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ok, anyone got an idea of how to remove scars?

I tried the lazers for a while but that worked minimally for the over $5000 I have spent.

I will also tell you a bit of my acne history as well

*Let me begin by telling you that I tried curing my acne with birth control pills, anti biotics, herbal remedies, eating certain foods, lazers....You see I was following my doctors' advice. Anyway they were all wrong.

To top it off while doing acne removal sometimes I also was doing scar removal. Even when my acne would go away it would shortly come back.

Anyway the only thing that seems to be working for me is ZINC. I have only used it for abour 15 days now but wow, what a difference. I am lacking that mineral big time.

For those who don't know-copper robs you of Zinc. We need both but there needs to be a balance. I don't take copper at all since appearantly I am saturated with it. Copper is in alot of creams, all birth control pills, added in foods....

I am still getting acne but it is minimal and I think that there is a possibility that i wll always have some kind of acne but it will not stop me from getting rid of scarring. The acne I have is not sufficient to ruin a job of acne scar removal.

You see if my acne completely stops til I am 100, I am not going to start looking at trying acne scar removal products till then.

Anyway now I am interested in knowing who has tried what and if it worked and how well it worked, how much it cost and how did they use the product, how often....

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