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Alright, so I havent had a chance to come back very often, been real busy with summer.


Alright, so its coming up too 2 months on Accutane, and i love it, results are great, no break out, have one pimple, but its not active, and everyone and i mean EVERYONe has said 'WHAOO>>> what happend .. wats this miracle" lmao.. but my acne was moderate/light so some people dont even notice. but inside, you feel great.

so if anyone is on this /starting/midway/ and has not seen results,, just wait! - cuz in the end it will be worth it all!!!

-> symptoms -> DRY LIPS and that's it.. no pains, nothing more!

alright so i hope everyone else is doing great ... w/their accutane! -> KEEP IT UP GUYS/GIRLS




Alright havent updated here in a bit! Day 24 (i belive) on accutane, my acne is stating to clear up! Alot of people have been noticing! i am loving it! -> havent felt soo good! in years

Acne: Neck and very small zits (2 or 3) on face ->

now the scarring is realy starting to show! -> but thats after everything is cleared

-> Symotomps -> Dry lips -> dry skin -> and that's bout it!

Question to someone who's been using accutane: what is the best way to get rid of these white patches i have of dry skin ... is there motizuries that doesnt clog your pores?!?!

also: anyone on accutane! HANG IN THERE!!!!!!!!!! -> CUZ THE REWARD IS PRICELESS!!!

- cya

p.s : going sky diving tmmrw!!!!



Well.. a good weekend, alot of ppl said my ace is starting to clear up and i am on Day 20 of the Accutane! so i am liking it... except dry lips and some dry skin things are great ... and i hope they continue that way

Tip: every night before going ot bed .. i use "proactiv ... solution" the greenish looking bottle... (not the benzol proxide or the face wash .. just the toner) basicly you apply it to your face and it opens up your pores! and i have noticed that ... maybe this could be helping along with Accutane! so try it out!

Except that.. wishin everyone a great week!



Acne: -> its kinda getting better.. but neck is really bad

Symptons -> Dry Lips !!!

Also i am going sky diving next sunday! so i am soo pumped!!!! the acne thing has just been a side issue. except that... nothing else has changed


well after a 5 am wake up.. and finshin of my Calc Midterm.. i thought i would do a blog before my Linear Algebra midterm... umm i am really worried about my neck .. its full of what is not "active" acne but jus big bumps.. u cant squeeze it or anything... i dont knw what to do wit it.. its just there.. and it looks really hidious

and who .. symptoms: dry lips.. and dry skin to the max!

except that.. all is well

if any one has any idea about what to apply when u have this weird breakout on ur neck or somethin do let me knw!


Sleepin INN!

Well, after 12 hours of napping! or sleeping ... i fell great! well i do .. but my acne.. not so much.. i am drying up reallly badly... like around my old acne there are these dry patches... dont know what they mean but what the heck.

Symptoms: Last night, i had a headache, joint pains, a slight chest pain ... and extremly moody !!! :S my mom was like .. "GET OFF THOSE DRUGSSS" lol! i am like mom only 6 more months :boogie: ... but last night i was having weird thoughts... on my train ride home from uni... i was considering going on like a one month vacation.. without having contact with anyone! .... jus going some place ... n relaxing! ... never had that before.. so i find it a bit weird

Acne: Neck = BAD! ... face .. jawline area still affected... except that.. things are starting too look good? hopefully!

But i can expect the worse.. i have two midterm exam's tmmrw.. Adv Calc ... and Linear Algebra ... so i am hoping the stress doesnt affect me.

anywayz.. i shall be back soon

oh btw i realized today is my DAY 16 :boogie: not 15*** ... had to cound up how many tablets i had taken! :lol:



Well the acne is getting worse... and worse... i seriously need motivation to keep on this thing :lol: ... like my acne has never been this bad... i guess it's part of the "treatment" ... i have some events coming up in 2 weeks, i hope this sever acne doenst hold up for that long!

Update: Acne -> more breakouts near neck/chin Upper face.. clean as a whistle

Symptoms: a slight chest pain, eyes are really burning for some reason, dry lips to the MAXX

Also i decided to check up on my weight ... i lost 7 lbs ... and i am just on Day 14 :boogie: i havent been "working out" but just not eating ... what the doctor told me not to eat

i.e.. anything sweet, fried, etc... loadin up on the veggies .. but thats one good thing.. you can loose weight if you want to ... any one else experince some weight loss!?


Alright, so it's Day 13 and something really .. set off my acne! like i have acne below my lips .. some near my jaw line, but i am starting to break out near my neck! which is driving me crazy!

except that ... dry lips .. and my skin is starting to dry out ...

anyone have any advice for this neck acne ... its really hard to shave with all these bumps!



Day 12

So nothing new, same old acne ... my lips are drying out to the max. I was googling something about reducing the size of a pimple ... and I came across this Asprin treatment, so i tried it and let me tell you! it works wonder ... my acne near my jaw line (few zits) was not very red after i applied the treatment ... so if your suffering from some active and red pimples, try it.

Take a few asprins .. crush em up! (powder)

few drops of water (very little) to make it like a paste form ... and apply over the affected area's

... that's all for today!

Oh ye ... i got about 20 msg's yesterday about my realtionship to that Zack dude in hollywood.. No i am not related it to him.. whatsoever.. we just share the same last name! (trust me i hate having this last name ... especially when you get 10 random friend request per day!!!) lol :boogie:





Alright so I didn’t start my blog from Day 1, because I just discovered this site a few day's ago. I started on my acutance about 11 days ago. Currently on a 50 mg cycle.

Before I start let me tell you about my self, my name is Ari Efron, 18 years old (Male) from Toronto. I am studying Nuclear Engineering, (summer courses to fast track at the moment) plus I have a full time job, I am going to try my best to update this as often as I can. Hopefully it helps someone out!

Comments are always welcome! (I'll try to add some pics)

Day 1 - Present:

Acne State: First, the oily skin started to disappear ... no change in the acne (Moderate). Around Day 8, I noticed there was an improvement ... but Day 9/10 my acne turned for the worse. I started breaking out near my jaw line ... white heads and one/two big ones. I have never had problems shaving until this day. I applied a mask, to reduce the size of pimples, didn’t do much.

Present: Nothing new, the same old acne that was developed a few days ago. But as they say... it will get worse before it get's better.


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