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About this blog

My journey on Roaccutane.

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I've decided to add a blog which I will try to keep up to date. Having tried all different kinds of medications, diets, cleansers and remedies over the past 18 years, I got myself referred to a dermatologist. There was a lot of waiting for an initial consultation, and then for blood test results, but I was eventually prescribed isotretinoin.

I don't suffer from acne as much as others may do, but still enough to give me low self-esteem, and those "F*** it! I'm not leaving the house today" feelings.

I'm on 30mg a day for the next two months, before returning to the dermatologist to check my progress.

I absolutely hate taking 'selfies', but not as much as I hate other people seeing photos of my face. However, I figured it might help me feel a bit more pro-active if I posted daily photos on my progress with roaccutane. Go easy on me.

START - Saturday 31st May

Took first pills this evening (30mg). It begins.

DAY 1 - Sunday 1st June

A couple more whiteheads, potentially caused be excessive drumming yesterday.

DAY 2 - Monday 2nd June

Larger pimples beginning to appear around jawline. Possibly caused by even more drumming yesterday.

DAY 3 - Tuesday 3rd June

Redness. Oily skin over face. More pimples starting to appear. Feels greasy and irritable. One right on the bridge/brow hurts a bit.

DAY 4 - Wednesday 4th June

Less red forehead. Pimples not so painful. Look quite oily/shiny. Feels a little tighter than usual. Lips a little dryer today

DAY 5 - Thursday 5th June

Here we go then. Initial breakout begins. Lots of whiteheads on the chin. Embarrassing and uncomfortable.

DAY 6 - Friday 6th June

Breakout worsens. More whiteheads. Painful and irritating.

DAY 7 - Saturday 7th June

Worst day ever. EVER. Painful and incredibly irritable. Probably not helped by the fact I sat in traffic, in the heat, for an extra 2 hours.

DAY 8 - Sunday 8th June

Totally unmotivated today. No need to get up and do anything, so I didn't

DAY 9 - Monday 9th June

Perhaps not as many whiteheads as yesterday, but still painful. And crusty... :/ Beginning to get itchy too. Must stop looking in mirror…

DAY 10 - Tuesday 10th June

Looking rough. A little more motivated than yesterday.

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