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Hello, i have been facing acne for a couple of years now. Some days its good and most of the days its bad. For the past couple of months i have been breaking out severely. Seeing new acne every day i wake up in the morning. I attend to a dermatologist and i wash my face everyday but i still don't why i keep breaking out. I think its just bad luck but seriously i wonder when will it ever end!? As of now i am taking prescripted medicine, Bactrim, twice a day, wash my face with Panoxyl Bar twice a day, and apply Retin-A Micro every night.

Seriously, i believe none of this stuff work. Ive read comments on this site about how Bactrim worked wonderfully and how Panoxyl "cleared" the acne wonderfully but i guess im one of those 1/thousand people who doesnt get the luck of the draw. I have been taking bactrim for at least 2 months now, and panoxyl a little more than 2 months. I see a little improvement that my acne breakouts are less severe but still every once in a while in the week. i will get a breakout. I don't know what to do, i tell my dermatologist that there is no improvement but he believes that it would work. I need to know what medications are good for me because as of now i'm taking medications that are ineffective for me but effective for everyone else.

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