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What really works?

I had acne as a 10 year old girl. Then as an adult, it became CHRONIC CYSTIC ACNE. So..... from antibiotics to creams to vitamins to accutane...WHAT REALLY WORKS? I tried EVERYTHING. NOTHING worked alone. BUT SOME of the things that failed before do work in combination with others. After extensive research and trial and error... Now I have figured it out. I finally found a way to share my years of experience and research with other people. More details soon.

HERE are my tips (in a nutshell).

I WAS BORN WITH oily skin, sensitive skin, and I suffered from chronic cystic acne (face, back, chest) for years... but I am BETTER!!!

Oral antibiotics worked for years, but now I am resistant to two oral antibiotics. (For anyone in the health care field there are numerous reasons that this is bad. Ask me for details). Also, after getting off antibiotics, the acne comes back in places it had not been before. So BEWARE OF LONG TERM USE. Even though it worked extremely well for about 10 years. My health will likely suffer when I am older. Because of this, I advocate for responsible use of Accutane and alternative holistic and medical methods instead.

1. Use the regimen and tips!!!

2. If topicals dont work. try BC pills (women).)

3. OR try oral antibiotics (3 month's only). I like Amoxicillan. No other antibiotics worked for me. (DO NOT USE ORAL ANTIBIOTICS LONG TERM. This was my mistake!! Ask for details) . Also, remember that BC pills are not 100% effective while taking oral antibiotics.

4. If antibiotics don't work, try accutane on the lowest possible dose for 5 months. Use moisturizer and sunscreen religiously.

NOTE * You can use antibiotics right before you start accutane to keep your acne at bay, and to lesson possibility of scars. You will know Accutane didn't completely work if it comes back in about a year or less of your last dose.

5. If Accutane doesn't work the first time, try 5 months on, two months off, 5 months on (12 months total) for those that are more resistant. For how to care for your skin during Accutane, contact me! * I am about to start this step (the 12 month plan). WISH ME LUCK!

The warnings for Accutane and all the bad side effects are actually signs of Vitamin A poisoning (Accutane is a is actually a synthetic form of Vitamin A (as a retinoid) which is supposed to be less harsh on your body. So it is a great drug, just BE RESPONSIBLE and stay closly under a doctors care. Research more about it or ask me!!! Women, don't get pregnant on Accutane. It can cause SEVERE birth defects or death of the child. Or use Dan's Regimen for accutane. Less is more. If your lips are falling off dry or your arms are scaly, cut your dose!

6. After Accutane use Dan's regimen (I have added the products that I use in my regimen). I only use Dans treatment step with 2.5% BP. It doesn't sting. Its great!

7. You may want to add glycolic acid acid peel into your regimen after you have been off of Accutane for 1 to 6 months.

8. I use a blackhead remover (walgreens) to get the little surface pinples now and then before they get bad, but these are nothing compared to the cysts I used to get. That should do it!


a. don't touch your face unless you wash your hands immediately before

b. wash hair daily (if you are on accutane, you may not have to)

c. for the females, use new makeup sponges and or wash SYNTHETIC makeup brushes (Teddy bear hair by Too faced)

d. Clinique /Estee Lauder makeup (pressed powder only) apply with kabuki brush (by too faced brand, "teddy bear hair") or a new foam sponge DAILY

e. where sunscreen and moisturizer daily

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!!!

All products availiable on amazon.com or sephora or ebay or on this site! GOOD LUCK.

--Michele = ) Nfinitedance@yahoo.com

UPDATE 12-2008

**do not use glycolic acid peel or evening facial emolient during time on Accutane!***


- Cosmedicine - Medi-Morphosis (Sephora) am/pm gentle scrub removes dead skin

- Perricone - Evening Facial Emolient (Sephora) pm optional

- Dr. Grandel - Azulene Cream (Moisturizer) (online) am/pm

- Sheshido - Sunscreen (SPF 55) for face and body (Sephora) (not the one for face only)

- Organic Jojoba Oil - www.drugstore.com (can add drops to moisturizer as needed)

- Ivory - bar soap (moistuirize after) (Walgreens/anywhere)

- Clinique - oil free pressed powder. (change applicator sponges daily or apply with Kabuki brush)

- Kabuki brush by Too faced cosmetics (Online or Sephora) wash with baby shampoo frequently

- 35% glycolic acid peel - weekly or spot treat. 1 to 5 minutes. apply with synthetic makeup brush. (amazon.com)

- Too faced - makeup brush set (synthetic) -(Sephora, online)

- 2.5% BP(Benzol Peroxide) - www.acne.org

- Dr. Weil - Origins chapstick - oval shaped package - the nly chap stick that works while on accutane



Its been 4 months since I have been on accutane and I am 100% clear!!!

Good luck all!

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