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Dans Products Arrived

Dans acne regimen came in the mail yesterday. and ..... I LOVE IT. Absolutely everything about his products are first class. The jojoba oil is my fav. Its light and works wonders anywhere you put it. I hope i'm not jinxing my progress by writing how well things are going :wub: I have suffered with acne for so long and I can't believe the answer was right on the shelf at CVS. Or in my case just a few internet clicks away.


1ts is Best

Hey all-

So I started on the regimin about a week ago and The BP HURTS! It's usually ok when I just put it on my face and then wait the 10 min. like your supposed to ... but then I add the moisturizer and I get this stinging sensation that is not exactly unbareable but its most uncomfortable. Sometimes I blast the AC in the car on my way to work right on my face. That helps. My face is not red or swollen. But I am dry and I can't wait till Dans products arrive so I can use the jojoba oil. I have suffered with acne since I was 11. I am now 27. Hopefully this regimin will help. I'm keeping a positive attitude and I'm not going to give up. I'll keep using the acne.org products for as long as it takes to clear my skin. Right now I am washing my face with Proactiv cleanser. I only have a little bottle and I'm too cheap to throw it away. I have the 2.5% BP and and oil free moisturizer. So hopefully things will start to work for me soon. If anyone could reccomend a great SPF that would be wonderful. I am a natural red head and get sunburnt if I think too much about the sun.

-Heres hoping i'll be zit free soon.

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