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The good, the bad and the ugly- A roaccutane journey

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Finally I have started roaccutane...I have had acne for almost 6 years now, with varying degrees of severity. I have taken almost everything a doctor could prescribe with no significant results:(

Roaccutane was off limits to me, because my father did not want to take it...I hope if this works I will not feel too bitter towards him.

Strangely enough, although I do feel self concious about my acne and find it painful, itchy ect. I don't think I would have developed to be the person I am today without suffering it, and therefore my life would be different...I am pretty happy with my life, but it would be nice to be able to walk down the street with a little less makeup, to let people kiss or touch my face and just generally know that people arent thinking about my skin. I don't expect miracles, I am afraid to tell the truth, acne is part of my identity.

But still it is only the first day, the treatment may not work well, the side effects may be too severe....anything could happen, but that anything could be clear skin and so in my opinion the risks are worth taking.

So throughout the course of my treatment I want to cover all aspects of it thouroughly, the physical and mental consequences, my appearance, perceptions, the reactions of others...everything I can possibly think of...I have only had the roaccutane in my system for about 10 hrs, and have not noticed anything abnormal so nothing much to report today....but hopefully you'll hear from me soon:) even if its just complaining about dry lips:{


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