monster? Completely smooth, only very slightly pink (it was kind of gross yesterday, because there was a layer of dry, dead skin on it, but that peeled off today, and it's looking much better).


I'm just going to keep up on the olive oil for the next few days, and then I should be good to go.

c'est la vigne

Day 601:

After two days of periodic icing and covering the my cheek beast with Neosporin and a band-aid, the inflammation has gone down considerably. The area's still pretty pink, but it looks a lot better than it did when I made my last post.

The pink marks on my forehead are fading too, now that I've been applying extra virgin olive oil to them on a pretty regular basis. And the spot next to my nose has died down, and a layer of dried skin peeled off, leaving me with a (mostly) flat, pink mark.

All in all, I'm my skin's looking a bit better. It's nowhere near "clear" yet, but there's definite progress...

c'est la vigne

Cheesy Music Day.

Day 599:

I am breaking out like crazy, and I feel so shitty because of it.

The spot next to my nose finally died down, but I still have the faintest pink mark there. But, of course, I ended up getting a spot in pretty much the same spot on the other side of my nose.

And I have three or four pink marks on my forehead that were just *possibly* clogged pores that I picked at compulsively and made much worse than they were. Ugh.

And, because that's not annoying enough, I got the mother of all zits on my right cheek. It was actually a zit that I had, like, a few months ago that had cleared up, but the pink mark kept bothering me, so--again--I picked at it and irritated it and now it's all huge and inflamed all over again.

And when I say 'huge', I mean 'huge'. Every time I rolled onto my right side last night, the pain from my cheek pressing into the pillow would wake me up. So I decided to take Wynne's advice. I've iced it twice today, and now I have some Neosporin and a Snoopy band-aid on it. I'm going to see if I can get my boyfriend to pick me up some sort of anti-inflammatory.

(Sigh.) I am so not happy right now...

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