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Eating few vegetables - In our efforts to get rid of extra pounds vegetables definitely help us. Each dish we should eat a vegetable. Vegetables are rich in vitamins and fiber, which improves our digestive system and also keep in check the level of sugar in the blood. This will preserve ideal conditions for burning fat. Therefore, remember that the sky in a restaurant is not just for decoration.


Poor lifestyle - Drinking in a bar or pub late at night is very inconvenient when you want to burn fat or gaining muscle mass. In sleep the body recovers damaged muscle tissue and produces many important hormones. Many of them help our body in breaking down fats. More about the influence of hormones on fat burning will discuss one of these articles by John Barban Venus factor.

Do not plan and do not analyze your exercise plan - If you exercise at home or in the gym and have no plan, under which you drive, be sure they do not have the results that you were capable of. Keeping an exercise plan is as important as the exercise itself. How do you know this or that exercise was effective when you do not have a record of it? How to avoid in future exercises that you did not bring any results? No records about hardly. Therefore, exercise plan, you can easily record on these pages in your profile.

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