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This week I broke out pretty bad. The next day after last week's post felt like a nightmare. Mentally draining too as many people commented on my skin. Week 6 has not been promising.

I had two very very stubborn pimples on the right cheek that kept reappearing but I admittedly kept prodding at it.

My left side broke out a little but nothing too crazy and went away quickly.

Forehead was great *thumbs up*.

I MUST mention that I have switched up moisturisers AGAIN. Still Avene, but I kid you not, results are instant. It claims to moisturise and also have healing agents. I only purchased this 3 days ago but my skin is loving this. It's called Avene Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream and it's very inexpensive. The texture is thick but not oily. It actually makes me look glowy if anything.

Three first photos - Top are Day 45 and bottoms are Day 48 (three days apart).

Three last photos - Top are Day 48 and today, Day 50. Today's photos were taken directly facing a window. Not sure if my skin improved THAT much or the lighting is just very forgiving haha.


Before I start, it seems as though I break out on Sundays haha! Just not my day.

My forehead has improved. Just need to deal with old marks.

My right side had a small outburst of two large pimples, not visible in the photos as they only really protruded this morning.

My left side is breaking out a little but they remain under the skin. Also need to deal with a lot of marks. Really hating this process as I would not usually break out on my face. Usually only my forehead or T-Zone.

One thing I only just noticed is that areas that I play with, as in peel scabs that aren't ready, I will grow a pimple there very shortly. MUST RESIST. Scabs/golden heads = my kryptonite.

Top photos are from Week 5 and bottoms are Week 6 ( - just yesterday. Today my skin has broken out!)


My week started off rough. Many break outs, redness and texture wasn't good. I woke up this morning and saw noticeable improvement. I hope this is the turning point. The thing is, my good and bad days alternate. Every time I think I have a good day, the next day will 100% be bad and vice versa.

My left side has more break outs than the right. It's the most reactive area of the treatment. Although there are many dark spots, only 3 of them are under the skin pimples or something and they just chill there for a while. I notice when I get pimples with heads, especially on my forehead, they will get golden very quickly and I can just lightly peel it off. Applying make up has been easier because there aren't many bumps and I'm simply concealing discolouration.

My favourite thing to do at night when I apply Steiva-A is to apply the cream on top of any dark spots to pretend it's not there (like white chicken pox or something lol) and just appreciate how smooth and soft the surrounding area is. Gives me great hope of the ending results!

First three photos: top are photos from the middle of week 4 and bottoms are Week 5 mark.

Last three photos: top are photos from the Week 5 mark (yesterday) and this morning just to show my skin in normal lighting as well.


NOT a good week. A mixture of things that might've affected this: TOTM, stress, changed from Clarins cleanser to Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub, using more make up to cover dark spots and just got the flu. Apparently the third week is the purging week. :'(

The start of the week was looking very hopeful, but it just got worse through out the week so quickly.

First three set of photos: top is Day 21 and bottom Day 24.

Second set of three are yesterday and today's Week 4 mark.

Fingers crossed for a better week. *cries*


Today is the 3 week mark. I'm having a hard time this week dealing with my dark spots. Although it hasn't gotten worse, I think the frustration of not being able to cover them is getting to me. I've been popping my pus pimples when they're 80-90% done. *slaps hand*

I guess there is some but little improvement on my skin. Some spots have lightened and texture is continually improving. My acne and scarring is mostly towards the centre of my face so I feel as though people notice this first thing when they see me. I can't wait to reach 6 weeks when the magic really begins.

The top photos are from last week's Day 17 post compared to today's Day 21 pics.

In 4 days:


Wow, these photos sure expose every nook and cranny!

The top photos are from the 2 week mark and the bottom ones are from today.

In 3 days:

  • cheeks' texture has improved
  • little bumps are continually growing on my forehead but nothing growing heads or becoming painful yet
  • face is less red for sure but the improving texture helped that a lot
  • growing pimple under my nose but we'll see how quicky the Eryacne will prevent that from growing too big

Avene moisturiser deserves a big thumbs up!


3 - Day 12

I'm changing my Natio moisturiser to Avene Hydrance Optimale. The description says "For dry to very dry sensitive skin" which sounds perfect - also non comedogenic! The only downside is that it does not have any SPF. The bottle is quite small so hopefully I'll go through this quick to buy the same moisturiser that contains sun protection. I applied this excitedly right after I bought it and it seemed to hydrate my brown dry spots immediately.

I'm hoping my cheeks will return back to its normal state so that way I can just concentrate on my forehead. I have a new cluster of bumps on my right temple which is the first obvious sign of purging. The pimples I currently have have been slowly growing for a while so no surprise-overnight purge effect yet. No signs of improvement yet, but my skin has been adjusting to it better than a week ago. Not sure what it is today but I feel more hopeful than I have since I've started Stieva-A. I've been taking daily photos on my phone and I can see a reduction in redness.

I'm glad I documented my Retin-A journey when I was 15. Looking back at photos, I can see that I purged for 2 months and in the third month I just had to deal with scarring which eventually faded with no additional products. My cheeks don't look like they broke out much but I can see some flakiness. I remember having some pimples on my cheeks but I can't see them in any photos. Maybe they never grew heads? My forehead, however, did not have any areas clear skin at all. I know for a fact that I never had that drying period after I washed my face before applying Retin-A. Maybe my skin was extra irritated because of that? I wonder if my purge this time will last a shorter time than before. Fingers crossed. I'm just singing "Better With The Lights Off" - Chris Brown in my head right now.


2 - Day 11

It's Winter in Australia at the moment, and if you read my previous post, my doctor specifically said "don't moisturise!" I actually started this new regime on Friday 13 of June, so today is Day 11.

My current face regime:


- Clarins One-Step Exfolitating Cleanser

- Spot treatment with Eryacne

- Moisterise with Natio Daily Protection Face Moisterisor SPF 15

- Trilogy CoQ10 under the eyes


- Remove make up with cotton pad and Garnier Clean Sensitive 2-in-1 only the eye area. I don't use face make up.

- Same Clarins cleanser

- Pat dry and sometimes purposely gently remove dead skin with towel (Guilty but trying to stop)

- Wait 20 mins to apply a very thin coat of Stieva-A on affected areas

- Wait 5 mins for the Eryacne

- Moisterise with Natio, avoiding active pimples

- Trilogy CoQ10

So... I'm going against my doctor's orders to not moisturise. I actually didn't moisturise for about a good 4-5 days, but I couldn't help myself in this winter. My skin was so dry it was getting brown dry patches which I still have.

I think I've started to purge but I know this is just the start. Three big pus-filled ones on my forehead and my cheeks are so dry I can't even conceal them anymore. My skin looks very dull and I can't leave the house without a bright lip on to put some colour on my face. My forehead does seem to be less oilier but my cheeks are as dry as Sahara Desert.


Hi there. Before I start this blog, just a quick introduction.

I am 21 years old Asian female.

After seeing my doc to find a solution for minor scarring on my cheeks, she prescribed me with Stieva-A 0.025% and Eryacne 2%.

She instructed me to use Stieva-A twice daily for a week, and then only at night after the first week, and Eryacne twice a day. She also told me not to moisturise as it will clog my pores. She explained to me that Stieva-A will open up my pimples and unclog my pores. The peeling effect will reduce my scarring. The Eryacne is an antibiotic which will reduce the pimple size or something, something, something *Homer Simpson moment*.

Six years ago, I was prescribed with Retin-A and Duac which worked wonderfully after 3 dreadful months. The amazing effects lasted for a good 2-3 years but I didn't know I had to continually use this! After that, my skin remained clear with a break out here and there during TOTM / exam time etc.

I tried to use Rose Hip Oil by Sukin AND Trilogy but they had no effects and actually made my pimples leave dark spots. I often used Benzac AC Gel 10% (contains benzoyl peroxide) as an over-the-counter alternative for Duac which worked OK and also OXY 10 which wasn't that great tbh.

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