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Hey everyone!

I have had BAD acne for almost 5 years. I am so terribly sick of it. In the beginning I genuinely thought I could go to the drugstore, find a magic potion and just be rid of the blemishes. I have come to realize that the very long isle FILLED with various brands of bullshit don't do anything if your acne is both hormonal and persistent. I have also come to realize that I cannot and should not depend on these crap products. They won't clear my skin, bring back my self esteem, or make me feel beautiful. These products were and are a lie. Our acne is an industry. This being said, this battle has also put me in the doctor's office. I have tried retin A, Tactuo, and several other crap things that also didn't work. This then led me to trying natural products, supplements, drinking apple cider vinegar, making stupid face masks in my kitchen, rubbing Ice on a spot till my face turned numb, etc. Although some things were great (DIM) nothing really ever had a lasting impact on my skin. My skin has just continued to sprout pimples on a daily basis. The strongest foundation I could find STILL CAN'T COVER THEM. I have also tried things like changing my diet. I have gone gluten free, I have gone dairy free, I have gone free of sugar. Still my acne persists. So I started thinking about the things I thought I could avoid. I have now started thinking about birth control- not desperate enough to consider accutane- but I feel that birth control is the inevitable and scary drug I need to try just to end the curiosity of "what if that works?" It is not my frustration with all the other things I have tried that has lead me to this- rather it is just the pimples on my face. They are a constant reminder that I cannot and will not be pretty enough. I dread waking up, seeing people, going out, getting "dolled up" because I feel it is fruitless, no matter what I do they are there. Even if they hide beneath foundation they are still there to taunt and torment me when I wash my face. These persistent pimples, accompanied by scars and hyperpigmentation are the indication that me and my face can no longer endure more of this. I have deep scars on my cheeks. I never thought things would get this bad. I just thought I would be like all the other ladies on my dad's side of the family- zitty for a while, pretty for the rest of their lives. But this optimism has died with the discovery of my PCOS. I am going to schedule an appointment with my doctor and get a prescription for the pill and be done with this headache, heartache, face ache, and destruction of my self worth.

I truly wish it never got this bad. But I know that I can no longer let it get worse.

Wish me luck,



My Face.

Hey everyone. its about a week before that special time of month and my face won't let me forget it. So I thought I would share a few pictures of what my skin looks like. I wanted to upload the pictures from my phone- you would actually see every lump and bump but that failed so check out these crappier webcam versions

Currently my skin hates me. Be assured the feeling is mutual. I went to Sephora just the other day and bought the Kat Von D foundation to try and hide this crap. It hides color but not bumps so I still feel horrendous.

I'm still taking DIM just not as consistently so maybe that's why my skin is awful. but at this point I don't care why I just don't want to see these damn pimples anymore. I am also trying something new lifestyle wise. I have gone gluten free along with dairy free. I am hoping this will have some effect on my acne- positive of course. My skin feels super irritated right now and well as you can see bumpy and blotchy. I just want my old face back (the picture of my smile is my old face-not revealing my identity so that is all you will see).Anyways, I don't know why or how it got so bad.

If you have any suggestions they are welcomed.



Hey everyone!

So tomorrow people are coming over to my house. I guess this has caused me much stress. anyways my skin has been vicious. My chin had lines of painful bumps all over it. and my cheek acne came back with a vengeance. I really wish I took a before and after picture to show you how well this treatment works.

So because I got desperate I created a recipe to awesome skin. I used things I had at home and the results are lovely thus far!

Here she is:

3 spoons of turmeric powder

2 spoons of amla powder also known as gooseberry powder

2 or so spoons of coconut milk - the kind from a can- its more of a cream consistency.

you need enough coconut milk as you can to get a good smooth texture

optional- a few drops of sesame oil

I applied the mixture all over my face for 30 minutes and after washing it off my skin in looks bright and the acne has calmed down :)

Also- whatever you don't use from the mixture can be stored in your fridge for about a week or so.

I hope you can all benefit from this recipe. It has really calmed my skin!

You can also research the benefits of these ingredients- the amla and turmeric are incredible!! I can't emphasize that enough!

If you have trouble finding the ingredients you will definitely be able to find them at any Indian or Pakistani grocery store.

Best of Luck,


p.s- acne is a symptom of deeper problems. This mask will treat the symptoms so you can look and feel beautiful. BUT it is no way a "cure"- don't ignore your body. if you have persistent acne find the reason. for me its PCOS and an under active thyroid. Once you treat yourself on more than one level things should improve. e.g) eating right (based on your body), exercising, and cleaning your face.


Makeup And Acne

Do you ever feel like your part of a vicious cycle? Battling with hating your pimples, covering them, and then hating the new breakouts- I have fought this struggle for almost 5 years now. I don't like makeup. At first I did. I thought it would help me feel better. However, washing my face late at night and realizing the problems were still there, worse, and destroying my complexion have been the turning point. The reality of my skin has made me hate makeup. I love doing other people's makeup- in fact I'm quite good at it. But my face has been a lot more complicated.

I have noticed that I have nothing against my features. My lips are always complimented, my eyes are small but at least I can see, and my nose has never really bothered me. I have just lost an appreciation for all of these things because of the acne and scars that have messed up the canvas on which they lay.

Recently. I have been able to ditch the makeup. Even if a label says "non-comedogenic" its probably still not that great for you. the same can be applied to labels claiming "dermatologist recommended, tested, or approved" this is all BS.I actually trust those less because of how annoying derms are. I have tried nearly every foundation, bb and cc cream, primer, setting powder etc on the market. I will say sheer cover was pretty good- my skin never reacted to it, but price and my own thoughts motivate me to not use anything.

In my mind I feel that I can only begin to love my face by showing it to everyone in its true form. hiding it has only made me hate it more.

I really believe that once you have found a cure or have begun to love your face stopping makeup should be the next step. It will allow you and your skin to breathe.

I truly feel liberated and beautiful without makeup these days. it takes time to get used to. It is hard. but I think that regret is unlikely.

On a side note---Don't get me wrong- makeup is super helpful when your skin is preventing you from having a social life! this is just my opinion and my experience. I hope other acne sufferers can soon reach a state where they don't feel the need to hide.



Hey everyone!

I have had this obsession with avoiding the sun for the past 2 years. I wear huge hats, cover my face with the mirror thing in the car in the weirdest angles, and never swim. Anyways, I have noticed that my skin really didn't improve in these past two years. I just basically stayed whiter than my usual self and my pimples and scars actually looked more noticeable. So if your wondering why I did this- Over googling is the problem. I read that the sun will make scars worse while also helping by drying out pimples. I just figured I didn't want my scars to be any worse.

So today things were a little different for me. I spent all day outside in a kiddy pool with my sister and had so much fun. I also got a tan and rosy cheeks. this I wasn't expecting and at first I was a little upset. but after showering I realized that my scars looked less noticeable, and my pimples had pretty much healed. I actually left my house without makeup. I have not left home without makeup in years. This is big stuff!

So what I have come to believe is that all things are good in moderation- pretty obvious but indeed I learned this the hard way. I don't advise people to stay out in the sun and burn but I definitely think a little sun really will do more than just give us Vitamin D- it really makes our skin look healthier and glowy :)

I hope this helps someone!



Hey everyone!

Being a victim to acne often means constant Google searches for cures- most of the time we seek fast working cures!

I remember having a big family gathering and freaking out the night before because my acne had no mercy. I was covered with breakouts and needed a quick solution. I came across ice for the first time as a solution for acne. This was about 2 years ago. After trying Ice many times I have made some observations and I have come up with a conclusion that could help some of you!

How do I use Ice?

Well it's quite simple.

1)Take ice-cube

2)wrap it in tin foil- this will keep it extra cold

3) then wrap it with a layer of paper towel or some form of towel (you don't want your face to freeze!)

4)place it on the pimple you desire to kill for 10 minutes

and then bam- your acne is supposed to be gone!

Well in reality this treatment is good for 1 thing. It will not reduce the amount of pimples you get in the future. It is not a cure. BUT it does do something great. Ice will flatten a pimple and keep it flat. this takes away any temptation to pick at it- thus in some sense, ice will prevent scars. I used an ice-cube before a party on a HUGE cystic pimple on my chin. about 10 minutes before getting ready for a party i used the ice. that pimple stayed flat eternally and when it healed my skin was back to normal. Nobody could tell I had a planet on my chin! Ice is not going to change the condition of your skin. if you are acne prone ice won't change that. but it will allow your face to look smooth as opposed to bumpy. this is a really big deal for me- because makeup may cover the color of a pimple but if that pimple is 3D it is practically pointless without ice.

I hope you all find this information helpful!



Hello all, I have got a pretty random topic today! I want to talk about how I clean my face and how it has really helped my acne :)

I know we have all heard of the Clarisonic or face brushes in general. I have been using a similar (significantly cheaper) face brush by Olay. I used to be quite skeptical about these types of devices because its of course, not a good idea to over-scrub our skin. This being said, I love cleaning my face with this brush, I can only imagine how great the Clarisonic must be!

I like using the face brush because it really penetrates deeper into my skin cleaning much more effectively. So why is this helpful? Well, with cystic acne the pimple is never at the surface. Using a face brush allows your cleanser to make closer contact with the cyst and ultimately heal it faster.

Beyond cystic acne, face brushes are also great for surface level pimples. I stopped popping my pimples because of this- which means less bleeding, and scarring. I use the face brush with my cleanser and warm water and the pimple is extracted without causing damage to the skin.

All in all I really love and promote face brushes simply because they really do help!

I hope someone out there will find this beneficial!

Best of luck with finding your cure,



Hormonal Acne Solutions

Hey all!

Having PCOS has caused me to basically rarely have clear skin. I often go through endless cycles of breakouts. I have massive eruptions on my face just before that time of month (not just 1 or 2 small ones- like 6-7 large deep painful cystic bumps). After the time of month I heal and usually get less severe pimples on the way. Then it repeats! Anyways. This being said I have managed to break the cycle of bad skin- for the most part. These days I worry most about scars while using a supplement to keep my acne at bay. My face has improved about 80% compared to what it was! This list will show you what I currently use, what I have tried, and some things that I have heard about. I hope someone out there can benefit from this. Here it goes!

1) DIM- Dindolylmethane. This is my personal favorite for my hormonal acne. This is a vegetable derivative (mostly broccoli). You can take 2 capsules once a day at meal time or 2 twice a day. Near my period I go for two twice a day. DIM is something I started after doing research and finding that almost everyone benefited from it :) I obviously don't know much about the science of DIM but you could easily read up about it! What I do know is that it balances hormones, specifically estrogen. this stuff is incredible for acne. My skin was almost completely clear after using this for about a week!

2) Saw Palmetto- This didn't work for me BUT if you have excess testosterone this will be the supplement for you! I have read so many good things about Saw Palmetto. I was bummed when it didn't work for me but I am sharing it because it could benefit someone else :) it's also pretty inexpensive and widely available!

3) Any adaptogen supplement- Ashwagandha, Asian ginseng, Cordyceps, Guduchi Holy Basil, Licorice, Reishi, Rhodiola, and Schisandra- these are just the most highly regarded adaptogens! Adaptogens are great for people with hormonal acne and stress induced acne. Adaptogens restore the body's homeostasis and deal with stress. Adaptogens have the capacity to stabilize our body's systems; cardiovascular system, nervous system, endocrine system, musculature, lymphatic system, etc. anyways I'm sure you can find much information online. these are something I still want to try! If I do I will let everyone know how it goes :)

4) Eliminate Stress- easier said then done. This I know. But adaptogens can again help, or even changing your routine with things like yoga, dance, joining clubs, or finding time to be around the things and people you enjoy! also I once read in my Psychology textbook that pets can really take away your stress and so can religion; so if something brings you peace- do it!

5) changing your diet- we all know certain foods can trigger hormonal imbalances so do be careful and find what suits you best. I am not going to be giving much diet advice because this is still one of my own struggles. everyone has different dietary triggers its about knowing your own and finding what makes you look and feel good!

6) eating essential fatty acids- these actually help control your androgen production which can significantly reduce hormonal breakouts. you can try adding flax seed oil, avocados, grape-seed oil, olives, and nuts to your diet. (these are just a few sources of essential fatty acids)

7) vitamins- Some people say having vitamin D has helped their hormonal acne. I don't know how true these claims are but I am sure this is worth a try. Vitamin D, Zinc, K, A, C etc. are all known to be good for our skin. I suggest finding out what you may be deficient in and going from there! I remember a time when I would wake up and have like 12 different supplements. I think a better approach is to work on what actually needs to be fixed instead of over-supplementing and guessing!

I hope these 7 tips can help those suffering with hormonal acne and hormonal conditions entirely. These of course are just SOME of the many ways we can heal our acne!

Best of Luck to everyone,



If your anything like me- acne scars are stressful. I have tried so many things. Lemons, baking soda, cucumbers, vichy spot treatment, garnier glycolic acid peel for scars, scar fade, coconut oil, tamanu oil, maderma- the list actually goes on. What I have found to be most effective: 2 things AND 2 others that have had some effectiveness for others!

1) Time- No matter what you put on your face those nasty things will fade on their own. sometimes in days, weeks, months, or years. Hardly any scars will last forever. The most frustrating thing is hearing "those are yours to keep" when really solutions do exist.

now for what has seriously accelerated healing and fading scars:

2) Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). In advance I will say- I use the pure organic apple cider vinegar by Braggs- I get it from my local GNC. This Sh*t is strong. I use ACV religiously. 2 times a day. I soak a cotton pad with enough to cover my face- emphasizing my cheeks (that's where my scars mostly are). I have been doing this for about 3 weeks and I have already seen significant improvement :) This has been the most effective thing I have ever tried.

Note: I don't dilute my vinegar. It is so strong my eyes literally burn- but it's worth it!

3) For pitted scars you can try- MSM cream. Read this review to know if it may be for you :)! I will say- This didn't work for me but it might work for someone else. I tried it after that good review online (and the price was encouraging) but again I had no luck.

4) PMD- personal Microderm. If you have a birthday coming up or money to spare- try to get this. This is a decent tool that has helped some people fade their deep acne scars. I use mine once a week and it does a great job removing dead skin. I haven't seen great results from this but IF you are willing to risk it then do your research, get more information and see if it is for you!

For anyone considering laser- give these a try first. You could save a lot of money and pain. I was considering pro fractional laser until I tried ACV and now I feel like I don't need it!

I will give honorable mention to lemons- with time those bad boys work- but ACV is much faster :)

and as a side note- I still have shallow pitted scars on my cheeks but they are not as obvious as they were before- major pitted scars wont fade but any colored scars will. the color has faded and my skin looks normal in most places.

Good luck,



Recently I have been really thinking about some of my decisions. I have really realized that a lot of things I have done that have caused me misery are a result of how I have seen myself. For this I will be using my relationship as an example.

I have been in a relationship for about 4 years. we met when I was 17. I was surprised that someone found me attractive because I hated my face. I thought it was so unlikely that anyone would want to be with me. This might sound bad, but this is really why I entered this relationship. I felt lucky to find a person willing to put up with my external ugliness.

Before I met him I had met so many guys that I found myself attracted to, but because of my acne I assumed they would never see anything in me. That I would not satisfy them because I felt I wasn't beautiful. I ultimately have settled for someone simply because my acne has caused me to think that I can't do any better.

I have made decisions like this that make me miserable simply because of my insecurities.

The reason I'm writing this is not random. Just yesterday I ran into a guy that I had a huge crush on in high-school. He's an incredible human. He's not just beautiful but he's also so amazing. I was practically raised around this guy. I have known him since my memory has been effective. I had lost touch with him since about 4 years ago. We got into a great conversation and he was shocked to find out that I am in a serious relationship. The whole time I was speaking to him I just felt more upset at my relationship. But I Knew and still know that even if I wasn't in this relationship he would be out of my league.

I feel like acne has made me do things I wouldn't do. It has made me underestimate myself. It has made me assume that I am never going to be good enough. It has caused me to believe that I deserve the bare minimum if not less.

I know some might say if your not happy end it, but we're engaged. This is the first relationship I have been in and I don't know how to end it. I have 0 experience.

I feel really weird opening up about this but I guess maybe someone will relate...

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