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The Blogging Summer Sequel!

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For those of you who are just starting Accutane for the first time or hell, the 2nd, 3rd or whatever time, take time to observe pre-existing things affecting you. If you have always suffered from the screaming mimis on the toilet after a late night binge of Taco Bell, don't freak out if it happens when you're just now taking Accutane. If you had a nervous twitch in your eye before you got on Accutane, don't think that your eye is going to suddenly explode because you're now on it.

So I had a freak out fest last Saturday where I was sitting on the computer writing my previous blog when I noticed my vision was a little off. I stopped what I was doing and looked around and realized "Yep, my eyes feel weird." Being the worry wart I am, I go consult my handy dandy Accutane handbook (NOW WITH MORE DEFORMED BABY PICTURES! YAAAAAY!) and read over the brain swelling section.

Hmmm.. My vision feels off. My head is a little sore. OH MY DOG!! MY BRAIN IS SWELLING!!!!

My heart starts racing and I start freaking the hell out. What's my next intelligent step? The Internet.

If you ever have any symptom: whether you're on Accutane or not, the worst thing you can do is go on WebMD or any of those other sites. But I'm not always brilliant so I ignore my own advice and end up having an anxiety attack thinking this:

I'M ALLERGIC TO ACCUTANE. MY BRAIN IS SWELLING AND I'M GOING TO LOSE AN EYE! Why did I agree to go on this DEMON MEDICINE again?!?! Woe is me!! Boohoo!!

And so I lie there in bed, with the lights out, still as a board and my mind racing every which way. My fiance eventually comes to bed after a late night nerd fest on the Playstation and I tell him what happened. His answer made a lightbulb flicker on above my head:

"It's probably eye strain from the computer."

Eye Strain? Eye Strain??? Yes!! Eye Strain! And as he rolls over asleep, I grab the phone and look up Eye Strain. Yes, that's it. Eye Strain! Haha! I WILL LIVE!!!

Ever since that freak out fest, I'm cool. Life is swimingly so far on Accutane and as long as the chapstick is beside me, all is well in my world. Let my stupidity be a lesson: While it's good to be self aware, don't be self paranoid or get wrapped up in hysterics. Oh, and stop consulting the internet for your diagnosis!

Be well, fellow taners!


Today I learned that starting Accutane in the summer is going to be pretty_darn_interesting. While walking from my car toward my office, I began the unchoreographed dance up the hill trying to avoid the sun. To a passer by, I must've looked like a mental case between rushing from shady patch to shady patch and holding my arms in front of me to keep the sun from hitting them. I feel like a Vampire, afraid that I'll spontaneously combust if the sun touches my vulnerable skin.

Despite slathering SPF 50 sunscreen on 30 minutes before I had to go outside, putting on my wide brimmed hat, and doing my Monty Python "Silly Walk" from shaded areas, I still ended up with red arms *cue the sad trombone waaaaah waaaah waaaaaaaaaaah*

Anyway, other than my "fun in the sun", I have nothing to report yet. I popped my 4th pill tonight and we'll see what adventures in accutane tomorrow brings!

Have a lovely day, lovelies!


So here I am again, staring at that familiar image of the pregnant woman with the international no symbol and as I peel it away, I think to myself "149 of these little ladies to go."

At least 149 more to go.

How did I get into this situation where I have a junkie bruise on my left arm and am now having to pop pills for the next 5 or so months?

Ah yes, that's right.. ACNE. Assh*le.. teehee.


I'm 33 years old and have put up with moderate acne since the puberty fairy visited me 20 years ago (damn I sound old..haha). Most of it was just an annoyance but 5 years ago, I had a wild hair up my rear and decided to go all holistic and stuff. Let me tell you something: Lemon juice and apple cider vinegar = PISSED OFF SKIN! My experiment blessed me with cystic acne. The kind that hurt to the touch, looked like I had some contagious disease and had the power to make people laugh at or pity me. Fun times! Weeeeeee..not. :P

I visited a couple dermatologists and every single one of them, without missing a beat, said "Accutane." So I went on a fun little odyssey of blood draws, eating lots, the "don't get pregnant illustration" and aquaphor. Six months later, I was CLEAR!! Hallelujah!!

While my skin never returned to how horrid it was with the cystic nodules, over the years I had started to get inflamed crap cropping up again. Oh yeah, and Exxon called me asking if I could donate the oil on my face for refining into gasoline.

Most derms that I visited including my old one who put me on Accutane just gave me topicals and waved me out the door. It wasn't until I visited my current dermatologist that I got his Accutane blessing.

That blessing did come with a price: being a human pin cushion for the phlebotomists. I gave blood before my doctor's appointment and I was given the "good" news of having to give blood again with a follow up in two weeks and then two weeks after that (refill time!). My veins are already screaming and so will I when I go back for lab work.

And so begins my journey. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


This blog is mostly for me to post how my progress goes but also to hopefully provide you with entertaining bathroom reading on your smart phone :) Enjoy!

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