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About this blog

After years of being on medicines that have, at the end, only messed up my skin, im going to document how this new routine i will try will better my skin.

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Sorry for the absence but alot has happened in the past two weeks. First off, i went to my college orientation that lasted a couple of days where i had to stay on campus. With that being said, i couldnt bring my aloe, charcoal tablets, sugar, clay and etc with me and to do it each night. When it was over i had my wisdom teeth taken out and i didn't follow up on the skin care routine with that happening. So i didnt do it for a whole week, and since my wisdom teeth were taken out ive been taking 500 mgs of amoxicillin 4 times a day until i run out of it. For those who dont know about amoxicillin, it is drug that kills the bacteria in your body. You normally take it when you have some type of infection. i want to make it clear that i am not taking it for acne but for the wisdom teeth removal and that it is not part of my regimen. However it has killed the acne i have since amoxicillin kills all the bacteria in the body both good and bad.

The reason why i mention this is because since im clear of acne at the moment, i need to state that its not due to the fact the ive been doing the regimen. So unfortunately i cant give a good result on what happens after 1 month on this skin care routine. I will be starting all over again but with some "modifications" to it.

  • I will take zinc again once a day
  • i will continue to use a calcium bentonite facial
  • i will continue to exfoliate before the mask
  • i will not use charcoal in the exfoliator as it is a hassle to keep cleaning it off my sink and counter in the bathroom.
  • i will continue to use aloe vera gel since it has helped me so much.

I have been thinking about taking something else internally but i will bring it up in my next post once i do more research about it .

until next time!


My scars are fading, whitewhead galore stopped happening as did the initial breakout, and my acne hasn't been coming in full force and so often anymore! I cant believe just a couple months ago i had severe acne that was persistent since my freshman year of high school. Im starting college in late August and I have regained so much confidence I once had before. I really do think the zinc is the cause of the acne not coming back since it is the only thing I am taking internally for acne. As for the things I use externally I know they work to treat the acne I have already and the zinc has been helping keep it in control. I cant wait to see how I will be after one month. I am glad I did my research and saw what I could use for my acne since I didn't like prescription drugs. I definitely see myself using this for a while to help my acne.


First off my scars are healing. You know i am seeing progress when i i have to literally get up and close on the mirror and try to find them. people say they use aloe vera for their acne and the scars to. i cant personally say whether it is healing my acne but it definitely is helping my scar a lot. if i knew i could get this result i wouldn't have wasted my time( or money) on prescription drugs like tretinion that were supposed to help that.

second the amount of whiteheads im getting is decreasing and thew ones i had are going away. to be honest im only using two things that are helping the acne itself, the lemon juice and the zinc, i guess maybe the apple cider vinegar and the aloe vera but im not to sure on those two. i think the reason why i had so many breakouts was because i took a high amount of zinc. Usually people who take zinc say they get an initial break out but since i went the a high amount of zinc that could explain why i had alot.

ill update again a little after week 3 happens again. and im sorry for the short updates, if anyone wants a more thorough explanation of anything by all means please leave a comment or message me.


I didnt feel the need to post if there werent any significant changes so sorry for being MIA.

I have whiteheads all over my cheeks! :) why am I happy about that? Because I ONLY have Whiteheads and its ONLY on my cheeks. If you read my other posts from when I started I would get cysts, those red one that you could feel your heart beat in and feel inflamed, regular zitz and they would be on my forehead or on my cheeks or my nose or under my chin or the jawline...well you get the idea. I haven't seen any of those nasty ones on my face since starting.

Im not to worried about the whiteheads, when I exfoliate, wash, and then use the aztec clay mask alot of them disappear or get smaller.

My acne marks are fading!!!! This aloe vera gelly really works!!!! I have had acne since freshman year (I just graduated high school a couple weeks ago) so I essentially have four yrs or scars with me. And I have never used anything for scars that got me this close to a scar free face, not even prescription topicals. They are still there but they are significantly lighter and my red one are gone. I even got a few compliments saying that the scars are disappearing.

And lastly, I've incorporated sea salt to the regimen, I added it to the step to exfoliate with charcoal, I felt that the charcoal alone couldn't give me a good exfoliation, so I used the sea salt and I noticed the whitehead being property exfoliated. There really hasnt been significant change to routine, just the addition of sea salt to aid exfoliation.


Day 3 And 4

I'm noticing more whiteheads coming up to the surface of my skin. Since its still the beginning im sure it will go away by next week. Also the zinc might being pushing it out from the inside since I've read that it could do that.


Day 2

Not much to say here. I have noticed that im getting more breakouts due to the masks im using.

Before I forget I forgot to mention that I am also taking zinc supplements for acne. I heard people say that it balances hormones and help clear acne so fingers crossed.


Day 1

Before I get into my first experience with this I would like to state that I'm only doing at night. in the mornings all I do is wash my face with my soap and then apply the Aloe Vera Gelly by Lily of the Dessert and go on with my day.

Step 1: pre wash with water. not much to say on this, I just found it easier to exfoliate in the next step by using hot water in this step.

Step 2: Charcoal and aloe vera gelly exfoliator. First thing, this gets very messy. before I mix the 2 together I spray the charcoal with a water bottle once its in a container, just 2 o3 sprays. when you mix the aloe vera with the charcoal it wont be dusty when you mix it since its wet. when I did this I wasn't sure if it was exfoliating the first time, so what I will be doing now is mixing sugar with it to get the exfoliation I want. Sugar wont cause acne or get into your pores, and nothing in it cures acne either. this is only used as a scrub by people since it gets the job done as an exfoliator. I then leave it on the skin for 5 minutes and exfoliate it off. when I washed it off I noticed I had such smooth and soft skin. not to mention the charcoal really made it feel clean. This is also messy when it rinses off, it wont stain your sink as long as you wash it off properly.

Step 3: Asepxia soap to wash face. I like this soap so much! it really help when I have acne that I need gone right away. this soap also cleans your face and does what you need.

Step 4: Aztec healing clay with lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. this mask is the best! it really pulls out the bacteria from my active acne. If you use this you should know acouple of things.

  1. You WILL breakout at first. BUT DON'T WORRY THATS HOW YOU KNOW ITS WORKING. This mask really pulls everything to surface until it can be pulled out from your pores to the mask. That's how you know its deep cleaning. With that being sad you might read review saying it was bad because people broke out, but if they stuck with it and did a little research they would have known it would have been better in a couple uses.
  2. This doesn't treat acne just helps pull it out. its the "activating" product you use that will help. For example. if you use green tea, the green tea will help the break outs, Lemon juice will heal the acne, help inflammation, and lighten scars, etc.
  3. when you take off the mask you will be red, but that goes away within half an hour or so. This makes makes you feel you pulsations. it even says so on the label.
  4. I find that thin layer is just as good as a think layer, no need to waste product. just make sure you have a nice consistency, not to watery but not to thick.
  5. when you have this you don't want to make a lot of reactions and just do something to wait for it to dry. If you talk, for example, the mask will start to crack when drying, so just try to read a book, watch tv, something quiet.
  6. some people say to have a towel or rag to help take it off(since it does take a while to wash off) but if the layer you applied wasn't to thick, just rubbing with hot water and your hands will do the trick.

Step 5: aloe vera gelly moisturizer im definitely buying this again when I run out!!! I love this so much. I usually have oily skin. and when I applied this last night it was a little tight so I assumed that my oily skin would produce oil to the max. but I didn't have oily skin throughout the night. Not knowing what would happen I used it this morning and I wasn't super oily like I always am.

obviously I haven't seen dramatic results. all I've seen is a couple of whiteheads come up most likely from the charcoal or the Aztec clay or possibly both, but im not to worried about it.

until tomorrow, later !



MY routine is as follows:

Step 1 prewash: I wash my face with only water for about 15-20 seconds.

Step 2 exfoliation/mask: I make my own exfoliation using activated charcoal tablets and aloe vera gel. about 3 pills/ tablets depending what size you bought, make a guess on how much will cover your face. I exfoliate for about 2-3 minutes and leave it on for 5 minutes and then rinse off.

step 3: wash my face with a soap. you can use whatever you like, I personally use Asepxia neutral soap.

step 4: use the Aztec healing clay mask for an hour. mix with equal pat of the mask lemon juice and apple cider vinegar

step 5: after the mask is washed off. I moisturize and go to bed. I use an aloe vera gel based moisturizer

Why do I use these?

Activated Charcoal: I use this to get the impurities out. Activated charcoal has a negative charge and the toxins and poisons in our bodies have a positive charge. when these to join together a magnetic reaction so to speak bonds. thus when you was off the activated charcoal you take out the impurities along with it. and since I use it as an exfoliation first im opening my pores, and when I leave it as a mask the impurities are easier to remove. This is NOT the same as charcoal you would use for a cook out. You can find this in you local pharmacies or a vitamin store in your area. This would most likely be under the digestion section as this is usually used for treating food poisoning.

Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe vera is natural skin care product as it comes from a plant. some of the vitamins found in aloe vera are vitamins

A, C, and E along with different types of vitamin B. Aloe vera also has numerous minerals, one of them being zinc, which have been shown in studies to help with acne. It is said to heal wounds, reduces inflammation, reduces redness, and is an antibiotic. I use Lily of the dessert Aloe Vera Gelly. They have aloe vera juice and gel but their website says that normally those are used internally. The Gelly says its 99% aloe vera. I was looking for 100% but that one percent wont do damage. I found this at my local vitamin shoppe.

Asepxia: Asepxia is a skin care brand from Mexico. They have a lot of soaps, acne treatments and skin care products. They also have a website that lists all their products but you cant buy from them online. You can find them in Walmart and walgreens and you can also try amazon. This soap in particular have both glycolic and salicylic acid, which are two ingredients used for treating acne.

Aztec Healing Clay: I use this to take out the impurities aswell. Aztec healing clay is calcium bentonite. this also has a negative charge that pulls out the toxin and impurities when used as a mask with a magnetic bond. Calcium bentonite is formed when volcanic ash is weathered and aged. when you buy this in the store it is essentially dirt. It has to be "activated" with a liquid. You can use this with water, but there are other things you can use such as lemon juice, apple cider vinager, green tea, aloe vera gel/juice to name a few. I also found this at a vitamin shoppe near my house.

Lemon juice: lemon juice is one of those natural home remedies some people use for acne. it is rich in alpha hydroxyl which helps exfoliate the skin allowing dead skin to be removed and new skin cells to regenerate. it helps lighten your facial discolorations allowing your acne marks to be lightened. it also is used to heal the acne itself.

Apple Cider Vinegar: which is not the same as regular vinegar, is used to help unclog pores and help acne breathe. it also restores our faces ph balance.

I am by no means a doctor or medical professional. ive just done my research for a while and am trying to see what works with me and sharing it. I did this pretty fast since I had class so by all means do your research aswell if you plan to use any or all of these products. My next post which I will try to put later tonight is my first experience with this yesterday.




Hello, welcome to my new blog. Basically I will share the new skin care routine I will be trying and share whether or not it is helping me.

First I will get into a little backstory on my acne experience. I started breaking out during my spring break of freshman year when I was 14. before I did have one or two at a time, but this was way worse. I came back from break with breakouts literally everywhere on my face. it was al over my cheeks, my chin, my jawline, and along my eyebrows. at that time my family didn't have health insurance so I couldn't see a doctor. I tied anything that was available at the pharmacy, they did help a little, but I still had severe acne. when we did have health insurance, my primary doctor was at a clinic. just with that you can already tell I wasn't going to get great service, and youre right. He prescribed me doxycycline along with clindamycin phosphate. He never told me about the drugs, like how one month on the doxycycline wasn't gonna be all I had to take. and eveytime I went to doctors he gave me a completely different drug and never asked about the last thing I was on. he put me on retinoids, clindamycin, erythromycin, benzoyl peroxide, and kept going back and forth on them.

nothing truly worked until I had better insurance and went to a doctor at the end of my junior year of hs. he had put me on minocycline and a benzoyl peroxide wash and tretinoin and had given me more info. I was suppose to be on it for 3 months and come back for the progress results. I was surprised that I was actually clear. the minocycline worked. I had stopped the tretinoin because it had made my skin sensitive and it was summer so I stopped all together. after those 3 moths the doctor cut the dosage I was on. unfortuantley my acne was coming back. I was then switched to doryx when he refered me to a derm. the derm told me that I should be on doryx for a while too. I just took the pill and hoped for the best. the doryx worked to some extent, and eventually 3 months in my derm also put me on aczone in the am, and adaplene at night along with hydrocortisone. and these to creams at night, I believe, made my acne worse. I knew that it was supposed to give me an initial breakout, and after the period of time I didn't breakout as much, but the thing is that I was still breaking out as usual as if I never took the pills. this had me upset since the initial beakouts (from doryx and from the two creams) gave me a lot of scars all over my face.

I was initially asked whether I wanted to take Accutane(isotretinoin) and I desperately did but my parents wouldn't let me take it. if I could I would be on it now, but I cant.

So now I take no medicine and im hoping that my new skin care regimen will help me.

Thank you for taking the time to read next post will talk about what is part of my skin care routine, what they do for the skin, and why I and how I use them. feel free to ask me anything and I will respond to it in my next post so everyone can have an answer.

Later! (also im sorry for any misspellings, I have acouple keys that are sticky!)

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