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It's working!

Alright, so I don't want to get my hopes too hugh, but it seems that the tane is working. After a full two weeks of three or four really bad pimples (plus the years since puberty) I have finally began to see something that is working.

I now have no new pimples. My face is really starting to glow!

Now as for the side effects. Nothing major besides the chapped lips. Every now and then I my face gets flushed. I also seem overly hot at times. My skin seems more sensitive overall. For instance, if I scratch an itch like I normally would it will burn or irritate me. No mood swings, just the feeling of being irate at times but that's normal (I live in NYC). Overall, I'm over the top pleased with accutane so far! It's been a little over two weeks since I started.


It may be working

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed. Of course my face still has blemishes but they seem to be either staying the same or decreasing in size. My dry lips are doing better. Basically right now I have one blemish on my lip and a strange one under my eyetbrow. I'm still using the benzamycin my derm gave me about 5 months ago for the indivdual blemishes.


Day SIX of Accutane

So I decided to go on Accutane because I had a really bad breakout again that kept me inside for the weekend. When I get acne, it's usually an abnormally large zit that slowly comes to the surface. These are very painful and annoying to put it lightly. So, my derm suggested Tane. I'm on Sotret 20mg twice a day.

The first side effect I got was extremely dry lips. This is now becoming a problem because I can't seem to find a good lip moisturizer. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Other than that there are no real issues yet besides feeling overly tired for no reason.

I will be updating this as much as possible. I have some pix of me on my first day of Tane and a pic of me on 6/26. If I look clear to you, the pix are misleading. I took them with my computer webcam. I just have to use a real camera to show you guys the real deal.

Ok, also the pix I took tonight show me with my acne cream on. Just realize that the white spots are pimples. :wub:



MY first post!

So I've been a memeber of Acne.org for quite a while but I've always just sort of drifted along, trying endless products to fix my acne. I figured I might as well document it so that maybe some person with a shitload of free time can get some use out of it.

I think most people would agree that dermatologists really aren't the best people to visit when you have severe acne. All of mine have been very hasty and rushing and have not really helped me with my skin problems. It's very frustrating when you have a real problem and all the "solutions" aren't working.

I've tried A LOT of things in an attempt to clear my skin. Some of these include:

BP, Salicyclic acid, no sugar/gluten/meat/dairy diet, tetracycline, minocycline, duac, differin, proactiv, murad's, nature's cure, tazorac, benzamycine, scrubs, masks, ughh....anyway, none of that crap has worked. BP works for a while but I notice my skin builds up a resistance to it and then I begin breaking out again.

I'm here because, just like everyone else, I want clear skin. Lately what seems to be keeping the breakouts minimal is the following:

-a diet low in breads and sugars (no white bread, no candy, no sodas or juices (except blended fruits/veggies) I eat a lot of veggies and beans and yummy fruits.

-high vitamins (Vitamins A, B5, B6, B12, C, D, E, Zinc, Aloe Vera, Flax Seed Oil, Selenium, and Psyllium Husk Colon Cleanse)

-apple cider vinegar face wash (a simple splash of this wiped all over my face with a cotton round)

-cetaphil moisturizer (kept to a minimum)

-positive, happy thoughts.

This is my last resort to clear skin before I go on accutane, so I'm hoping this works because I'm out of ideas after this.

--update---I'm on accutane as of 6/20/08

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