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Day 45

Still using Environ. The first impression from the cosmetics is very good. The fragrances are nice. I like the textures too. It doesn't dry my skin and hydrates it. Seems like it's a bit smoother than before...Or maybe, it only seems to me... But no effect on the spots by now. Not enough time to speak about the results.

Reading the articles on the internet meanwhile and people are writing different things about it: for some it's good, some are not satisfied with what they get. Still don't have a clue on what exactly works as the main ingredient in the products that kills the bacteria. For example, Roaccutane is a drug and it's all very clear with it. In Dermalogica there are some acids (don't remember exactly the names - was always bad at chemistry) What is so amazing in Environ - this is the question. We'll see...


Day 35

So, to begin with, wold like to say that Environ is an "expensive pleasure". Comparing to Dermalogica.

The line responsible for acne here is called B-active. They have a lot of everything.

As I'm not a Rockefeller's granddaughter, I decided to be very serious about chosing the products.

Here we go:

B-active Sebuwash

B-active Sebuspot

AVST1 (moisturizer)

Actually, they have other Sebu-stuff but I took the main products: something to clean the skin, something to fight with the spots and a moisturizer.

..and yes, you were right..they do have supplements (haven't bought it yet) - Environ's problem skin. ( a bit scared as you never know which side effects it may have and etc...) Lisa (the beauty therapist) assured me that it would support my immune system and has some ingredients which beneficially influence the skin condition. I am not wearing pink glasses and always considered myself to be quite adequate. But wait a sec..what is it??? It's a song...It's like I hear Freddy singing to me: "lalalala..It's a kind of magic..magic..magiiiiic!!!"

I am confused. I am in doubts. I will see.


Day 32

...And so I saw my dermatologist. Made a few blood tests as probably it can be the hormonal changes which cause the acne at my age. Will remind you, I'm 23.

The hormones my doc was interested in are testosterone and mammotropic hormone.

And so, of course, my testosterone is higher..tadaaaah!!! So, I was suggested to have a course of hormonal pills but I've been through this already and no huge improvements (besides hormones are still hormones!)

My aunt is a doc and she promised to prescribe a few natural herbal medicines that are less harmful for health than hormones.

The thing is that if you take the pills and STILL have spots than it's definitely not your case, ladies. That's what happened with me. Though, I was taking the pills for quite a long time, the effect was not satisfactory and ..temporary, unfortunately.

Dermalogica is not for me too. Dried out my skin like f***n' Sahara and right now I have to solve one more problem which is dehydrated skin. So, maybe it works but not with everyone as it's very aggressive and the components in the content are "drastic". Welcome to Hopelsessville! Hell, yeah!

BUT on the other hand, I saw the doctor and I know that it can't be some demodex (gush, I really have known more than I can take in this life) which calmed me down.

The dermatologist said that "there's nothing surprising. You're waitng for a result from mass market products". Okay, captain, so, moving on to another brand. Let it be Environ.

And must keep the diet still!!! I was advised to eliminate the meat and salt and then see the effect. Well, meat - no prob but salt....that will be hard, have to say.


Day 24

Well, well, well...I'm still using Dermalogica..Don't know...but my skin started to be sooo dry...Haven't decided yet what could cause it: mask or booster or both...What if I use it too much...or maybe I apply it wrong...Jesus Christ, I definitely do something wrong....

My diet pisses me off!!! I can't drink black coffee anymore and yes (!!!) I do love cheeses and I will eat'em. We live only once and I can't limit myself all my life. Bygones.

What can I say..I'm a sad trash today) Just realize that everything I do...doesn't give much in reward...

But no! I won't take antibiotics or try dermabrasion as I believe that I can do something about it just like that (using home remedies, professional cosmetics).

So, today gonna see my therapist and ask her: 'what the hell is going on???' Speaking about my face...Hmmm..It doesn't look much better...Oh, come on, it doesn't look better at all..Seems like it looks even worse. Like kind of irritation or something...

Okaaay, okaay, I will see the dermatologist soon! Grrrr


Day 21

Hello, blogoreaders!

Errmm..No matter how this question popped into my head...But...does the lemon work as a "home remedy" against the acne marks?

Just asking)


Day 19

Hello, everybody!

So, the summer has come to the UK too...Finally no more rains...good, sunny weather....Yeeeeaaaaahhhh..Which is very nice because the sun improves my skin a lot))) What about you? Did you notice any changes on your skin during summer when you turn your faces to the UV, eh?

Trying (in vains) to find any article or post or anything to convince myself that sun really helps when you have acne pron skin...but..nope...nothing

My skin really looks better and not only because it gets gorgeous tan and the general appearance is nicer...I feel, it's becoming smooth (you may not believe it). Spots kind of start disappear..Or maybe it seems to me...

But I am here to ask you WHICH SUNSCREEN COSMETICS DO YOU USE (IF YOU DO)??? I'm talking about the whole body care and face (certainly) too. Thanks)


Day 15

So, hello everybody!

Do the mud and clay masks help??? In my life I tried many things. Muds are really something worth of mentioning. There are lots of them: black muds, blue muds, red muds, white muds....choose any you like.

Would like to highlight the benefits of the black mud which is suitable for all skin types, but is especially effective for skin suffering from an excessive oiliness. The thing is that the minerals which are contained in the masks are able to penetrate the deep skin layers and improve the blood circulation like that (which we actually need to make our organism fight with the inflammation caused by acne). It calms typical irritation and redness, and the mask can therefore be applied two to three times a week. But be careful as the mud will draw a bit of moisture out of the skin as it dries, however, so the use of facial moisturizers is often recommended as a follow-up treatment.

It didn't help me to win the battle with acne, but it was rather effective with balancing the skin condition. The skin looked really less oily for a whole day. Besides, the skin tonicity is far better, its tone looks..fresh)))

So, if you're hesitating to try the Dead Sea products, go for it.

Just don't be lazy to prepare it. It always depends on motivation, doesn't it? What is the best motivation if not looking beautiful?)

Good luck!


Day 12

So, it was Dermalogica. It was nice). The therapist asked about my skin concerns and what products i am currently using. My skin concerns are (as you all probably aware): constant breakouts and not actually having a professionally prescribed regime (must admit). The therapist spent a long time looking at my skin - had to examine it before offering a facial for my skin type. The problem was obvious, of course)

The whole thing lasted smth like 45 min and I almost fell asleep. What's very interesting is that Dermalogica has so-called face mapping tool'. Dermalogica based their skin care recommendations on various 'zones'. Each area of the face is a 'zone' and it's not really necessary to apply all the products on a whole face. She then offered for me to try the products on my face as she devised my prescription. I was keen on giving a try to several of those:

1) ultra calming cleanser

2) dynamic skin recovery with SPF30 (let's not forget, it's summer)

3) sebum clearing masque

4) one nice thing, I appreciated - special clearing booster to apply locally on spots before going to sleep.

I found the treatment nice and pleasant. Will keep in contact with the beautician. Now going to follow the recommendations. Next treatment is on Sunday.


Day 11

I've tried one interesting thing - honey and found out that it works as a nice antiseptic on skin. Yes, it can dry it a lot if you apply a thic layer of honey as a mask on all your skin face. But if you apply it locally on the problem spots, it will be better already in 2 days, take my word for it.

So, today is my first treament with Dermalogica. Excited to try it, excited to see how my skin will feel after. Excited to talk to a beautician. It's important to do the facials when it's not irritated that's why I'm just in time (while there are no break outs at the moment)


Day 8

Huh...Got a bit upset with the reports on the internet about this Dermalogica.

Seems, like, yeah..there's no universal product that helps (all of the beauticians I called were like "ohh, it's so good! the clients love it!) But will make a facial first, talk to a cosmetologist and after make conclusions.

You speak about diets? Maybe I really should. I've never killed my body with junk food, you know..I don't smoke (if you do, you may forget about good skin - this is sure). ALCOHOL. This is something which causes problems. Did you know that among all the alcohols the most dangerous is...tadadada...drums...CHAMPAGNE!!! :-D


So, about the diet. I was sufing on the internet a lot...and the majority speaks about eliminating:

1) milk

2) cheese (expecially, those blue cheeses)

3) coffee

So, rabbits, eat fruits, vegetables, drink fresh juices, lots of water* (it's really important) ...I'm gone to prepare my healthy lunch!

*have read somewhere that you should not just drink water glass by glass but make a few sips but during ALL THE DAY, constantly. In this case, water stays in the organism for longer, the skin is supple, smooth and healthy.


Day 7

I've got an appointment! going to a beauty salon on Monday! Tadaaaah!!! The girl works on Dermalogica (c'mon, seems like whole London is crazy about it: in 7 salons I called, 5 work with thos stuff). So if it's so popular then maybe it really works. But hmmm..we all know that a good product should not be advertised. We'll see, we'll see....

Today on my way to home noticed a poster with "Perfectil"... I've never been so interested in taking pills as it's health, ppl!!! But I'm just curious. Maybe I should give it a try, how do you think?


Day 6

The skin looks better a little bit. Tried Jojoba oil on it...and it became reddish (think, it's normal and it has nothing to do with the oil as it's just the irritation..poor skin) Today looked at myself in the mirror..it wasn't worth of it at all. Spots stayed as they were (maybe less visible BUT only because I’d burnt the skin all over the face) What else..it is flaky (salicylic acid made its job) and tired from all of my experiments. Looking for a beautician meanwhile…Professional help’s required now). Surfing on the internet and doing my own research about the professional cosmetics. Here we go…

There are several brands that are well-known, like:





Anna Lotan


Crystal Clear

If you tried any of them, I’ll be happy to know your opinions and impressions. I personally would like to try each of them (don't know if it's possible and if it's good for the skin as too much stuff on the skin will not make any good, I guess), talk to a cosmetologist first to find out which of them suits me most.


Day 4

Well, I have a problem)))

Was so pissed off with the pimples on my back and chin that decided to try smth THAT radical as salicylic acid… The skin looks awful on my face now. The back is more or less alright...itchy, though... The skin got burned…Of course, I’m stupid and it’s my fault but I just could not wait any longer for the spots to disappear themselves.

But now I know…I will NEVER EVER again in my life do it. People, be really careful. Yes, you can use it just to stop inflammation if for example, you had a breakout.

I look like a solarium victim. Any recommendations for the moisturizers???


Day 1

So, hello everybody!

I know that all of us are here because we suffer some skin problems otherwise we won't be wasting out time on forums, blogs and sites to find out valuable information on how to cure your skin.

I have a combination skin which is oily on my T-zone with visible pores (rather big ones). IT could sound not that awful if not the acne problem which is with me for (let me think...) 11 (!!!) years. Firstly, I thought those were growing-up years (almost everybody, we were not perfect in our 14-something) but seems like no if I'm nearly 25 and acne still exists in my life. Then I was blaming hormones but thanks god, my reproductive system works well (according to the results of the tests and hilarious bills for my gynaecologist). I don't smoke, don't...(well, drinking is not banned! We live in a free country, no?), don't take drugs (Jesus Christ), don't eat all that junk food from McDonald's and so on and so forth. Then...WHYYYY???

Since now, I drink lots of water (everyone's saying it to me...seems like, it helps if they scream about it everywhere).

I will reconsider my eating habbits (no more milk and so loved by me cheeses)

I will start looking for a cosmetologist who can prescribe me something that simply works.

So, here, today, I promise myself to find the way out in my horrible case and will be looking for a "wonderful something" that will help me to get rid off my acne forever! Amen.