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Ok so I don't have bad acne these days as I have worked pretty hard to cure it by using various products, most of which have been complete rubbish. But the spots still are not completely gone so I was looking at this website that does reviews on beauty products and read aload (140 something to be precise =S) of reviews on the acne.org treatment so I thought I'd check out the website. After reading the regiem and even more reviews on it I thought I'd have to try this stuff out! I haven't tried the stuff yet as I still need to persuade mum to order it for me but I'm really excited to think of the possiblity of having completely clear skin! =) Especially as I've got a modelling portfolio shoot coming up in about a month and my prom in just over a month =)

Well if you have any tips or want to make me more excited about it then feel free lol

The Acne.org Regimen
The Acne.org Regimen
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