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Hey guys!

I've just had my first acupuncture session two weeks ago and the results were amazing. My face still has acne and I still get berakouts but they are lessened. I still have spots on my face especially on my jawline and neck the other areas are good. like, when I touch my face, I can't feel bumps anymore.

Before getting the treatment, my face looked horrible. I had breakouts on my temples jaw and some on my forehead. The worst was on my jawline and neck. after getting the treatment, my face seemed calm and the spots were less red. Not only my skin has improved but also my mood and sleep patterns.

I think that sleep has great effect on my face. This is why I try to get 7 hrs of sleep a day. And I also try to sleep really early. I think this helps keep my body balanced. I mean like, If I don't feel stressed with schoolwork and if I get good sleep at night, I think that my face woul look even better.

For the cons... It's pricey. Php 1000 per session.

So my plan is to get the proper routine.

  • get 7 + hours of sleep
  • balanced diet (read other blog entries)
  • 5 grams of fiber a day
  • vitamins ( I take vitamin c daily. I try at least 1000 mg a day)
  • manage stress
  • 6+ glassess of water a day
  • acupucture session at least twice a month
  • treat the face gently ( stop picking or squeezing)
  • herbs or tea.

I'll update you soon.


  • eat in moderation
  • eat very slowly
  • eat only when hungry
  • be satisfied but don't get gorged
  • don't get yourself full
  • eat anything you want but in moderation
  • take good care of your stomach

    It's so simple. I had not thought that things shouldn't really get complicated. I'll still try to avoid the bad foods though. I'll also take supplements too.

    credits to the following:

    • meat_pirate86
    • crevin
    • rubbish

Blood Chemistry 1

Hello people!!!

I've just received my blood test results today. Whew! The waiting was so long. Okay, so these are the results:



Ok. That's it for now. I'll just have to wait for my mom to show this to the derm. Wish me luck!


My goodness, I've never thought that I'd be going for this treatment. So yeah. My dermatologist prescribed me Acnetrex (generic name of isotretinoin; similar to accutane).

Ughh... I didn't really expect that i'll be taking this. The supplements I've used that worked for me lost their potency and I was actually going for another sulfur product. Then my mom made me visit the derm. And then she prescribed me this.

I'm just worried that this might not work right for me. It has many side effects which might damage my system and might cause more flareups. I'm kinda scared yet excited. Another thing that bothers me is that I could get worse breakouts for 4 to 6 weeks! My God, I might miss the fun for Christmas!

There's also this guy that I had a crush on and I'm worried that my zits would turn him off. :P Last week, his friends naggingly forced him to talk to me. I was like OMG 'cause I've got huge and numerous zits on my jaw and temples. I really looked ugly. :P

that was the same day when I went to the derm. she injected medication to huge zits which faded in just overnight or 2. But it was really painful! Other than that, she also prescribed me benzoyl peroxide and erythromycin. They all made my face red. Ughh... i don't wanna go through all these anymore!!! I'll have to face the crowd looking like a monster again!

I just wish that everything would get better. :P 6 months... maybe. That is, if the blood tests would mark for a go signal.

And yes... I'll be posting a log for this


Yeah... I think that zinc broke me out. I have taken this for about less than 2 weeks and I haven't seen any good results (except that stubborn whiteheads on my upper chin kinda faded).

I took 50mg of chelated zinc a day along with MSM and Lysine. I took MSM first but it seemed like it stopped working already. So I took lysine along with it but this one didn't work good too. I got frustrated so I took zinc too. And my face just got worse. :) This is so bad. I stopped lysine when I ran out of MSM. That time I took only zinc. And my acne got even worse.

Up until now, I think that maybe this is an initial breakout but I'll still stop taking this because It's taking too long.

So I've noticed that Zinc broke me out mostly on the jaw, temples, and on the cheeks. And It also broke me out a little on the areas that have been clear for a very very very long time. (forehead, blackheads on the nose) :D

So plan B is:

I'll totally start taking GLUTATHIONE!

I think this is the only thing that will remove this pestering acne.

And I really think that I've been breaking out again because I've stopped being aware of my health hygiene and food intake so i'll be aware of it.

  • take glutathione
  • drink more than 8 glasses of water a day
  • drink natural fruit juices
  • eat fruits and vegetables
  • avoid or better yet never eat too much sweets
  • wash face with gentle cleanser (cetaphil)
  • do not overwash face
  • apply mild lotion at night (for repair and moisture)
  • apply whitening products straight for a week once a month at most (for whitening) then back to mild products.

I think that's it.... I'll update you sometime again. I hope this works...


Bitter Melon


I'll be trying bitter melon tonight!!! :naughty: This one reduces blood sugar levels. I'll be taking the juice form from the natural vegetable itself.

I've been eating sweets recently which caused zits to come out. Hopefully, my face will be better through this.


It worked good for 3 days but then my face got worse on the next few days. It removed small zits in the first 3 days then it reversed its reaction on the next days.

I was taking 300mg twice a day along with MSM and NAC. The bottle says it had 180mg EPA and 120mg DHA. It also has 1IU (3%) vitamin e on it. I'm really not sure which one made me broke out.

In those days I haven't watched my diet much. Maybe that's the cause. I'm really not sure.

Possible reasons of breaking out again:

  • vitamin E in Omega 3 breaks me out (my cousin and others, mostly teens, break out when taking vitamin E)
  • Omega 3 causes fluctuations in my hormones
  • Omega 3 has bad reaction with other supplements
  • NAC breaks me out because it depletes my zinc
  • I'm not being conscious of my diet
  • My body is getting used with the supplements I'm taking so they stop working


i'm planning to just take taurine and MSM for the next month instead. But first, I need to know the cause of why I'm breaking out again. I'll still try Omega 3 for sometime.

So I'll take MSM alternately with omega 3 (3 days MSM then 3 days omega 3 then back to MSM again for 3 days...) If Omega 3 will break me out again, I'll stop it or at least take one capsule once a week. If I wont break out again, I'll continue the regimen (alternating MSM and Omega 3) until I empty my bottle. Then I'll be on taurine and MSM (maybe in alternate too). If alternating works, this proves that my body is getting used to the supplements I'm taking to the point that they don't function well.

I hope this would work...


It's been long since my last entry...

My face has improved since I've taken supplements. And I think that controlling my diet helps so much too. Last month, I took Taurine along with multivitamins. My face improved so much. At first, I took 500 mg taurine once a day then I increased my dose to 1000 a day. Within a month my face improved like I've only had just scars and small zits left. Then I went out of taurine and started taking NAC. It's pricier compared to Taurine yet taurine worked better. I still had big ones come out when I was on NAC. A week later I bought MSM and it worked good too. I'm taking it along NAC for now. I'm taking 2000mg of MSM and 1200mg of NAC a day. I'll stop NAC after I finish my bottle... I believe that It'll boost my levels of glutathione but It might deplete my zinc and copper levels.

There's really a big improvement but I'm still not satisfied. I want to be cleared faster! I think that I must increase my dose but I'm in short of money...

My planned regimen is not done totally as of these days. I've somehow changed my mind in some of my plans. This is my regimen for now:

  • MSM (I take 1000mg after waking up 1-4 hours before eating then 1000mg for lunch if I won't eat lunch for the day or 1000mg 1-4 hours after dinner before sleep if I ate lunch.
  • NAC (600mg along with my intake of MSM)
  • Vitamin C (500mg whenever I have time to take it; usually once a day)
  • 8 or more glasses of water a day
  • 6 or more hours of sleep (this is a try, unfortunately I often sleep 4 hours a day because i lack time in doing schoolwork)
  • eating 2-4 hours before sleep
  • eat less sweets, wheat (except rice, we eat it everyday), and dairy.

    This is my plan of what my regimen is to be:

    • glutathione (500mg after waking up 1-4 hours before eating then 500mg for lunch if I won't eat lunch for the day or 500mg 1-4 hours before sleep if I ate lunch.
    • MSM or taurine or other better supplements (advisable dosage twice a day after waking up 1-4 hours before eating then another dose at lunch if i won't take lunch or 1-4 hours after dinner before sleep if I ate lunch)
    • Vitamin C (500mg or more per day)
    • 8 or more glasses of water a day
    • 6 or more hours of sleep
    • eating 2-4 hours before sleep
    • eat less sweets, wheat (except rice, we eat it everyday), and dairy.

    I think that's all... thanks for reading...


I'm sorry, my update is late.

Day 3 was ok. Its kinda same as day 2- nothing changed much. My skin is still the same. I think there's no improvement at all. However, when I woke up on the 4th day, my skin kinda improved but there's still acne. I ate just few during breakfast - only foods that needs little or no cook at all. I increased my intake by lunch and so on. I had more zits that night. I got a big red one in the middle of my forehead.

Im not sure but i think my acne isn't caused by candida because this method didn't work much. But i'm not sure because my skin improves when I take probiotics. I think its more of hormonal acne since i'm a teenager and silymarin works good too.

I started taking taurine and multivitamins in day 4. After taking 2 capsules, my skin improved. I also noticed that sleeping early is good too. When i woke up this morning, my zits got less red. I took my 3rd capsule a while ago and i'm hoping that my skin gets clear within 2 weeks.

I'm researching about saw palmetto. This herb is known to decrease levels of androgen. This might help me because I really think that this is hormonal acne. Silymarin might not be enough because dosages available are very few- unless I'll go for bottled ones.

Im planning my regimen to be like this:

  • multivitamins (once a day)
  • taurine (500 mg a day)
  • glutathione (500 mg a day)
  • probiotics (after breakfast)
  • coconut oil (after breakfat)
  • olive oil (after dinner)
  • silymarin (once every other day, alternate with saw palmetto, it depends on results)
  • saw palmetto (once every other day, alternate with silymarin, it depends on results)
  • wash face with Cetaphil or Physogel (twice a day)
  • Eat foods less on dairy, sweets, & wheat
  • Eat dinner 4 hours before sleep

Hope this works!


Most say that day 2 is the worst day in the apple fasting thingy. Well it was for me but the tiring thing is that I really crave for other foods. I don't get really hungry but i'm craving like crazy!

The bad thing is, this day wasn't successful. Due to the occasion (we celebrated mother's day here), we had to eat outside at some fancy restaurant in Eastwood. They said I had no choice but to eat and they ordered a fresh fruits platter as they call it (it contained apples but it also had some mangoes and oranges). So restricting myself to eating just apples was unsuccessful in day 2! :boogie: this thing got ruined but I still wish that this would work.

I have decided that I shall finish this until day 3. I also think that eating more apples would be better. I think that it would help to remove the toxins out easier.

My face still looks like yesterday. It had no improvement at all... or maybe yes. Is it really like that? Is it normal to have no improvement until day 3? Would there be a totally instant removal or reduction of acne in day 4? I don't know. I still have to research.

I shall really finish day 3 and if it doesn't work, at least I have tried it and I know that I really have cleansed my digestive tract. I wanna feel like its still worth it even if it doesn't work in day 4. Maybe i should do the exact instructions when i do this again so it might really work.

Here are my observations about my skin cleansing trials:

  • Silymarin works for my face; it cleared my face mostly on the right side.
  • If I took higher dosage of silymarin, my face might be really cleared up.
  • Probiotics helped my face.
  • milk makes me breakout (mostly on the left side of the face).
  • I may not be suffering from candida acne because fasting doesn't seem to work.
  • low liver function might be a cause for my acne because silymarin works and also does right food intake.
  • This might be caused by excessive androgen production because i'm a teenager.
  • Stress (and lack of sleep) makes me breakout (mostly on the forehead).
  • Vitamin A seems to work for me because I took tomato juice last few months and it cleared my face a bit (mostly on the right side).
  • Using a mild cleanser and cleaning the face gently helps a lot.

If fasting and cleansing doesn't work, my next skin cleansing trial would be taurine intake. I'll try it for one month along with proper food intake (no dairy, sugar, wheat and oily foods). I will also take multivitamins and glutathione and silymarin again (maybe along with this taurine skin cleansing trial). If these doesn't work, i'll try some anti-androgen (along with silymarin because anti-androgens might be really harmful for the liver). If anti-androgens can't be available, i shall try other supplements instead. I really hope they'll work.

There you go! I have plan abc's and I hope I can do them.

That's all... talk to ya later.


Hello, Im back!

I stopped taking silymarin (milk thistle) because I lack supplies. I don't have much money to buy this. Fortunately, awhile ago, my aunt bought me 50 capsules of taurine (500 mg each) :lol: i shall take it only by 13 or 14 because I have something going on here.

Yesterday, I had some bowel cleansing. It was tiring since its my first time. I did an enema for this. I added 2 tablespoons of epsom salts to warm water enough to fill the enema bag. I also ate lesser than usual to proceed with fasting which I started today.

This is my first day in this fasting thing. I only ate apples for the whole day and lots of water. I didn't get hungry or anything but its a bit tiring to just eat apples. I'm really craving for other foods (OMG chocolate!!! :boogie: ). My skin is ok. There's still acne here but they got smaller than before; they also got less red.

I follow this fasting and cleansing thing from some article I found in the internet. Contact me if u want it. But its bad that i can't do it exactly as it says because i really lack supplies. Well here's how I do it:

- Epsom salts in water on empty stomach (I forgot to do this this morning)

- eat nothing but apples the whole day

- drink plenty of water

- enema in the evening

There are actually some procedures about olive oil and castor oil but I don't have them yet. I shall do them maybe by the next moth of fasting & cleansing. What i'm actually doing by now is just cleansing my GI tract(?); I still have to do the liver detox.

I hope i can successfully continue & finish this. There's still day 2 and day 3. Hopefully I shall have better skin on day 3. Indicators of having it done successfully is clear breath and tongue in the morning.

talk to ya later.



Hi everyone.

This is my first post here. I'm actually new here but I've been on this site recently since I've been researching for ways to clear my skin.

So yeah. I found out that the best way of clearing my skin is to clear it inside out. This includes proper diet so I'm helping myself not to take dairy, wheat, sweets, and others, but i'm not sure yet about which oils (cooking oil) to take (My mom is definitely ignorant of this effort). Maybe its olive and coconut oil... I still need to research. help me out guys.

I am also planning to take supplements, vitamins and other intakes. This is a list of that:

  • silymarin (milk thistle)
  • probiotics
  • vitamin b5
  • vitamin b6
  • vitamin b1
  • vitamin b2
  • vitamin b3
  • vitamin a
  • vitamin c
  • vitamin e
  • vitamin d (sun)
  • zinc
  • omega 6
  • omega 3
  • glutathione
  • taurine
  • alpha lipolic acid

There are thousands more but I'll be sticking to what i can afford.

I have been taking silymarin recently. I have done 10 capsules already and thats just for 10 days. God help me out! and you know what its just a small dosage of 125 mg per capsule. I need something like 500 mg here! I dont have enough money to buy. I mean its like 15 pesos per capsule. Gosh! Please help me. Well, this works for me. I can still see acne on my face. They're mostly just whiteheads on the right side. On the left side are whiteheads and papules. I have painful acne on my jawline. My face has cleared up a bit but I can still see red marks and scars which bothers me a lot.

Sometimes when I look at the mirror my face is kinda ok but then when i'm out, maybe on public comfort rooms, Its totally bad! I really hate going out.

I'm actually planning to take 3 or more supplements by June. That's when the school starts, and i'll be having my daily allowance. I'd like to take Glutathione 500 mg, Taurine 500 mg, and Silymarin 500 mg. I just hope that there are retails of this because its hard to collect money for bottles. It would take me months to buy one.

Other than those I'd be taking yoghurt/Yakult for probiotics in case I have too much Candida in my body. I'll be taking a lot of fruits. I'll also take foods rich of those listed above. Maybe I could also take mulivitamins, but I still have to check. one of these days too, I'd be doing the apple fast (eating nothing but apples for 3 days) and see if my face clears up in just 3 days.

As for my information, I am 15 years old, male. I live in the Philippines and that makes me asian. I have black hair (I have curls), brown eyes, medium white skin. I am very slim but I consider that sexy for me. I'm 5'7. I am gay (hope you knew) and proud. I'm out of the closet. haha

Anyways, that's pretty much it. Talk to ya later.


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