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my story with BP - help please =P

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When I was 17years old some plimples started to show on my face and i went right to the dermatologist =P, he prescribed me 10%BP and a product that contained salicylic acid (effaclar k). I used for 2 years 10%BP at night with NO MOISTURIZE, and in the morning the effaclar K. AMAZINGLY, my skin was super clear, never irritated or red, just a little bit dry. in a general way it was working fine! Until one day i started to worry that my skin could be to dry, so i stopped the treatment and a LARGE NUMBER OF PIMPLES started to appear. Went to the derm again and he instead of BP or salicylic acid, prescribed me accutane BUT, i only taked 10 pills p/ month, during 6 months, It was a very low prescription of accutane because my acne was not severe. Then when the accutane stopped I had less pimples but still a few! This was the time that i found acne.org! And BOY i was so happy to know that the 2.5% BP was effective as the 10% and that i could moisturize after it, etc..BUT A STRANGE THING HAPPENED...My face is red, irritated, dry when i apply the moisturize after the BP. the strange thing is that i used 10% for 2 years and only get a little bit dry shiny skin, and know with the 2.5% i cant stand the irritation! can someone help me please? im in the dan regimen a long time and my face just wont stop irritating...HELP PLEASE =(

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