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How I live and Deal with Mild Acne

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I am so ecstatic right now. I went on DIM Detox 3 weeks ago. It helps regulate your hormones and blocks the androgens which contribute to hormonal acne. It is completely natural and safe. I can't believe how well it's worked for me again.

I stopped taking it because I was pregnant but after deep research and consultations with my doctor and midwife as well as the manufacturer of the product, I was advised that it was safe to take half the minimum dosage for a few months.

It's been over 1 week since I had a new pimple and over 2 weeks since a major breakout. My skin is so clear and all I have to do now is fade the tiny pinkish spots the pimples left. I am so grateful my acne can be cured. Even my boyfriend mentioned how clear my skin is. He is used to seeing me with perfect skin and a few weeks ago he commented on how many pimples I had. It made me feel so self conscious and insecure. I tried to ignore his comment, but it hit hard. I didn't think other people noticed it that much.

However, after 3 weeks my skin is almost back to normal, as long as I can get rid of the post-acne marks. I have been toning my skin a few times daily in order to shrink the pores which is my main mission now. If my pores are small and closed it is very hard for bacteria to break through and clog the pores and in turn cause acne. It seems to be working. I also have been moisturizing to make sure my skin does not remain oily as you know, oily skin can cause breakouts.

Another thing I've been doing is putting Clearasil treatment on my entire t-zone nightly, even if there are no new pimples. I use the one with Sulfur Recortisol. This stuff is seriously AMAZING! It shrunk the pimples so fast when I was breaking out and now if I see a tiny bump, I put it on and in the morning it's gone! During the day I use burts bees blemish stick on the t-zone since it's great to wear under makeup. It dries up any remaining blemishes and I also find it helps fade the acne marks.

Skin usually regenerates after 30 days. In a month my skin should be clearer as the new skin cells surface and damage is repaired to the old ones. It also helps to take Vitamin E, Zinc, Vitamin A and D supplements. These are the fighters in acne. Usually if you have a deficiency in these vitamins, you'll tend to suffer from breakouts. Vitamin E also speeds up the skins healing process and it's best to eat super healthy to ensure your body can fight bacteria and free radicals which can cause acne. I also make sure I keep myself hydrated and drink tons of water. It flushes the body of toxins and helps to maintain clear skin.

What a difference I've seen in myself. I've gained back my confidence, I'm happier, I feel like going outside now lol. Before, I literally had to force myself to go places with my kids. Now I want to go for a walk, to the park, out shopping - every day!

Hopefully after I stop the DIM, it was enough to have balanced my hormones and then I'll just stick with my regular skin care routine. Being pregnant and breastfeeding also halts my period, so thankfully there will be no menstrual induced breakouts!

After this child as well, I am having my uterus removed as we've decided to only have three children and it will eliminate my risk for developing another ovarian cyst or cancer and I won't be able to get pregnant or have a menstrual cycle for the remainder of my life - which I am really excited for. After removing the uterus the body stops producing the hormones usually associated with breakouts around the menstrual cycle and completely balances the body's hormones. This should in turn leave me acne free the rest of my life.

While I don't recommend this procedure to everyone, it is obviously a very serious decision and should only be used when ready and if advised by a doctor. As for me, I am done having children and there is a high risk of cancer in my family. I also had surgery to remove a large ovarian cyst so in the end, removing my uterus will greatly benefit me and eliminate those deadly risks. I also know two people who have had their uterus' removed and after the operation, their acne-prone skin became COMPLETELY clear and they now live acne-free and have beautiful flawless skin, that is also because they suffered from hormonal acne as well. However, their uterus' had to be removed due to cancer and the other was for a puitutary gland problem.

While some people may find it harder to cure their acne due to it's severity, I am so sorry for those people and I really hope you get yours under control! For the ones with mild to moderate hormonal acne, I have found my cure for it, so there IS hope! My cell is dead right now, but later on I'll take a picture of my skin to show how well it's improved :)


In my earlier entries I was convinced my acne was severe. After a lot of research, I am relieved to say I do NOT have cystic acne, nor anything close. My acne is very mild, some would call it a grade 1 or 2 out of a grade 5, or a 1-2 on a scale of 0-8, 8 being cystic acne. This gives me hope because it means that my acne which is hormonal, is extremely treatable and preventable. I recently cured it by going on DIM and now I will continue to do so. (Had to go off it cause I thought it was unsafe during pregnancy).

This makes me wonder, how many people are left uneducated about the severity of their acne? There are many scales to rate your severity, but at least it lets you better understand the cause, and how treatable it is. I don't think you should get discouraged, I'm also not bashing anyone who has severe acne. My hope goes out to them, that they may find their cure.

This leads me to my main topic. I thought I had cystic pimples on my chin. But when I looked them up on google, they were NOT huuuge lesions. My pimples are under half a cm. And I thought they were big, it's just they look enormous compared to the rest of my clear face. I had three on my chin and they were so raised and painful it was driving me insane. I later realized they're called papules. There's a difference between them and pustules. Papules are red and painful but pustules have pus in them and have pretty much come to a head. Mine hadn't come to a head but I thought I could get them to, and just pop the suckers.

So here's what I did, and how I accidentally but purposely, cured them lol.

I was really frustrated with how big and painful they were. So, I immediately applied fresh lemon juice to them. They stung and burned and I kept this up for 30 minutes. They still weren't coming to head and this ALWAYS happens with smaller pimples. They just pop and heal within a day or two. These gigantors were not coming to a head. So, I decided to apply heat as heat forces the bacteria out of the pimple and brings it to a head. I must have held hot green tea bags on them for over an hour. STILL NOTHING!

I had almost given up. Then I thought, maybe I should treat them like an inflamed skin lesion and treat the pain. So, I grabbed some hydrocortisone cream. I applied it twice a day and after 2 days, the pimples stopped growing and reduced in size by HALF! They are not painful anymore at all. And now at day 3, they're quite small and should be gone in a couple days. I've also been moisturizing with Oil of Olay for sensitive skin, and applying benzoyl peroxide 5% cream by Clearasil before I go to bed in conjuction with the hydrocortisone 0.5% cream and it's working great. I just discovered a way to stop the pimples from coming to a head and kill them before they get a chance to!

The combination of the benzoyl peroxide, moisturizer and hydrocortisone really seems to work well together. My skin is also much smoother and there are no new breakouts. My skin was clearing up but I realize the reason why my skin started breaking out again is because this is around the time I would normally get my period BUT since I'm pregnant, it hasn't come and my hormones have just been going crazy.

I have also been using St.Ives Apricot scrub blemish control. It is amazing for exfoliating the skin and it really cleans deep and removes any buildup of dirt, make-up and oil. I love it! I also used it on my big pimples that were starting to dry out from the strong benzoyl peroxide and it just washed away the flaky dry skin leaving the area smooth. I applied polysporin to the pimples as well to make sure they don't overdry and heal faster. It REALLY works!

I also had a few flat pimples on my cheeks which NEVER happens! I haven't broken out on my cheeks in my entire life, but a few days ago I had 3 of them, and they weren't red, just skin colored and flat but raised, if that makes sense. They were like a flat surfaced bump. I also had this weird red tiny rash on each cheekbone but mostly on my left side. I used the hydrocortisone cream and in 2 days they're completely gone. They hadn't gotten bigger, just shrank and went away. I'm wondering if it was a rash now and not a breakout of pimples? Odd. That's kind what gave me the idea to use the hydrocortisone cream on the pimples. Because if the lesions on my cheeks WERE pimples, it got rid of them incredibly fast. So why not try it on my pimples that I KNOW are pimples?

Anyways, I should get my DIM tomorrow. Can't wait for that. I'll update you with results as to how that goes. Last time I was on it it worked immediately and I didn't get one breakout or pimple in the 4 months I was on the DIM. SO let's hope it goes the same way this time!!!

I've also added some pictures. This is the worst my acne has been in my whole life, which doesn't seem that bad to some, but it is to me. All the redness is now gone so hopefully it will go away soon! And this is after a nap so my face seems kinda shiny lol :(.


I am seriously manically depressed right now. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything because of my hormonal acne. I'm 9 weeks pregnant and since 1 month and a half ago I went from having perfect skin controlled by DIM to this crap. I have tiny whiteheads where I would never get them before, like my nose and forehead. My jawline is just ridiculously broken out. I have 3 huge painful pimples that have been lingering for 3 days now and won't go away. I've tried everything. Benzoyl peroxide, exfoliating with St.Ives anti-blemish treatment, OXY pads, Cetaphil, Sulfur Reticorsol, Burt's Bee Blemish stick, Lemon Juice, Tea Tree oil, NOTHING is working. I also make sure not to overuse products as less is more. My skin isn't drying out so I know I'm not overusing them.

I am eating healthy, hydrating well, staying active, getting sunshine and avoiding touching my face and my blemishes. My acne was under control last week, my pimples were healing and there were no new ones. NOW this crap! My scars also seem to be taking longer to heal.

I got fed up and did some research. I was on DIM and went off it because I don't like taking medication during pregnancy, even if it is completely natural. DIM is just cruciferous vegetables but then I thought, anything that alters my hormones MUST be bad for the baby. But it's not altering my hormones, it's balancing them, which is why I am breaking out right now, because the pregnancy is screwing up my hormones. They were in tact because of the DIM and once I stopped it, they sprung out of control.

I read many reviews and safety regulations regarding DIM and it is safe to use while pregnant as long as the dosage is kept low. I even asked my doctor and she said the baby should be perfectly fine as long as I don't take more than one capsule per day.

So, I ordered it. I can't wait for it to get here. It's the only cure for my hormonal acne and I've been struggling with it for 10 years. Out of 10 years of trying crap and having nothing work, finding something that works is definitely worth sticking with. When I was on it before, I was taking 2 capsules a day for 2 months then decreased to 1 capsule. It might take a bit longer this time for my skin to clear, but hopefully it doesn't take too long cause I can't handle this!

With my first child, I had NO acne during pregnancy. My skin was flawless and glowing. And continued to stay that way for almost 2 YEARS after he was born because firstly, I was breastfeeding and didn't get my period. With my second, my skin was crap for a couple months in the beginning then got better. While I breastfed him for 2 years, it stayed nice for about a year and a half. I then suffered from an ovarian cyst which had to be surgically removed and my acne was terrible. But after the cyst, I went on birth control and it seemed to go away. Then it started acting up again and I was getting sick from birth control. That's when I stopped taking it and started taking DIM and it cleared my skin for the whole 4 months I was on it - from March to the end of June.

I can't wait to get my gorgeous skin back. At least I know there's hope for me. I will continue with the benzoyl peroxide treatments as well to help speed up the results since I have to take a lower dosage of the DIM. I am going to also stick with my healthy diet, stay active and hydrate well. Eventually I know it will go away. It just might take a couple months but I can wait for that.

My permanent solution for curing my hormonal acne, is to have my uterus removed. I will no longer get my menstrual cycle and eliminate my risk of certain cancers. This my plan after my third and final child (whom I'm carrying now) sometime next year. Hopefully the elimination of these crazy monthly hormones will help get rid of my acne once and for all. I've had two people whom I know who have had this procedure for medical reasons and both their acne completely went away and they both have perfect beautiful skin now!

It's funny cause there have been times in my life where my skin will be completely clear for months at a time for no apparent reason then I'll go for months at a time suffering from breakouts constantly. I know it's hormonal. And I've already been told my androgen levels are high through blood tests. So as long as I get that under control, I'm golden! HELLO PERFECT SKIN, AGAIN!


Hi everyone. A little about me, I've always had very mild acne, but enough that I had to wear foundation. I have always been a stickler for perfection, as I am very observant and an artist and I noticed the flaws in everything.

So of course, this led me to my journey for perfect skin. My acne started when I was 15, and was very very mild. I'm talking like a tiny pimple or two on my chin or near my mouth. Nothing I couldn't cover up with a cover stick. But, my acne has gotten progressively worse over my early to mid twenties for some odd reason. I don't get any acne on my cheeks or body, and rarely on my nose or forehead. My acne likes to establish itself around my mouth and upper lip area - the t-zone. I recently discovered that acne appearing in this area is mainly due to hormones. I then discovered DIM Detox by Pure Encapsulations at

DIM regulates your hormones and is specifically used to target hormonal acne around the jawline. This supplement can also help reduce belly fat, fluid retention, irritability, breast tenderness and mood swings. The good news is, this natural supplement only needs to be taken 2-4 times daily for 6-12 months as your hormones will learn to regulate themselves without DIM - it just helps get everything back on track! I suggest that ANYONE suffering from hormonal acne to take DIM immediately! Epic Beauty Bar has free shipping and it only costs $40 for 60 veggie capsules. Depending on how bad your acne is, you need anywhere from 2-4 a day. I only needed 1 per day and my bottle lasted me for two months! $20-40 a month is a great price for flawless skin.

After a few weeks of taking DIM, I had no future breakouts and I had flawless skin for months without one new pimple. My skin was soft and glowing. I had discovered my savior. Unfortunately for my skin, but fortunately for my family and I, I became pregnant recently with my third child. Of course, I had to stop taking my life-saving DIM because anything that alters your hormones is not safe for the baby. I noticed breakouts re-appearing within a month and they were worse than ever. I had 3-4 large painful pimples on my chin mostly and one on my upper lip near my nose. It looked awful and I was horrified because my skin had been so clear and make-up free for months, now I had to deal with this nonsense. To top it off, I had a whitehead like rash on my chin, and near my nose and upper lip that couldn't even be covered with make-up because of how raised it was. I was finally fed up, and decided to purchase some new acne products since my lemon juice and tea tree oil weren't strong enough for this battle.

I went to Wal-Mart since it has the most variety and best prices and stocked up on the top-rated over-the-counter acne medication. I had to make sure I had a soap to rinse my face daily, so I chose Cetaphil gentle cleansing bar. I really like how it cleans and it was only $5. I even got coupons for Cetaphil moisturizer in the package.

I also bought OXY triple-action medicated wipes to clear off any excess dirt or oil off my face. This contains salicylic acid as the main ingredient but only 0.5% so it's safe during pregnancy. It was only $4 for 55 pads (using 2x daily in the morning and before bed or after a sweaty workout). I really like how clean they make my skin feel, but they do smell awfully strong. I believe they're packaged in alcohol to keep from drying out.

I also purchased a few types of spot treatments for my whiteheads and those painful big zits. I bought two Burt's bee's products. One is called "Burt's Bee's Natural Blemish stick" and the other is the same but a little more potent and more expensive. It was $30 for both but do they ever work! It stings quite a bit as it goes on your skin but it has an amazing drying effect and it is REALLY clearing up my whiteheads. I apply it once in the morning, after my workout (after I cleanse my skin of course) and before bed. In just 3 days I have noticed a HUGE difference. It is also forcing some whiteheads to come to the surface and pop. These then heal within 1-2 days and it's like they weren't even there. However, my skin does tend to heal quite fast. I use a mix of both, but I prefer the blemish stick as it applies better.

Now, when I find a new pimple arising, I put the Burt's Bee Blemish stick aside and apply my Clearasil StayClear Acne Treatment Cream with SULFUR RESORCINOL - NOT the one with Benzoyl Peroxide. I bought it for only $6. I have read many reviews stating that this specific brand with the sulfur works much better and quicker - and does it ever. It attacks any newly formed blemishes. I put this on at night since it cannot really be worn under make-up. When I wake up in the morning, any new blemishes have come to a head. I then use lemon juice and hot water to pop the pimple and let it drain itself instead of squeezing it (this can results in unwanted scarring). I also find if I don't squeeze it out and let it empty with the heat and lemon on it's own, it heals much faster, like a week faster than if I were to pop it!

Along with these products, I had to get a weekly face mask and man did I ever choose an awesome one. It is by Freeman and it's called the Facial polishing mask with CHARCOAL + BLACK SUGAR. It was around $3. The Charcoal helps absorb oil and impurities and the black sugar purifies and exfoliates. It leaves you with very smooth skin but be warned, when you put it on, it will feel very hot. This however goes away in a few minutes. I like it, I think it feels neat. I have used this once and will continue to use twice a week to keep my skin smooth and clean.

My skin started getting really bad last week. And within the past few days of using this product, my whiteheads have been reduced by 50% and my old pimples from last week have all popped and healed. I have also been exercising daily and drinking lots of water. I also avoid all junk food and pop, as sugar and salt are not good for your body and can lead to impurities which can result in acne. I also avoid dairy and meat. I eat fish and chicken only a few times a week. I found that the dairy and meat caused my breakouts to become worse. I strive to eat only fresh fruits and vegetables, all whole grain products, and drink lots of lemon juice and green tea (A great antioxidant and cleanser for the body). I also make sure to take my daily vitamins, mostly my prenatal, folic acid, zinc (a great acne fighter), green tea extract, omega 3, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C and Vitamin D, along with chromium, magnesium an calcium.

I can't believe the huge turn around my skin has made just from a few simple changes.

I aslo make sure not to stress as much and get lots of sleep. I also keep from touching my face and change and wash my pillow cases every few days as not to spread bacteria. I also keep my cell phone clean and try to use speaker-phone as often as I can to avoid touching my phone to my face since it can be very dirty. I always remember to wash my hands before doing my skin care routine and to avoid rubbing it when drying with a towel. It's also very important not to pick your acne or pop your pimples as it will spread the bacteria and make it worse.

All these steps are helping me battle my prenatal hormonal acne and within the next month I vow to have perfect skin again and will post pictures to prove it!

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