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kids (day 49)

Today my six year old daughter asked me, 'what's that big red thing on your cheek?!'. It just reminds me that everywhere I go without make-up, my acne is probably the first thing people notice :wub: I've had acne for so long now, that I really don't let it effect my self-esteem. I think since I'm an adult now it's easier to recognize the people that truly love and care about me regardless of my skin. I made some true friends in high school that luckily were never cruel (alteast not to my face) about my acne, but I also heard the whispers that the other kids would make. Acne is a hard thing to ignore and I know that I would never judge someone because of it, but I also know that it is the first thing I notice. Acne did some pretty devestating things to me socially growing up. I hope my kids never have to deal with that.

Well, hopefully I will stop breaking out soon and start clearing up...


DAY 40

So, I woke up this morning without any new pimples and happy to report that the ones on my jawline are finally starting to calm down :dance: . I could definatley get used to this! My side effects have definately lessened as well. My skin is dry, but atleast it's not flaking anymore and my rash has lightened up a lot too!

Overall, I'm a happy girl! And my 10 month old son started walking yesterday :wub: So, all is good in my world (atleast for now haha).



Hello everyone! Well, I am 26 years old and have been an acne sufferer for 10 years now! On April 16th I started 40mg of accutane. I had terrible blackheads on my nose and chin that were completely gone after a couple of weeks. However, my acne has definatley gotten worse it seems. I have a cluster of papules along both jawlines and a one on my left cheek. I also still have quite a few scattered red marks that have yet to fade. My side effects haven't been horrible, but they aren't pleasant either. I have, of course, extremely dry lips, dry scalp and a rash on both arms.

Well, I have been snooping around this website since I began treatment and I decided to start a blog. Everyone seems very caring and supportive :wub: It would be nice to connect with others that are going through this as well. It seems like everywhere I go I see people with flawless skin and all I hope for is to be able to walk out of my house without concealer all over my face! I've lived with acne far too long and I'm so hoping that accutane can get rid of it for good!

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