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(Hopefully) Tracking my progress with Duac+Differin combo.

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Back from hiatus

Well this is a shocker, I start a blog and forget about it for some time. :P

It's been months since I've even visited this site and actually I haven't needed to recently. For a while my skin was doing pretty well, not satisfactory, but along with the transition to college it hasn't been high on my priority list. But now that the semester is almost over and I'm starting to have time to reflect on other things I've noticed my skin getting worse over the past few days. (could be exams, but I'm not particularly stressed about them)

And of course as usual, it kept bugging me since I noticed it. At some point in that time I made the groundbreaking revelation that this shouldn't still be a problem! I've moved on, I've started my new life, I've begun creating the person I want to be, and acne has no part in it, so why is it still here?!

Well it's obvious my Duac+Differin combo, while keeping the really bad acne at bay, is not my ultimate solution. Add it to the not-so-successful list and time to move on.

I've started looking at light therapy, and I think that's going to be my next attempt. I've found a really cheap used light that I might get. It's one of those Dr. Kern lights, and while it's used it's cheap enough to warrant the risk.

I'll try to remember to post back here if I decide to get it, and if I have any results to report.

Anyway, good luck to everyone, and have a great holiday season!


Week 1 Update

Ok so it has been a week. Maybe it's too soon to tell how this is going to go down, but I've got some minor changes to report.

My skin has been feeling smoother to the touch since starting this, but at the same time it has hurt more. My eyelids feel like they've been sunburned, and unless I'm using cold water it hurts to wash them. Also, it feels kind of weird after I do my meds- not a good or bad feeling, just different. I haven't needed to use moisturizer much; my skin is naturally oily so I guess it evens out. The active acne that I have/that is "under development" seems to be more sensitive than in the past. I hope this isn't the beginning of the initial outbreak... I'm really hoping I don't have one of those or it's subdued if it has to happen. :wub:

I can feel a few painful ones coming in on my chin, and I've got one right under my eye that doesn't hurt but it's big and red and annoying. So far I'm not overly disappointed, but I'm still cautious about how much emotional investment I put in this stuff. Although one thing I do love about this treatment is it takes a lot less time to get ready for bed and to get up, without having to wash my face twice and apply three different topicals for each treatment like Proactiv.

I've been getting a lot better about eating habits I think. I'm drinking a crapload of water at work now, and for breakfast instead of the usual three bowls of cereal I'm having bagels, fruit, yogurt, waffles, bacon, etc. I'm eating a lot of fruit during the day, applesauce, pears, bananas, and I'm not drinking any soda except for the occasional Sprite or Sierra Mist. I’m also taking some fiber supplements, and 1000 or 2000mg of Vitamin C tablets per day (which is apparently 3334% of my daily allowance- big friggin number) I'm still frequenting those long afternoon naps, but they feel so good after a day of work I don't care.

So here's week 1's batch of pictures (link below) they might take some time getting through the system, come back and see them if they're not up yet.

Week 1 Pics <-- That link is actually to my gallery along with my before pics. Check the title of the pic to see if it's current.

I think that’s the link, if it doesn’t work they’re under my gallery from my profile page.




I'm starting my Duac+Differin Combo regimen tonight. I'll start off by using Duac in the evenings and Differin in the mornings.

Here's the before pics- not an excellent representation as a lot of my freckles look like scars or active acne, and it's hard to distinguish active acne and scars all over. I'm pleased with how far I've come so far, but it's not enough. I'm worried about the potential breakout before the clearing but hopefully it will be minimized since I've been using 2.5% bp for so long.

Duac- Clindamycin 1%, Benzoyl Peroxide 5%

Differin- Adapalene .1%

Wish me luck!

Before pics (in my gallery in case the link doesn't work.) Before


Hi, anyone who reads this. This is my tracking blog for my Duac and Differin combo I'll be beginning tomorrow. I'm on kind of a schedule, 77 days until I move off to college, which I have been looking forward to for years. I'm so excited, but of course my acne is somewhat raining on my parade. Here's some stuff...

I have mild to moderate acne, started a couple years ago or so and became worse enough to really care about it 10-11 months ago. So far I've tried Proactiv, which has worked the best, which is to say, hasn't let it get any worse- Ziana (or something like that) that really didn't do much of anything- Oracia (pill) that did nothing but screw up my digestive system for a few months- and some other home-made remedies.

Right now I'm finishing up my Proactiv which has ceased yielding results, milk of magnesia shower washes, and diet. I've given up my passion, sodas, in hopes of helping my acne. I've been drinking a lot of V8 now, and have been eating more fruits and veggies than I usually do. I've tried to get outside more, be more active which I haven't really done since rec league sports was over. I'm feeling really good about myself overall, with the obvious exception.

Anyway, that's that. I'll post some before pics tomorrow and hopefully track my progress from now until who knows when. If anyone's reading this, thanks for reading! And the best of luck on your own battles. Peace out.



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