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What a shit day at work. It is 105 degrees here and there was almost no shade. I wonder what it will be like after I'm taking the accutane. I probably won't be able to work unless I'm slathered in zinc and under a wide-brimmed hat! Actually, if I never worked at this hole again, that would be even better.

I'm going to eat sushi and lie in the AC...perhaps life isn't that bad after all-- today this poor homeless guy who was probably burning up and exhausted came and sat under the umbrella. The manager asked him to leave and he seemed confused as to why he couldn't sit there. He probably just wanted a drink of water. That kind of stuff breaks my heart and puts my bad day in perspective.


6 days to go...

Well, it's six days to go and I'm due to get my accutane script. I'm going to ask for amnesteen because it's a hundred dollars cheaper than claravis. My face hurts SO BAD it kept me from falling asleep before.


nut shmut.

I ate peanuts. My skin wants to die. Peanuts = cysts. God I love peanut butter, this is so sad. My face looked so good. Though it was peeling from the Taz, there were no new papules and the little comedones were clearing up. However, I am now back to pain and scabs, F YOU, PEANUTS!!!

In the subway they have these posters from the National Peanut Board or whatever the hell (peanut farming monopolies pay for ads) saying "A handful (of peanuts) helps prevent heart disease." And someone had written on one in a black pen "yeah-- unless you're allergic."


why do derms give us shit like Taz when we're desperate? It makes me into a large-pie pizza face. give me the tane, lady.


Today was brutally hot until I left work, at which point it rained. It's nice and cool out now. My face is peeling really bad. I bought some Dermablend yesterday. The transaction went like this--

me: hi, I need something for full face coverage.

counter woman: how about this? (gets out a foundation that is six shades darker than my skin and hands me a wipe.) take off some of what you're wearing and I'll show you how it works.

me: I'll test it on my wrist. do you have anything lighter? (I find one that seems passable and ask her to ring it up.)

Then I proceeded to RUN out of Macy's makeup department. I was afraid that if I stopped moving, any number of flawless-skinned makeup artists would descend on me like birds of prey and completely humiliate me in the middle of the floor, in front of all the tourists ("I have a product that will clear you RIGHT UP!"). Like, fuck that.

p.s. the foundation is too light, but it's better than MAC.

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