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Day 6


1x freshly squeezed orange juice

Roast Turkey

Roast ham

Roast Beef

Roast Lamb

Cranberry sauce



1x cranberry juice

2x peppermint tea

3 raw carrots

2x fruit salad

1x lime jelly

Skin is still clear, i really dont see any patten here. Could it be the digestive enzymes? I hope it stays clear for my moving in party this weekend. What am i talking about, i mean forever.


Day 5


2x freshly squeezed orange juice

Fruit salad

1x cranberry juice

Baked potato with coronation chicken and salad

Roast chicken

Red cabbage with bacon

Sponge pudding (very bad gluten and dairy)

1x packet of plain crisps

2x peppermint tea

1 roast potato

Skin is very clear today. I think thats my problem, every time I get clear I eat something naughty then I get a few spots. Lets hope I stay clear. People on this site are telling me that digestive enzymes dont do anything for skin but im still hoping they do.

I also think that my skin get clear when I dont worry about having clear skin. Could this be true?

I hope my skin stays clear.


Day 5



3x peppermint tea

1x black coffee

roasted chicken breast

roast potato

mixed salad

Curried goat


packet of plan crisps



raw green beans

1x orange juice

1x cranberry juice


Day 3 and 4

Peas with salt free veg stock and water

Quinoa, lentil and pumpkin salad

1x bottle of beer

Gluten, dairy free pita bread with olive oil and sardines

2x peppermint tea

Started on Probiotics and Digestive enzymes today in the hope it will improve my digestion and my skin. I am so obsessed with what i shouldnt eat now that im starting to avoid food which kinda makes me sad seeing as i love food and cooking so much.

the spots i have are healing but still look bad. I want to go out tonight but i know i wont be able to enjoy myself if i feel bad about the way i look... maybe i should just stay in and rest seeing as ive had such a full on few weeks with work.

Loads of booze mainly gin and tonics

Went out in the end and had loads of booze so ate very little on Sunday coz i have a massive handover.

3x potato waffles

some chicken breast


veg stock soup

Not eating makes my skin clear. Its so odd, I have to eat I just hope the Enzymes work.


Day 2

1x apple


Tuna mayo


2x mixed fruit salad

2x Carrot and beetroot juice

one spoon of chocolate torte

2x black tea

One spoon of steak and ale pie (not pastry)

2 table spoons Coronation chicken

Mixed salad, beetroot, carrot, roasted veg, rocket, red pepper, cucumber, chickpeas

1x portion of chips


1x glass of orange juice

Half a bottle of red wine

Peas with salt free veg stock and water

one slice of gluten/dairy free bread with olive oil

I have one red large spot beside my nose on the right side and a few tiny ones on my chin near my mouth. arhhh and i have 2 trying to appear on the left side of my nose...

Night in i think :(


Day 1

Back on the food diary again

I have been avoiding dairy and gluten for ages now but still I cant seem to get 100% clear. It seams that the clearest ive been is when ive been on a gluten and dairy free diet that contains 80% raw fruit and veg. Very hard to stick too when working away from home. So again i return to the food diary to see what im doing wrong.

Mixed raw bean salad with red onion, chick peas, green peas with cook chicken breast and humus.

1x Red bush tea

Beef and bean chilly with sweet potatoes

3x glasses of wine

1x Camomile tea

I have just one spot near my nose and 2 almost gone that you can hardly see on my cheek. Skin is only a little bit greasy today.


Day 15 and 16

Day 15

Im working today on a shoot for a food show. Its the biggest temtation.

5x bacon

1x jacket potato

1x portion of beans

1x portion of beef chilly

mixed green salad with tomatoes

10 spoons of dairy based desserts from the food shoot

3x pears

2x apple

2x macaroons

1x M&S mixed green bean salad with dressing

M&S salmon with potatoes, green beans and tomatoes

6 chunks of pineapple

1x bottle of red wine

4x gelatin based chewy sweets

half a packet of crips

3 slices of venison

spoon of beetroot and onion relish

So much food at the shoot, i wish i never eaten all the desserts. ooops. Have had a few spots appear but not massive ones cross fingers.

Day 16

Woke up with the feeling of a massive spot just by my nose but I kinda knew it was on the was and put some stuff on it to dry it out. Hopefully it will go down before turning into anything. At the moment you cant really see it. Small spots have faded nicely. I think they are all down to eating dairy and having a stupid blow out weekend. Moving house today but im going to stay really focused and not eat any dairy or gluten.

2x apple

1x pear

1x peppermint tea


Day 14

Going to a shoot today and tomorrow so food is going to be hard. Working on a program about food is hard work, so many temptations :wub:

woke up with some very tiny spots trying to appear around my face. I really hope they dont turn into anything.

a chunk of cucumber

3x Organic apples

1x peppermint tea

Mixed leaf salad with tomatoes and cucumber

Small potion of yesterdays chicken, red wine and lentil stew

2x fried eggs

2x slices of ham

portion of chips

2x red wine

1x apple

3x macaroons


Day 13

3x apples

3x macaroons

Chicken, red wine and lentil stew with broccoli and peas

Mixed leaf salad with tomatoes and cucumber

Half a mars bar (chucked the other half away, i'm so bad)

Chicken, red wine and lentil stew with broccoli and peas

1x glass of red wine

1x camomile tea

1x glass of cider

3x tomatoes

Had a little spot appear today but its so small and the others in healing nicely. Personally i think its the booze, i really over did it over the weekend. Skin is not that greasy at all.


Day 12

Humus tomato and tuna salad

Jacket potato with bacon and cheese (bad cheese, didnt ask for it but got it anyway, ate round it)

one fruit pastel sweet

1x bag of organic popcorn

3x wheat free dairy free macaroons

chicken, red wine and lentil stew with peas and broccoli

2x glasses of red wine

3x apples

1x packet of reduced salt and oil crisps

Just one spot but healing nicely


Days 10 and 11

2x potato waffles

some chicken breast and salad

didnt eat much coz of hangover, ooops again.

Next day

steak with 2 poached eggs

1x bloody mary


1x carrot juice

1 bottle of organic apple juice

chicken and mixed leaf salad

3x potato waffles

1x glass of red wine

spot trying to appear but thats to be expected after all the booze I had the other day. Other than that skin is still clear.


Day 9

half a free range chicken breast

some home made cauliflower, sweet potato and lentil curry

1x glass of red wine

went out to a party and lost count of my drinks, ooops

The spots I noticed yesterday have almost vanished, skin is looking really healthy. I cant believe that dairy and gluten have caused me all my skin problems. All my pores are tighter and my skin is no longer greasy and has more of a matt finish to it. :wub:


Day 8

Mixed leaf salad with apple cider vinegar dressing



free range chicken breast

BBQ jerk chicken

1x Sangria

1x Almond florentine cookie (gluten free, had a small amount of chocolate on it so contained dairy)

Mixed leaf salad with apple cider vinegar dressing



free range chicken breast

1x bottle of cider

some left over beef and tomatoes, basil, garlic and peas

Had one tiny spot today but i felt it under my skin ages ago, more like a black head thats turned into a spot. its healing nicely though. I can feel another small spot trying to form but its not very big or that red, maybe it wont turn into much.


Day 7

2x apple

1x pear

jacket potato with baked beans

salmon and crayfish salad with lemon juice

small amount of tuna and kidney bean salad

baked sweet potato

organic minced beef with peas, tomato, garlic, basil and red wine

1x bottle of rose wine

3x prunes

6x vodka tonics

2x glasses of red wine

still clear today... been a bit naughty with going out and drinking but ive got to make the most of having clear skin, you never know when it may end.


Day 6

1x apple

1x pear

2x macaroon

1x organic popcorn

1x Thai green chicken curry

1x stir fry veg

2x glasses white wine

Tuna and kidney bean salad


Mixed leaf salad

Small portion of fries

3x pints of cider

1x glass of champagne

2 bottles of beer

3x vodka tonic

4x dried prunes

Skin is the clearest it’s been in years even my pores are smaller and my skin tone is healthier looking. Felt so good I went out drinking with friends. I think it is safe to say that eating fries and drinking alcohol doesn’t lead to breakouts. :wub:


Day 5

2x apples

1x pear

1x raw salad (rocket, cauliflower and broccoli)

3x gluten and dairy free macaroons

Half portion of chips with mayo


1x free range chicken breast


Raw kidney beans

1x organic sea salt popcorn

1x red bush tea

2x vodka cocktails

4x bottles of cider

2x vodka tonic

1x gin and tonic


Day 4

2x apples

2x macaroons

2 bags of organic popcorn

Raw cauliflower, rocket and broccoli salad with apple cider vinegar dressing

Tuna lentil salad

Organic salmon

Portion of chips with some mayo

Free range chicken breast

2 glasses of red rose wine

1 pint of cider

1x pear

1x red bush tea

1 pot of wasabee peas (big mistake, contained gluten)

1hr in the gym

No spots forming, old red marks healing nicely. Not greasy today


Day 3

2x raw cauliflower, rocket and broccoli salad

Organic salmon


2x gluten free macaroons

Free range chicken breast

Goji berries

Red bush tea

Peppermint tea

2 glasses of red wine

Baked sweet potato

Tuna and lentil salad

Half a mango

2x pears

bowl fruit salad

1x Camomile tea with a spoon of organic honey

2hrs GYM

No new spots forming skin is healing nicely after last weeks gluten slip up. Just a few red marks starting to fade. :boogie:


Day 2

At work- on a shoot filming food so hard to know what im eating

Bowl of fresh fruit

Peppermint tea

Grilled tomatoes and mushrooms

2 teaspoons of crème Brule

3x gluten free pakoras

Mixed bean salad

Potato salad


2x chicken skewers

One spoon of Moroccan beef stew

Tuna salad

Slice of roast chicken

2 slices of melon

Slice of ham

Boiled egg

4 crisps

2x glass of wine

Raw cauliflower, broccoli and rocket salad

Organic humus

Organic salmon

2x tomatoes


Day 1

2x apple

1x raw veg salad

1 spoon of humus

1 spoon of mango chutney

Organic salmon

Restaurant grilled chicken and mushroom salad (didn’t eat much coz of the dressing)

Cranberry Juice

Organic popcorn

Restaurant Grilled chicken and Porchetta with roasted sweet potato

Half potion of fries

3x glasses of red wine

1x bloody Mary cocktail


Day 1

yesterday I ate

2x Pear

2x Bag of Organic Popcorn

2x Raw veg salad (cauliflower broccoli and rocket and lemon juice)

1tbs spoon humus

Organic salmon

King prawn green curry

Veg Dhal

Mango chutney

very small amount of nuts

3 glasses of champagne

2x Rebbush tea

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