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baby pink


It's been a really long time since I last posted!

I've been with Face Reality now for awhile--amazing. I recommend to all.

But, I've been dealing with an eating disorder for awhile now too.. and my skin has been breaking out again, probably from stress.

That said, I did well in school this semester. Four A's and an A-.

baby pink


Wellll.. I'm starting Yasmin and Minocin on Saturday. Wish me luck!

I'm too afraid to start Minocin from a dermatologist who has never even seen my acne yet and just recommended it through correspondence after I asked about switching birth control pills. If my regular dermatologist who I'll see on July 9th thinks I should start this and has a good plan of action (seeing me more regularly, what to do if it doesn't help, how to get off of it, how to manage side effects, etc) then I'll try it.

baby pink

Day 45

so! about a month and a half into treatments.

I'm really disappointed currently. I had my third PDT treatment but right now I'm suffering a terrible breakout, probably from the Alesse since it seems hormonal. So my face has not improved whatsoever since I started. Wasn't it supposed to??

My face isn't sunburned though. I did good about staying in the dark again.

Anyway, I started back on topicals today. Showered and applied Clindamycin. I'm going in for some allergy tests soon. I just don't think they're doing the right one though.. but who am I to know really? Tonight I apply Differin. I'm frustrated by these products because I want my acne to go away! I know I have to wait until July before I start seeing improvement (if I'm even going to) but it's quite hellish really.

Body breakouts have NOT subsided. I've been doing the Crystal Body Deodorant Stick for over a week now and nothing yet. I hope it'll start to work on me soon, because everyone seems to see vast improvement from it on the message board.

I think pimples seem to heal in a couple days, if anything. But more keep coming up.

baby pink

one day after

I think there is a slight improvement in my skin. Hooray! However, I have one VERY painful almost cyst on my jawline. I blame that time of the month, but who knows.

I got extractions on my forehead. Sooo... soooooooo painful. They will do my cheeks and stuff next time cause I couldn't stand to finish the entire face.

I start again with topicals on Thursday. Clindamycin in the morning, Differin at night. However, I think I'm going to try using Duac a bit more, maybe twice a week to start. I'll apply moisturizer FIRST. Unless improvement continues with Clindamycin, I should add BP. Actually, first I may try to spot treat with tea tree oil, see if that is effective.

If these don't help by the time I go back to the derm July 9th I'll ask about getting Finacea or Azelex. Mandelic Acid or MaMa lotion I'm also considering. I also want to try like.. a lactic acid peel or something. But, first I'll hold out for Differin/Clindamycin.

baby pink


3rd PDT treatment is tomorrow..

good thing cuz tons of new pimples seemed to have popped up today :wub::dance::(:D:dance:

baby pink


couple new pimples today i think. a few around my jawline and one small but very painful whitehead on my lip. sad :wub:

baby pink

Well, I've hit the 4 week mark on Differin/Clindamycin (though started with Duac, still occasionally use) with mixed results. Remember there was a week break in there around PDT treatments, as there will be now, so my routine is a little off. I'd say pros are I really don't have cysts/nodules so no big pimples. Cons are that I'm covered in little pimples (especially my forehead which is frustrating, it USED to be almost clear!) I'm hoping this is all an initial breakout that'll get better in a month or so..

The next three days I'm going to use the Clean & Clear BP/SA system and take SEA SALT BATHS.. long luxurious ones. These baths will continue after the PDT although I won't always wash my face in the bath because I'm not supposed to use harsh exfoliating products.

I'm irritated by a couple things, but hopefully the doctors will help me out. One would be the short length of time they're doing the PDT. only 4 minutes! It's confusing.. the next would be the allergy tests I'm getting. I was hoping for a full comprehensive IgG allergy screening but instead they did IgE and they're doing a skin test. But I think I have delayed response allergies from reading about them. arghhhh.

baby pink


Had a blood test early in the morning


-Green apple

-Spoonful of extra virgin coconut oil (I actually really like it!)

-probiotic drink

Showered, rubbed a mineral salt crystal deodorant over body breakouts. applied clindamycin. noticed my face is really really broken out in hundreds of those tiny bumps ugh! took zinc, B-50 complex, vitamin C, ibuprofen, birth control pill.


made a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, 2 cloves of garlic, and used cold pressed extra virgin olive oil as a dressing. had a small bowl of unsweetened plain soy yogurt with flax seeds and cinnamon


-half an avocado


-steamed kale (no vinegar though) with garlic and onion

-steamed broccoli with lemon

-probiotic drink

-unsweetened Almond milk with metamucil

by the end of the day i'm feeling sooo nauseated it's not even funny. i was going to have another spoonful of coconut oil or maybe an egg tonight but I'm feeling very full and this certainly isn't a lot of food to have in one day but hey, maybe that's how this diet will work? really decreasing my appetite and cravings for... anything?

Showered and iced skin. applied differin, and the crystal deodorant to body. soooo hoping this one shows results right? haha.

had many bottles of water today and one cup of red tea.

still need to get.. get gorgeous tea, oil of oregano, paul d'arco, grapefruit seed extract, kefir starter, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin E, detox pills, sea salt. damn it whole foods not having what i need! i'll go to the bigger one tomorrow..

baby pink



Half grapefruit or a green apple or a pear, probiotic drink, coconut oil


Plain unsweetened soy yogurt


Salad with dark leafy greens, tomatoes, onions, garlic, EVOO as dressing, probiotic capsules, grapefruit seed extract




Salad with dark leafy greens, tomatoes, onions, garlic, EVOO as dressing,

Steamed broccoli with a little lemon

Grapefruit seed extract

Coconut oil

Probiotic drink


unsweetened soy yogurt with flax seeds

Drink: At least 6 bottles of water a day, "get gorgeous" rooibos tea, kombucha, unsweetened rice milk with metamucil

Topically: wash with 5% BP in the morning, apply clindamycin. gentle face wash in the evening, apply differin. ice skin twice daily to help inflammation. I may start washing my face with pure filtered or bottled water see if that helps..if after 3 months differin has not improved my face I may try Azelex/Finacea and Mandelic acid

body: try the salt block or crystal deodorant thing! take sea salt baths once a week

supplements: ibuprofen, zinc, b-complex, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D

I will still take birth control pills, unless I need to do something different with my hormones..

baby pink

diet plan?

The day after I get tested for candida, I'm going to try a diet like this:


Half grapefruit, probiotic drink, EVOO, coconut oil


Plain unsweetned rice yogurt


Salad with dark leafy greens, tomatoes, onions, EVOO as dressing, Garlic capsules, probiotic capsules, grapefruit seed extract




Salad with dark leafy greens, tomatoes, onions, garlic, EVOO as dressing,

Steamed broccoli with a little lemon

Grapefruit seed extract

Coconut oil

Probiotic drink

we'll see what kind of effect it has on my skin.

I'm weening myself of doxy. down to every other day. I'll continue to take BCPs but if my hormone levels come back whacky I'll adjust. I'll continue using clindamycin unless I need to stop all antibiotics all together. Not sure about the differin yet.

hope this has some protein in it..

baby pink

in red is what I have or have had:

Symptoms vary from person to person and fluctuate in severity, or may come and go. Most symptoms are invisible, which makes it difficult for others to understand the vast array of debilitating symptoms with which we contend.

The most common are:

* an incapacitating fatigue I AM FREQUENTLY LOW ENERGY.

* problems with concentration and short-term memory

* flu-like symptoms such as pain in the joints and muscle

* extreme tightness in the shoulders and neck

* hyper-acidity/acid reflux

* brown colored mucus in the back of the throat

* blisters in the mouth/tongue/throat

* either white or "blood blisters"

* un-refreshing sleep

* sore throat

* white coated tongue MY TONGUE IS PRETTY PALE, don't know if i can call it white-coated though.

* dark circles under the eyes

* an aversion to being touched or jumping

* "crawling" skin

* chronic sinus problems and headaches including migraines

* chronic dental problems

Visual disturbances may include blurring, sensitivity to light and eye pain.

Psychological problems may include:

* depression

* irritability

* anxiety

* panic attacks

* recurring obsessive thoughts

* personality changes and mood swings (irrational rage or crying for no reason - fear of talking to people, any kind of confrontation, isolation)

* paranoia

More of the physical symptoms may include:

* chills and night sweats

* shortness of breath

* dizziness and balance problems

* sensitivity to heat and/or cold

* alcohol intolerance

* gluten and/or casein intolerance

* irregular heartbeat

* irritable bowel

* constipation and/or diarrhea

* painful gas and abdominal bloating occasionally

* low-grade fever or low body temperature

* numbness, tingling and/or burning sensations in the face or extremities

* dryness of the mouth and eyes

* difficulty swallowing

* projectile vomiting


* menstrual problems including PMS and endometriosis

* recurrent yeast infections

* recurrent ear infections

* rashes and dry, flaking skin

* eczema

* dermatitis

* acne

* skin discoloration and/or blotchiness

* dandruff

* jock and rectal itching

* chronic athlete's foot

* chronic toenail and fingernail fungus

* ringing in the ears (tinnitus) OCCASIONALLY

* allergies and sensitivities to noise/sound, foods, odors, chemicals

* anemia

* weight changes without changes in diet

* light-headedness

* feeling in a fog

* fainting

* muscle twitching and muscle weakness

* restless leg syndrome

* low sex drive and/or numbness in the genital area

baby pink

Day 30

Day 30: Clindamycin, BCP, Doxycycline, Differin at night, B-50 complex/zinc at night, ibuprofen

-wow, already day 30 since my aggressive regimen started! I *did* have a mini rant session, typed out my story in the personal regimen - topical retinoids page. check it out if you think you may have good advice..

-not much to report today, although I don't think any new breakouts today. my face isn't as dry today but it feels really itchy and hot. I'm just.. breaking out all over.

-Trying to figure out what to do about the body breakouts. tonight I'll shower with the Nizoral and hope that starts helping.

-My face is really red today.

-I read a study someone posted about sodium chloride.. it sounds interesting! I may want to give it a try on my chest and back first, if I can find a block of pure NaCl.. if it shows good results like it did in the study, maybe it'll help for me!

-I think I'll need to ween myself of antibiotics instead of stopping cold turkey when these 30 days are up.

-Dermatologist visit tomorrow and going on my trip on thursday. hope nothing gets seriously worse then!

baby pink

Day 29

Day 29: Clindamycin, BCP, Doxycycline, Differin at night, Zinc/B-50 Complex at night, Ibuprofen

-Skin is a lil dry today :wub: probably because I tried an oatmeal mask this morning. I think it was a decent attempt, but I won't use it anymore unless my face is reeeally terribly oily

-Today I HAPPILY washed my face with a gentle, soap free all natural non-comedogenic SLS/paraben free mild face/body wash and happily brushed my teeth with SLS-free fluoride free toothpaste and happily washed my hair with all natural shampoo/conditioner. sweet. hopefully the little changes will help a lot

-the foundation worked fine, though it was a little harder to remove. I think my face is settled enough that I can just use MMU on my trip (hopefully!)

-ice ice ice! I like it. I'm going to keep using ice and ibuprofen through the initial breakout to fight the inflammatory pimples that pop up

-It's like.. the big ones have died and are scabbing over. They look a little like bigger hard whiteheads. I don't pick!! at all! but I'm getting.. scabs.

-Still breaking out more in those lil tiny pimples all over. like I said my face is drier today and it's a little tight and red. I couldn't find a new moisturizer though at whole foods!! it was so weird. I'll go to the other one in town tomorrow and see if I can pick some up. also I want to try the get gorgeous tea! i've been drinking red tea the past two days and i like

-I'm breaking out behind and around my ears :dance:

-body breakouts still a problem for me. i want the derm to do something about them

-I have decided that if by the end of July my face is not clear or not seriously improved and improving, I will make my way over to the east bay to visit the Face Reality Skin Care Clinic.

-I'm giving differin/clindamycin/doxy a chance, because they may just work, who knows? but if they fail me too, as everything else has, because this acne doesn't like to go away whatsoever.. I think Face Reality might be able to help. hopefully. but if differin works, hell, I wouldn't mind being on prescription topicals forever as long as they clear my skin

baby pink

Day 28

Day 28: Duac, Doxycycline, BCP, Differin at night, B-complex/Zinc at night

-Tried Duac this morning. Well.. my face didn't get oily!!! dried out sooo bad though. No flaking but my face felt red hot and inflamed all day. I do think some of the bigger pimples I'm getting from the differin healed a bit today though. So I think I'll try clindamycin and then just spot treating the big ones with BP 2.5% see how that goes.

-I hate that I'm getting little tiny pimples on my forehead and lots of them too! My forehead was finally almost ok for a couple years. I think it's the Differin but, can't be too sure

-Still breaking out on my body :dance: I think I'll try using the Nizoral tomorrow as a body wash

-Iced down before applying differin. It helped soothe my skin a little which was nice

-I'm thinking of trying an oatmeal mask perhaps tomorrow morning?

-I believe the Doxy is giving me some sort of folliculitis. When I see my derm on Wednesday I'll insist she tests me for it

-"chicken pox" like reaction, a little better. however breaking out in tons of tiny little pimples all over

-Tomorrow I'm going to buy some totally organic, chemical-free, SLS/SLES-free, alcohol-free gentle face wash, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, and some good toothpaste. NOTHING I put on my face will be irritating and hope that'll start to show some difference..


Interesting, I think I'm mostly Grade II, some Grade III. So differin better work right? hah :wub:

-I still appreciate that differin is non drying

baby pink

Day 27

forgot to post this yesterday!

Day 27: Clindamycin, Doxycycline, BCP, Differin at night, zinc/multi-v/B-50 complex at night

-Well, definitely in the initial breakout stage, not much more to say there. pretty brutal but here's to hoping it passes, right? I have noticed that body breakouts are getting a LITTLE better so that's the only good news

-Wore makeup yesterday but my skin is so THICK and GREASY from these products that mineral makeup is not cutting it right now. I bought some neutrogena healthy skin foundation so I hope it starts working.

-I want to get ALL NATURAL NON-IRRITATING products: think shampoo/conditioner, moisturizer, face wash, toothpaste, etc. I don't need any more aggravation since I seemingly have the world's most sensitive face

baby pink

Day 26

Day 26: Clindamycin in the morning, doxycycline, Differin at night, multi-vitamin & zinc at night

-Basically...skin is oily like it has never been before. I'm breaking out like it's my freaking job, I didn't need moisturizer today since my face just wasn't dry.. it was oily and zits were popping up like daisies and it is frustrating

-Tomorrow have to wear make-up

-Something, I think the doxy, is making body breakouts worse. Today noticed an area of new pimples on shoulders and stuff. Tomorrow after babysitting I'm going to buy some nizoral shampoo and use it as a body wash..

-Had to skip BCPs today since.. again, I was missing one!

-Drank one cup ACV w/cold water today and one cup decaf green tea with lemon

-Before bed I'm going to take a spoonful of honey with cinnamon

-I'm going to look for some vitamin B complex too and some vitamin c and vitamin E I think..

-Next week I'm going to the gym at least once and I'm going to do hula-hooping too

-oh, didn't use BP at all today.. I think maybe Sunday morning I'll try Duac in the morning and see if it helps?

baby pink

IB :(

I think I'm in the initial breakout stage for all these products.. my face hasn't been this bad in awhile!

baby pink

maybe I just don't handle BP very well at the 10% strength (even just washing my face!) because I can't think of why my face would get so broken out today. Though I do worry it is the new clindamycin gel or something.. maybe the zinc... ahh what the hell.

Going to buy some nizoral shampoo tomorrow and start using it once a day. hope I'll see some results!

baby pink

Day 25

Day 25: Clindamycin in the morning, Dxycycline, Differin at night, Zinc/multi-vitamin at night

-I'm starting to take zinc gluconate supplements, though spacing them many hours after the doxy

-I thinkI'm getting cheated for PDT by one of the derms who is only doing the light on me for 4 minutes instead of 8-12.. seriously?

-Though before the treatment next time they're going to give me extractions?

-My face is still quite broken out

-I called my ex today and cried on the phone for like half an hour. things are so freaking messed up with him

-I think I've been accidentally taking BCPs at night after I take sleep medicines?? again, I'm missing one! So I'll skip tomorrow and continue with week 2 on saturday..

-Clindamycin is a little drying but nothing like Duac was. I hope this is better for me then. I did apply moisturizer. I washed with BP before clindamycin but I think I'll do that only once and awhile. Or I'll try spot treating occasionally

-I'm glad I successfully avoided getting really sunburned this time! I stayed in the dark for 48+ hours :wub:)

-I have a few cysts (around my mouth/chin/cheeks, my most problematic area) now and I think the same amount of red marks. I'm going to get cyst injections next week

-I go to San Diego in a week and I want my face to look better by then! I don't expect it to be perfect but just.. calmed down! pleaseee??

-I took Doxycycline and I think in less than an hour my chest breakouts started getting worse. So is this folliculitis??

-My skin feels itchy and irritated today like whoa

-Showered and applied Differin tonight. I like that it isn't drying for me.

-Frustration for sure..

-I WANT TO BE TESTED FOR FOLLICULITIS after all I've read about it..

-tonight before bed I realized my skin was like the worst it has been in awhile. Want to cry.

baby pink

So, tomorrow morning I have the second PDT. I don't think my face is any better right now (probably related to initial breakouts with medications and stopping medications) and I do have some new pimples on my chin and behind my ears. However the biggest thing I noticed is that WORLD WAR THREE has broken out on my chest in the only 2 weeks I've been on these meds.. I'm sure my back isn't too happy right now either but I can never really see :lol: I think it is the doxycycline, since duac/differin only go on my face but I dooonnn't know. If doxycyline is supposed to cause an initial breakout then I'll stick with it because I guess the IBs mean the medication is working. but that is something I will demand to know from the derm tomorrow. :boogie: Yesterday I tried some BP 2.5% on my chest and back. not a lot, but I literally saw it dry up and start to flake. Today I tried some honey on my skin. it was super sticky and I only left it on for a bit but.. I'm not sure it'll be the miracle treatment for me that it is for some people. my face isn't dry anymore like it was yesterday which is good news. but i'd say it is not in a pleasant condition. SO hope the treatment tomorrow helps. I WILL be hibernating for 48+ hours so I won't update until Wednesday but I'll write about how it is then :boogie: then Thursday I start back with prescription meds. It'll be daily:

-Clindamycin gel (AM) this'll start on friday though since I have to wait 3 days after PDT and I'd have to apply this at noon if I wait 72 hours and I want to try to apply things at the same time daily..

-Doxycyline (ugghhh) (mid-day)

-Differin gel (PM)

baby pink

Stopping antibiotics for three days before PDT on Monday, and my skin is in a miserable condition. It's dry and peeling and breaking out terribly.. the doxycycline is clearly giving me an initial break out already on my chest and arms and back and chin and stuff. well I'm certainly not going out tonight or tomorrow, but this sucks. Dermatologist #1 better have a good explanation for putting me on these prescription meds as well. I reaaaaalllyyy hope PDT will fix this new breakout. Started Alesse today too.

baby pink

Day 18

Day 18: BCP, Doxycycline, Differin at night, multi-vitamin

-LAST day of prescription meds until 3 days after PDT.

-Went to the derm today. She

a) Switched me from Duac to Clindamycin gel since Duac is pretty drying, told me to apply Differin every night now

b) Switched me to Alesse BCPs

c) Injected a cyst (apparently I only have one. the rest are small or under-the-skin or scars) it HURT

d) Was quick to answer "no" when I asked her if there were dietary changes I should make lol

e) told me to stop doxycycline after the one month course?

-Hope her recommendations work..

-I'm breaking out a lot more on my chest and back and arms. I think that is the doxycycline's doing

-Showered and applied Differin. I notice I'm breaking out on places of my face where I never have before where I don't apply differin, so I keep having to extend the coverage. It's like they're telling me, "oh no you don't! we can't breakout here, we'll just pop up elsewhere." stupid pimples.

baby pink

Day 17

Day 17: BCP, doxycycline, differin at night, multi-vitamin

-I'm still getting new breakouts.

-I'm MISSING a birth control pill? how? I must have accidentally taken two at one point. noo idea when. can't be good..

-I took a little bit of Metamucil yesterday and today for my IBS. It's really clearing me out a lot..which is both good and bad.

-Tomorrow I have a dermatologist visit again. Tomorrow is the last day of prescription meds for a couple days then my second PDT.

-Showered and applied differin. face is stinging a bit

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