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Wether to take accutane or not

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I'm 15 now and I've had acne for years. The acne is on and off. Sometimes I have it on my back but not on my face and other times I'll have it on my chest and back. It's just crazy and random. I've tried all creams and prescriptions that my dermo has recommended to me and have bought so many face washes from my local store. I've tried everything and nothing has worked. I really want to take accutane so I don't have to struggle anymore. I'm just scared of the side effects like the dry face. I'm gonna have to take it during the winter and in the winter my face is so flaky just itself. Does anyone have any recommendations? Don't judge my pics please, really insecure! It you were on accutane please let me know how it was! And how long you've been off of it. Thanks!

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