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Hey everyone,

I'm new to this. just wanted to introduce myself and see if anyone is going through the same stuff i am. I'm 23, female, love outdoor everything and love go out with friends and enjoy myself. past 5months are a different story since i flared out again. so depressing. I didnt want to see anyone. I'm now on my third cycle of accutane...when will this end??? i'm on my first month, so not clear yet. hope i am soon, usually takes me about 2 months. i hear so many things lately about diet that prevents acne blabla, what I'm concerned with most is what im gonna do after this third cycle? it always seems to come back. i want to have a plan of action. can anyone else relate? What do you all plan on doing? acne surgery? lazer treatments? birth control? I keep being thrown so many damn options and im sick of it.

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