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Becca H.

Hi, my name is Becca. Here is my Story and my regimen.

I had clear skin all through Junior High and most of high school. My senior year I got a huge sore spot on my forehead thie size of a penny. This spot lasted for three months. Little did I know my problem with Cysts and adult acne had begun. I now get the weekly red zit, small blackheads and whiteheads around and on my nose and cheeks, the monthly cyst or two, but luckily the acne is no where else on my body.

Regular washing and occasional treating with over the counter products did very little healing and lots of drying and peeling. 10% benzoyl Peroxide treatment dried out my face and left it pasty white. I could only udse it everyother day and my face was constantly burning. The Neutrogena Spot treatment that has less BP was less harsh, but still burned. My skin went from "wash with soap in the shower" to "anything but cetaphil burns like a river of fire". My skin became sensitive, flaky, but still greasy by the end of the day. Combination skin with a hint of sensitive skin. For 1 year I was on minocycline (100mg 2x/day) which kept most of the acne at bay but I still got cysts, and my skin flaked like no other. Makeup covered it up but contributed to the grease. 6 months ago I quit the minocyclin because I hated popping pills everyday. I got a huge breakout of about 5 cysts and had to go to the dermotologist to get them injected. They seem to not pop up in the areas I had injected, but it didn't seem to heal them any faster at the time.

After discovering this site and going through months of trial and error, I have found the regimen that works for me. No flakes, minimal grease, and I have seen a difference. Check out my gallery as I make this into a long term healing process to rid my face of acne forever!

Current Regimen

-minocycline 100mg 2x/day

-spironolacton 25 mg 2x/day

-Wash face morning & Night with Cetaphil face wash. Use fingers, no brushes or washcloths. Cetaphil is the most gentle wash I've found and it doesn't make my skin flake or burn

-Pat face dry with towel

-Witch hazel drenched cotton swab as a toner over whole face

*I've found using a "toner" gets rid of any makeup or dirt I missed washing. Witch hazel is extremely gentle and doesn't burn at all or dry out. cheap too!

-Let face dry

-Acne.org 2.5% benzoyl peroxide treatment lotion

* This lotion is THE BEST! it almost moisturizes as well as clear up zits. Not a paste like store bought BP, but a gel that is gentle but works. I HIGHLY recommend this. The bottle is huge and well worth the money.

-Moisturize with Cetaphil face lotion. This is a non greasy face lotion. Other brands like Clean and Clear Oil free made my skin burn. Sometimes my face is still quite moist and I skip the moisturizing step. If my skin gets dry I always use this lotion before putting on makeup or my base/foundation gets a crusty look

-I use covergirl trueblend foundation. It is non greasy and doesn't make my face break out.

-Every three of four days I use either a natural bristle brush and gently scrub my face in the shower, or St. Ives (store brand is too roughfor me) NON-medicated apricot scrub to slough off all the dead skin build up. This seems to make my skin look Much better after all the drying it goes through with the BP. Exfoliate VERY gently though, no scrubbing it down and make it red and sore

So that's my modified regimen that I'll be doing from now on. Hopefully I can stick to it and be done with acne! Soon I hope to be clear enough to stop taking meds, but we'll see how the cysts respond.

The Acne.org Regimen
The Acne.org Regimen
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