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Donna Byrd

1 year post accutane

So on 11/12/2009 it was official 1 year since my last dose of Accutane. Weather it was worth it or not I am not sure. The results was amazing but didn't last once i stopped taking it. I suffered from hairloss and I still am today. I am currently doing Dan's regimen and its going well. I can pretty much keep my skin 95% clear all the time. I do have dark scar type marks all over but they can be covered with makeup. I have been treating them with Mederma. On a good note I have just found out I am 6 weeks pregnant which is awesome. I still have a little concern about birth defects and my accutane use but i really think that i waited a safe amount of time and everything will be fine. I have my first Dr. apt on Dec 8th and will discuss it with her. I am praying my skin does not go crazy with all the extra hormones (fingers crossed). I hope everyone is doing well. Until next time....................

Donna Byrd

Yes!!!!!!!!!!! I am totally clear on my face. Not 1 active nothing. I did however have 3 or 4 small bumps appear on my chest over the weekend. Gross!!! but they are almost gone now. The BP is working great and I am not dry or peeling at all. If I could only erase the brown spots I would be in heaven :) I think I like the jojoba oil.

Warning Guys!!! The following is Girl talk.....................

I got my period on 10/8/2009 and my face did rather well this month and really didn't breakout much. I am praying it stays that way and my hormones don't cause my face do go whack again at that time of the month. I had a Dr. apt this past weekend b/c i somehow got a UTI and my family Dr. did a pregnancy test since we have been TTC (hence the UTI probably) and it came back neg, which i had already figured since i had gotten my period the week before. But it brought up the whole pregnancy after accutane subject and my Dr. assured me that it is perfectly safe to conceive now ( 11 months post tane) and i should have no lasting side effects. I have always been concerned about that but I do feel better about it now. We have been trying for a few months now and nothing. I am praying that I dont have fertility problems from the accutane. My Dr. doesn't seem to think so and I hope she is right.

Note: I am still having heavy hair loss daily caused by accutane and I am not sure how much longer I can stand it. It absolutely drives me crazy.

Donna Byrd

Dan's Regimen

I am at my 3 week mark on the regimen and very happy with how it’s working. I received my wash and jojoba oil and its ok so far. This is the first time i ordered the wash and it’s ok. It does scud up nicely but I wish it had a pretty smell or something. I know that the point of it is to be as gently to your skin as possible but i do miss the super fresh and clean feeling as my old cleaner, but it does the job and if it keeps me clear that’s all that matters. The jojoba oil is something i will have to get used to. I love, love, love :) my BP. It is by far the best thing i skin does well with. My brown and red spots are slowing but surely fading and i can cover them very nicely with makeup. I think my oil has decreased a little :D which is always a plus.

My hair on the other hand is still shedding like crazy and i can't believe that after 11 months of being off accuatane i am still having this problem. I have been feeling kind of off lately. Tired, achy, headaches, and all over different, so I decided to lay off most of my vitamins since i think i was taking too many and making me all weird. I am only taking a multi once a day for now to see if that makes a difference. I also think my shedding picked up when i added zinc. My hair was doing much better a few weeks ago and now its bad again. I have to figure out what is still causing it :D

As of today no active acne!

Donna Byrd

Dan's Regimen works!!

Hey Guys,

I have been back on the regimen for 2 weeks now and thank god it worked. I am pretty much clear again and my red marks are fading. I just received the jojoba oil today and will add it into my regimen tonight. I have been spot treating with the AHA and it has been working well. I think I will leave the Retin A out for now. :) Happy for Now!!!

Donna Byrd

Daily Update

This morning I woke up with 2 new small pimples one on my right upper cheek and one on my lower left side. I think tonight I will spot treat with my AHA. Still debating if I want to throw in my retin a again. I am really only considering it because it really turns skin cells fast which is good for removing these brown spots i have, but i cant afford for it to break me out again since i feel sort of in control of it right now. I have been taking the zinc now for a week, not sure if it is working or not. I have been using the BP at night and a lot of it and my face really isn't dry. I can't use it in the morning since I ware makeup of course. My face is still very oily during the day. I hate the shiny look Grrrrr.

Donna Byrd

So good so far!

Things have been looking much better over the last three days. I realized that my face responds very well with BP. I remember when I was about to start my accutane treatment last year I decided to try Dan's Regimen while I waited the 30 days and got awesome results and I am seeing it again now. The Retin A really tore my face up and its finally starting to heal. If it wasn't for the horrible Retin A IB and the dark brown spots left behind my face would actually look really good right now. The BP is really controlling breakout and i have only had maybe 3 small blemishes in the last 3 days. MUCH IMPROVEMENT!!!! I am thinking of making a laser appt soon so zap away the brown spots. Bad news is its $300.00 and it hurts like HELL! I ordered the Jojoba oil from Dan last week and waiting for it to arrive to give it a try. My face is still very oily so the BP is not helping with that.

Donna Byrd

I hate Oily skin

Why is my face so damn oily????? Last night I did my best to not pick at my face but I did pop the two pimples on each side by my ears (shame on me). I applied my BP and fell asleep before I put on moisturizer and this morning my skin was very dry and tight. I applied moisturizer this morning and some mederma on my red scabs marks applied makeup and off to work. Just now I blotted with an oil absorbing sheet and it was totally full just two hours later. I hate how oily my face is but yet its dry as hell. Please tell me how this is possible. I am mostly oily on my upper cheeks, nose, and, forehead. Good news, no new acne today, fingers crossed nothing pops up throughout the day. For some reason I am itching to apply retin a again but maybe just 2 or 3 nights a week. It crazy to me that I hated it a week ago and wanted to throw it away, but now I want to give it another chance. I think if I use it less my skin won’t be so irritated. I have both the gel and the cream and not sure which one to use? Or do I lay off it for a while and stick with the BP regimen. What do you guys think? My husband told me last night to stop using everything, that I put way to much crap on my face and that is why its the way it is. I would love to take his advice but I just can't use nothing at all, he doesn't understand. My face it still blotchy and itchy Grrrrr. Accutane was really the only thing I have ever tried that actually 1000% worked, too bad it didn't last. When the time is right I would really consider doing a second course but this time for 6 months instead of 5 if things don't start looking better. :)

Donna Byrd

Daily Update

I feel like my skin is so blotchy. I have 5 new active pimples on my face pretty small though and 3 on my neck. It always feels like when 1 heals another 1 appears. This is the evil cycle most of us experience. I have to admit something I do and really need to stop. I hate when I have scabs or peeling skin on my face so I will sit in the mirror with tweezers and peel the scabs and skin off. I always think i am making it look better but actually i know i am making things worse leaving raw skin and causing more scars. I peeled the scab off of one last night and applied AHA and holy shit it burned like hell and today looks worse. I have decided as of today I am going to try my hardest to not pick or probe at my face. This means I will not be able to look in the mirror to curb the temptation. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Donna Byrd

Last night I washed my face, waited 10 minutes or so and applied a full pump and a 1/2 of the BP very gently. Waited for that to dry and spot treated with the AHA. This morning things are looking a little better. The new acne from yesterday is healing. Only one new active pimple that came yesterday afternoon, and is still there today on my upper lip. I applied a small amount of BP and moisturizer this morning and then applied makeup. I am hoping the Bp also helps with my oil, we will see...

I bought some 50mg Zinc and took my first dose last night. I am currently taking a prenatal vitamin, fish oil, hair, skin and nail, b-complex and a vitamin the hair clinic gave me. I have been taking vitamins for over a year and I am not sure if they have ever really helped with my acne but I never stop.

Post accutane hair loss update:

I have been going to a hair clinic for 2 months now for laser hair treatments to help with my accutane induced hair loss. I am starting to see results which make me super excited. My hair loss started in Sept of 2008 and is still happening today a full year later but I do see a big improvement.

Post accutane Pregnancy:

I have been TTC now for months. This month I believe I have a real chance of becoming pregnant since my husband has actually been home this month. I have heard of people having fertility problems after accutane but I pray that is not the case with me. If and when I get pregnant I plan on starting a blog on my progress and if accutane has any effect on my baby. This was something I was very concerned with and there is very little on the web about it.

Post Accutane skin:

Since accutane my skin is completely different and after almost 1 year post tane it has never gone back to its original state. Mostly the way my skin now heals, scars and the type of pimples I get is so different. Any little thing that appears leaves a mark of some kind behind. The pimples now seem deeper and never really pop able. Any cut i get anywhere on my body leaves a scar. Over all my skin doesn't heal as well. I am still scared of eyebrow waxing since my skin was torn from my face while on tane.

:) bye for now......

Donna Byrd

Back to BP

So after my post on Thursday I was so upset with my face I went home and thought about my options. My face was so irritated with retin a, that I decided i needed to take a break from it for awhile or ever stop it all together. So Thursday night I washed with my cetaphil bar soap and applied a little BP and went to bed. Friday morning I looked in the mirror and felt a slight bit of relief. My face was not as red and dry as it has been for the last 2 1/2 months on retin a but it was still sensitive and peeling. So saturday and sunday I did the same mild soap and a little BP and moisturizer and so far so good. I did purchase Neutrogena concealer and liquid makeup this weekend and I like it so far. I still can't use the full dose of the BP on Dan's regimen at this point because my skin is way too sensitive but I will work up to it. I also want to use my AHA again soon. I am debating on maybe still using the retin a once or twice a week and BP on the other days or just throw the retin a in the trash. My face is still very itchy and it’s hard not to touch it.

Blemish count as of right now:

4 on my forehead

2 active on right cheek and 10 to 15 dark, red, flat scars

3 active on left cheek 4 healing from yesterday and a hand full of dark, red, flat scars

nose, upper lip and chin is clear

I used Dan's regimen before and got pretty good results so i feel confident that it will improve the mess I made out of my face with the Retin A. I am also really close to my 1 year of being off accutane Nov. 10

Donna Byrd

Another day on Retin A

I don't know if I had mentioned this but I started with the Retina A Cream and switched to Retin A Gel. I believe the cream made me have a worse IB than the gel would have. My IB on the cream was horrible and I still have all the red marks to prove it :) After hours of research on the web, I found that people with very oily skin do much better on the gel. I wish my doctor would have know that. So he switched it after 7weeks on the cream and no i have been on the gel for 3 weeks. Before starting the retin a I was pretty happy with my skin. I just got a few pimples here and there. I wanted perfect skin again so I thought it was a good idea to start retina a since i believed my face would look like it did when i was on accutane. I think it was a huge mistake doing the retin a but not i feel like i should stick it out a little longer since i have already been through hell with it. My face really looks like shit and it is so hard to explain. I woke up this morning with 1 new active zit on my forehead by my right eyebrow, 1 on my left cheek by my ear and same thing on the right side by my ear. Other than that I have both cheeks full of flat red spots that look flakey and some which are actual scabs that really need Neosporin. My complexion is all over blotchy and my makeup can't do anything to cover it. I am also super, super oily. I truly believe accutane work so well for me for the fact that it stopped my oil production and my oil is the main cause of my acne. If there was only something else besides accutane that would stop or reduce my facial oil I would be in heaven. My 27th birthday is tomorrow and I am already upset that I know i will be unhappy with my face and I have to go to my party :D Has anyone tried the Neutrogena makeup for acne prone skin or Clinique? I am looking for a new makeup that covers but looks natural (if that is even possible) I have already tried bare mineral, Mac, and Lancôme.

Donna Byrd

Retina A after Accutane

I am starting a new blog today. Here's a little recap on me. I took a 5 month course of accutane that cleared my skin 100% bad news is it didn't last more than 6 months and I experienced bad hair loss which still hasn't stopped today. It's been 11 months since I took accutane and my skin looks awful again. It is quit depressing and discouraging. 10 weeks ago I started retin a %.025. It made me breakout like hell after about two weeks and I am still breaking out today. The crazy thing is that whenever i get a pimple and it is trying to heal it is bright red and flat almost like a burn. I have to put Neosporin on them at night hoping they will heal. The red spots last for months. I am desperately trying to clear my face again. I would 100% do a second course of accutane however my husband and I are trying to have a baby and accutane is not possible right now. I guess you are not ever suppose to use retin-a either when TTC. I am so confused on what to do. Should I give up on retina a and start Dan's regimen again? I have been trying to stick it out with the retina a since I feel like i have already been through hell and it has to get better something soon right. But i also might just be kidding myself and retin a just isn't for me. I have read so many blogs where people love, love, love retina a and it worked wonders for them. I just feel like retin a is doing more bad than good. My face looks very blotchy, peeling, spotted, rough, and I hate it. This morning I decided that I have to use something during the day and not just retin a at night so. I washed my face and applied a little BP to problem areas and a little lotion to where I was peeling and put on makeup and off to work. I have had to blot my face with 3 oil absorbing sheets in the past 3 hours and my makeup looks like shit. Tonight I will wash my face wait the recommended 30+ mins and apply the retin a and Neosporin on the scabs. I was using maderma on my scars before and are wondering if I should do that again.

Does anyone have any advice or experience that would help me? I need to find the right combination that works with me.

Good luck to everyone who is dealing with the evil curse of acne.

Donna Byrd

Hello Everyone,

Here is a quick update on my progress. My skin has pretty much stayed clear since treatment. I do get a very small breakout (maybe 4 small zits) around that time of month but they clear up within a matter of days. My hair is still falling out which is completely stressful. I feel it has slowed down a bit but not enough for me to be happy. I do have new growth but I feel like my hair texture has changed and not in a good way. I have switched to Nioxin Shampoo and Conditioner and I have been using that for about 3 weeks now. No change as of yet.

If you recall I got married last Nov. and my husband and I are trying to conceive. I am so close to my 6-month mark (20 more day) and I feel I have waited the right amount of time post accutane to be safe. What do you think? I have read and searched so many sites about what people think is the safe point to start trying and it’s all over the board. 30 day, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 5 years. How do you really know? According to the drug company its 30 days. I always thought 30 days sounded a little short but hey the drug company would never post a time and not be sure right. So, I am wondering if you or anyone you know has had a healthy pregnancy and baby after accutane? And how long after accutane you waited? I am TTC but very scared at the same time.

On another subject, I am not sure if I ever mentioned this before but during my last month of treatment I had my eyebrows waxed. OMG! What a bad idea. It literately ripped the skin off of my face. It took 2 weeks to heal. On the brighter side 5 months after treatment I tried it again and I was fine. No problems. This is just a warning to those of you in treatment now. NO EYEBROW WAXING!!

I will keep you posted on the pregnancy thing if it happens and what the outcome is. Besides the hairloss i have had no other lasting side effects.

Take care, xoxo Donna

Donna Byrd

Wow, it has been a long time. After my face was clear I kind of forgot about my acne and posting on this site. It’s funny how when your problem is cured you move on so quickly to something else. Well a little update on me. I finished my treatment on Nov 10, 2008. I was very happy with the results, however I was left with a bad side effect. About one month before my treatment was over I started to have hair loss I didn't worry about it much as my doctor told me that it would stop after treatment. Well it didn't and is still happening today. It has been over 4 months that i have had constant hair loss everyday. My oil came back full force on my face and in my hair about one month after my treatment was over. I was really sad about that since i loved being oil free. I am back to washing my hair everyday :) My overall results are great my skin is clear except for a funny rash I got on my face this past Saturday God knows where it came from but I know it will be cleared soon. Before the rash I have been 100% clear for months......it was great. But i feel like i traded acne for hairloss. I have even cried over it. I use to search endlessly about a cure for ance and now I am searching on a cure for accutane-induced hair loss. I wanted to let everyone know what i went through as it helped me when i first started accutane. I am now taking vitamins to help with my hair and keep my skin clear. I take a multivitamin, fish oil, hair skin and nails vitamin, & B complex. My husband and I are going to try to get pregnant within the next couple of months. I am a little worried since taking accutane can cause birth defects but I waited over 3 months post treatment and think I am ok now. What do you think, How long should I wait?

Take Care, Donna

Donna Byrd

Day 65

Well, Let me start off by saying that I LOVE ACCUTANE. It has been my miracle drug. I can't believe that after all of this time of trying everything known to man and always failing I have finally found something that works. My face is 100 % clear not 1 pimple. Is this possible? My face has never looked so good. I am super excited to see what I look like at the end of the treatment. My red spots have faded to almost nothing. I have only had 2 small pimples in the last 2 weeks. They come one day and are gone the next. Its like I am on cloud 9 somewhere. I really never thought I could wake up and have clear skin. I went to the derm last week and filled my 3rd month of pills. I am still on 40mg. They didn't ask for a blood test this month. I am not sure if I should be worried. I will definitely get one next month. As for side effects. I have the dry lips, but honestly its not that bad. My joints hurt like hell. My shoulders feel like I am 90 years old. My lower back aches at times but not often, and I have dry circle like patches on my hands and arms. My hair is really dry which is good and bad and my face is only a little dry. One side effect that really sucks is whenever I go to the beach I get these blister like patches on my arms that burn like hell in the salt water. I love the beach, I go pretty often as I live in Tampa, Fl only minutes for some of the best beaches and plus its SUMMER!!! This has never happened to me before so there is no doubt that its accutane making me sensitive to the sun and salt water. One other thing that sucks is that when I am at the gym I can feel myself getting tired faster than I use to. The weights seem heavier and I can't do as many reps. I still push myself but I love the feeling of working out and with accutane it's become a real chore. Best of luck to everyone. Until next time........ :naughty:

Donna Byrd

Day 50

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I have bloged. Well a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks. I started having more side effects. I have this constant pain in my right shoulder, like it is in the bone. I started taking fish oil and I think it is helping. My lips are dry on and off no really bad. Only about a week ago I felt them really bothering me but as soon as I put on carmex they were fine. My skin and hair are really drying up the oil is almost completely gone, which I love. I started getting these weird dry skin patches on my arms a couple of weeks ago but today I have none. Things just seem to come and go. I went scalloping last week and it was hard being in the sun. My back really got burnt. The salt water was burning my skin and I actually got small bubble blisters I am not sure if it was the sun or salt water but it sucked. The snorkel mask was really hurting my face. My skin is just so sensitive these days. Over all my face is doing well. I have had some small breakouts over the last couple of weeks, but nothing like before accutane. I am so far very happy with the progress my skin is making. I can't wait for the end result. The only thing that really bothers me is these damn red spots and the never-ending scabs that are left behind after a breakout. If I didn't have these stupid brown spots and old red marks I would love my skin. I know that they will fade in time because they are not deep scars more surface scars. Thank God for makeup!!! I have a derm apt. next Tues. for my second month follow up. I will check in soon. I hope everyone is doing well.


Donna Byrd

Day 30

So, I start a brand new pack tomorrow. Wow, I can't believe an entire month has gone by already :evil: I went to the Derm on Monday and he left me on 40mg a day. I doubt he will ever up my dose. It was weird; he didn't even look at my face. He did say I am looking good and if I thought it was working but that was it. Sometimes he drives me :( As long as he gives me my script i could care less.

I have had little side effects only slightly dry lips and for a couple of day after my drinking episode I felt a little dizzy at times. It was all in my head like pressure between my eyes. It sucked but it has mostly gone away. Other than that I feel great. I love the fact that I don't have a grease ball head anymore (for now) I can wash my hair every other day. My face is only a little dry but not really.

My skin has been doing good. I had a small breakout a couple of days ago on the right side under my chin. My left side looks great. I only got 2 small white heads that went away in 2 days. I have to say if and when I might breakout it heals extremely fast. That never happened before tane. Over all, I LOVE ACCUTANE and the wonders it has done for me. I am not perfect yet, but I think after the treatment I am going to be super happy with my experience and results.

I have to get my blood drawn friday, so I will let you know the results.

Take care and I hope everyone is doing great!!!! :(

P.S I went to the beach for the 4th and had no problems!!!!!

Donna Byrd

Day 21

Ok, let me start off saying DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL WHILE ON TANE, big mistake on my part. Saturday night I went out with some friends to club Skye in Ybor city. I had 2 wines earlier that night and 2 vodka, red bulls and a shot while at the club. I felt a little tipsy but not drunk. I went home went to slept and holy shit woke up the next morning with the worst hang over I have ever had in my entire life. I had a splitting headache and vomited 3 times until I could finally get out of bed at 5:30pm. It was horrible!!!! I have drank so much more and never been so sick. I know it had to be the accutane and liquor combo that caused this.

On to my skin: Well my face looks extremely good and I am loving Tane. I have never felt so good about my skin. My hair and skin are drying up wonderfully. I think that over the past week I might have had 2 small pimples that have come and gone. My scars are fading and I can actually not wear makeup and feel pretty. I am going to the beach on the 4th and am happy I can display my face without feeling ugly.

Side Effects: This past weekend I was having a problem with my contacts. I guess my eyes were dry, but now I think I have an eye infection. My right eye aches and is blood shot red. I took my contacts out last night when I went to bed and put some drops in, but this morning I had to put it back in because I could not see and my glasses make me nauseas. I think they are to strong. So right now my eye sucks!!!!!! My lips are only a little dry. I use carmex or burts bee and my lips are fine.

I had no problems at the gym last week and I am going again today. I am doing great other than my eye right now. I have a derm appt. on July 7.

Take Care everyone and have a great 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!

Donna Byrd

Tane Day 14

I think I am starting to notice my oil becoming less. My hair is little less oily then usual and my face is somewhat dry in some areas but oily in others. Very unbalanced!! I had 3 new breakouts this weekend, all on the right side of my face. 1 on my lower jawline, 1 on the side of my cheek, and 1 just above it. The left side is 100% clear. I also have a 2-inch scrap across my right cheek under my eye from my dog that looks fabulous. My lips are starting to dry out a bit so I have been keeping them pretty glossed up. I also have this dry itchy patch of skin on my left elbow that I have been putting lotion on. Other then that over all I am happy with the direction my skin seems to be going in. I think I may have been one of the lucky ones that never really got the bad initial breakout :wub: I think I am going to start taking my fish oil tonight and maybe some Vit C. I am still using BP on the active acne I do get and it seems to be working fine with no problems.

Saturday I went to stay with my sister-in-law and forgot my face soap. So, I asked her if I could use hers and she said I don't use face soap and don't have any. I said ok than any soap. She said well I only have body wash if you want to use that. At that moment I thought to myself, wow who the hell doesn't have soap to clean their face or any soap at all for that matter. So, I had to use some ivory body wash to clean my face and I hated everything about. I think that is why I had a breakout this weekend. I totally will remember next time to bring my own shit. I was pissed.....

I am going to the gym today with my sister and hopefully get myself back on track with going at least 3 times a week. This will be the first time I go while on Tane, so I hope I don't have some crazy thing happen or the joint and back pain that everyone talks about. I will keep you updated.

I also wanted to mention that I have no body acne at all. I use to get them on my back and sometimes on my arms and chest but not bad. Right now nothing.

I just pray that things continue to get better.

Donna Byrd

Day 9 on Sotret

I am still super oily, not dry at all not my lips, face, nothing. I really thought that I would be dry by now. I probably should not complain as I am clearing up nicely. Yesterday I had 2 small pimples on my forehead but nothing bad; today they are there but drying up. The first day on tane I developed a big pimple on my right cheek by my eye and one just above it to the right. I left them alone for a while and when they were ready I popped them. It relieved so much pressure and felt 100% better in minutes. Well I am mentioning this now because it left these really flat bright red marks. They have clear scabs and bad me can't leave them alone, so I have been messing with them everyday since. I usually didn't get these red flat marks before tane, so it kind of sucks. I always look at them wondering how long until they fade. I am still nervous that I am going to break out badly with the "IB" because I did get a couple new ones, but before tane I had worse breakouts then that. I stopped using moisturizer for now since I am not dry at all and I think that it may be making me more oily. I have not had another headache, which is great. So, no side effects to reports. I think I am doing really well on the med right now. I am using bare mineral makeup right now, it doesn't have great coverage but it does the trick. I am trying really hard to eat better and work out so I will be 100% happy with my self come wedding day if my face cooperates. I also started invisalign back in Feb. to straighten my teeth and I only have 1 month left. My teeth look awesome and I love it. If anyone was thinking of doing it, I would say 100% yes. It works wonders and you will be so happy with the results.

Dosage 40mg- 1 Pill a day

No side effects

Skin clearing and baby butt smooth.

No new breakouts on day 9, as of yet…..

Donna Byrd

Day 7

Today marks day 7. So far I am super excited overall my skin looks great. I am definitely seeing results. I know that it has only been a week but I am not breaking out and the old ones are healing fast. I am getting flat red marks where the zit was but they will fade in no time (Fingers Crossed). I am still super oily and not dry at all not even my lips. I had a mild headache Fri, Sat, and Sun but it went away when I took Advil. I am still using a tiny bit of BP on like 2 spots and am having no problem with that. I would say I have had no side effects yet. I always got headache before tane, so I am not going to blame it on that. I am doing so good right now I am scared something bad will happen. My face also feel super smooth. I love it. I hope things only continue to get better...... :wub:

Donna Byrd

Day 4

I will be taking pill #4 tonight. So far I have no side effects. It is probably to soon for that. I did however; Break out again after just 1 pill. Not bad but at least 4 new ones. I can't help but use a topical so, I have been using a q-tip to place a little 2.5% BP (Acne.org product from Dan's regimen) only on the active acne. I am not having any problems with that at all. Then I place the moisturizer on my entire face once the BP dries. I am not exactly sure where I heard you should not use a topical while on tane. Does anyone know the facts on that? Other than that I feel great. My lips are no where near dry. How many days does it take for that to start? I am however a chap stick-Lip gloss junkie so, maybe that is helping me. My brother is also on tane right now. He started a week ago and I saw him yesterday and his face look 100% better. Could this really be the miracle drug we have all been looking for. Have a great weekend everyone.

Much Love, Donna :wub:

Donna Byrd

Day 1 on Sotret

Hello Everyone,

Well I finally got to pick up my script yesterday :wub:. I am on Sotret 40mg once a day. I took my first pill with dinner last night at 7:30pm. I am very excited and scared to start accutane. I am most scared of the IB since I had been doing very will on Dan's regimen BP. So far I feel great and look forward to my transformation. My goal is to be 100% clear by my wedding day 11/8/2008 fingers crossed. I am using cetaphil face wash (bar soap) and Neutrogena moisturizer to start. Today was the first time I woke up and washed my face and only put on moisturizer. I always was slapping on some kind of Acne topical hoping I would kill what was on my face during the day. Who knows if that ever worked? Well the journey begins and I am hoping for the best as I do for everyone that is suffering the same battle. I am so happy I found this site and the help it has given me so far is awesome. I hope by posting my experience it will help someone else as well. :dance:

Donna Byrd

This morning I had my blood work done. I am impatiently waiting to start treatment on 6/7/2008. 15 more days and I can't wait. In the mean time I am still doing Dan's regimen and its seems to be working good. Really good in fact, but I am hoping the accutane is my cure. All the topical treatments only help for so long. I did however make a hugh mistake on Tuesday. I put the BP on my entire face except where I have old scars, On the scars I put Murad scar treatment which is a skin lightener. Bad, bad, bad idea. I woke up with huge dark reddish purple spots everywhere I put the skin lightener. (could not be covered with makeup) OMG it was horrible. I still have some redness and its been 3 days now. I guess it didn't mix well with the BP I have been useing. I really hope it goes away by Monday because I am supposed to go to the beach For Memorial day,if the weather is nice. You never know with Florida weather. I have been very oily lately and I hate it. Is sucks to wear makeup because it just looks cakey. Last night I went to Moe's for dinner and wore no makeup because I am trying to only wear makeup when I have to. I was so self-conscious the whole time. I felt like everyone was starring at me. It sucked and I can't wait until the day I feel comfortable in my own skin. Well i hope the next 15 days go very fast.


Donna Byrd

I am preparing for accutane and was wondering what you guys think about the generic brands. My shitty ass insurance company Humana only will cover 25% of the brand which would leave me paying about 500.00 a month for the script. If I get the generic I pay 55.00 a month. Big difference. I have heard there are 3 Claravis, Amnesteem, and Sotret. Are the generics ok and if so which one is the best?

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