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Okay so...i am currently taking 60mg after my evening meal ( as instructed by my derm) for stubborn Acne, i don't have cystic acne but i have had it in the past - why my doctor didnt offer roaccutane then is a whole different blog, so, i have been fed up with my acne for as long as i can remember the list of medications i have tried is as long as my arm, it goes something like this; Lymecycline (twice at different periods in my life) Doxycycline, Diannette, Dalacan- T topical solution, Zynerit, Isotrex, Airol (isotretionoin), Microdermabrasion, Sun Beds, every over the counter spot treatment under the sun as i am sure all this is familiar to you on here i won't go on. So here i am age 22 and finally (hopefully) on to something that will get rid of them once and for all. The side effects of Roaccutane i find rather terrifying especially being a bit of a girly girl and having really long hair - the hair loss thing is not going down to well and i am obsessively checking for bald spots / thinning every 5 minutes. its all fun tho!! I have been taking a few supplement and using certain products to help with the side effects which are: Omega's, Hemp seed oil, bitoin, kerastase densitive hair supplement, Vit C, Calcium w/ Vit K&D, flax seed oil capsules. LOTS OF WATER.

Week 1:

Not much happened in week one, I have been religiously moisturising in preparation for the Isotretinoin, Im not sure if that has helped me at all, i dont have any dried skin on my body or my face - no dry lips at this point either. Side effects include headaches, dry eyes, slightly dry hair - nothing to bad so far. My skin is getting better i can tell already the texture of my skin is improving and looking more clear. I have alot of red marks from previous spots which are fading so im really chuffed about that :boogie:

Week 2:

This week has been more eventful not on the side effects front necessarily. I decided on Day 9 that i did not want to continue with the treatment because on the weekend i had such a flaky scalp it was unreal. i washed it with medicated shampoo - no improvement. My hair feels so dry its like straw, i tried a VO5 treatment oil and leaving the conditioner on for longer - still feels like shit :lol: this is a real bug bear for me because the industry that i work in requires me to look good all the time, hair, skin, make up, the works. that isnt really achievable when there is a snow storm on my head and shoulders. Anyway, i missed two days then decided i DO want clear skin so will have to grin and bear it for the months i am on roaccutane. side effects this week are: The inevitable chapped lips i have vaseline at the ready, feel quite tired but thats probably me just being a lazy biatch lol and my eyes seem more sensitive to light artificial tears sort that out tho, i washed my hair with Kerastase dry hair shampoo and deep conditioning masque and my hair feels loads better more silky.

Day 13 i wore i tinted moisturiser to work which i never would of done in the past normally it would be full on face make up to cover everything but it looks fine, my skin looks quite good :boogie: i have been trying to consume vast quantities of water whenever i can, my aim is to get through about 3 litres per day. i think it really helps with the side effects especially the dryness.just bought some Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream which has got really good reviews from peeps on Tane. for my Face i have been using Neutogena Face wash and cleanser and Dermalogica intensive repair moisturise (its sooo good for dry skins *love it*) La Roche Posay face emollient and la Roche posay 50+ sunscreen. umm thats about i think....the journey continues....

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