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DAY 49

day 49...... a bit better but im still getting zits the only good thing is that i dont really get cysts like i used to get. B4 accutane every single blemish i had was a cyst and a few white heads. and now i get few zits once in a while.....

Overall i see some improvement....... my acne is better then it used to b 1 month ago, thats a good thing.........

im almost done wit my second month, i wish i had more improvement then i have right now. but ill take any improvement, if my acne looks the same by month 3, i thibk ill go on a higher doze......


back seems a lil sore

chaped lips


DAY 44

day 44......

i knowest a lil improvement . i was doing really good till i broke out wit 3 cysts between my eye brows and huge bump underneath my eye. im thinking is one of those breakouts that i usually get. but over all i seen improvement.

no side effects

chapped lips


day 30 improvement

..DAY 30...... After breaking out like crazy my acne finaly calm down. My face is less oily and thats a good thing.

So far this weak is been good a few zits.

I went to my derm for a second visit she says she sees improvement and my blood test was good. I'm happy I'm feeling good, I mean sure my face is not acne free right now but I see some improvement and thats better then nothing.

No side effects so far, which is good. Hopefully it stays that way, nothing else to report




Not much impprovement, but my nose is a lil less oily, when i get off work i always check to see how oily my face is.

i seen some deduction of oil sence i started on accutane. my fordhead is still oily as b4, and im still breaking out

im hopping i get better this comming month!!!!!!!!

Very little side effects, I only had like a headache,......... but not much my face and lips feel a lil dry, Maybe I NEED A HIGHER DOSE.


DAY 19

DAY 19........... Flacky skin. new zits just formed. not much oily skin as usual, but i knowest that my skin is less oily but im still getting the same amount or more zits/systs then B4, so basicaly im getting less oily skin.

i also knowst that i moisturize but my skin still gets dry.......my lips r always chaped, so not much of progress today. one more weak b4 going back to the derm. for check up.


in the beginning

HI, My name is Victor and im 20. and had acne problems since i hit my teenage years, like everyone out there i've tryed everything and nothing has worked. and so i herd of accutane and desided to give it a shot, but wat i heard is that it only seems to work on some people, im really hoping that it works on me!!!

So today is DAY 16........and i started pretty good the first two weaks. I knowest a significant reduction of oil on my face. i decide to cleanse my face and not apply lotion just to see how much of oil reduction i had, and it was pretty impressive i had very little thru out the day BUT i still have some. my lips got somewat dry and my skin feels irritaded even if i apply lotion. But all of a sudden i broke out with a whole bunch of white heads and like 3 systs something that i never had b4. i wonder if that breakout was my fault for letting my skin be without lotion or if it was just accutane's the first month breakout :boogie:

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