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Day 83

Yay, day 83.

Time is going by faasssstttt!

I guess my improvement is going good.

I did get bumped up to 80 mg, wish I figured would happen.

My lips are still chapped, my arms have rashes, and my WBC dropped so I had to get two months this month ;(

Tomorrow, I go to the doctor! I hope my WBC went back up because I really, really dislike the blood tests and one every two weeks is no fun.

I should post pictures sometime...maybe I would see the improvement more.

:wub: All for now.


Day 41

I finally figured out this whole blog thing. How exciting!

Accutane is what I am on and have been for the past 41 days. I take 60 mgs a day, 2 in the morning and 1 at night.

Side effects so far... dry, chapped lips, some peeling on the face(mostly around "trouble spots"), and the upper part of my arms seem to be dry. I have also had a funny rash on my hand. Iiick.

I use to see imrovement but now I can't really tell. It is really bumming me out :boogie:

My dosage might possibly be increased. We will see on the 14th.

Blood test on the 9th... ahhh!

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