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Roaccutane... This should be interesting!

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It's been a while since my last blog so thought I'd update today.

It's been 30 days (well over actually but my derm messed up my appointments so I've had a 4 day break from the roaccutane) and I have my first follow up appointment today where I'll have my blood test and pregnancy test as well.

Apart from the dry lips, which I mention a lot, and generally dry skin I have only really suffered with the occasional nose bleed and hardly any other side effects lately.

My face is looking good (see attached) I have had 1 breakout in the last 2 weeks and that cleared up within 3 days which was pretty cool http://// http://// http:////

I am looking forward to the next few months of treatment because my skin has improved so much in one month, I'm positive that once I complete my 6 months of treatment that I will have well and truly kicked acne right out of my system.

The side effects really worried me at first and I felt dreadful during the first 7-10 days but after that passed and my body got used to the roaccutane it has been smooth sailing and the results have been really worthwhile for me.

Littlelids http:////



WOW... Cetaphil...

I literally don't know how I ever lived without this cream... It is the best I have used and keeps my skin hydrated. Yes, I am still using it 3-4 times a day but it lasts longer and feels good. It cost £10 but the tube is pretty big so hopefully it will last a couple of weeks.

Face Update: Looking so much clearer... Had a breakout this week (have attached a pic) which lasted 2 days but compared to how long they would usually last (1-2 weeks) I am amazed at how quickly it came and then disappeared. I still have pretty flushed cheeks but that is part of the rosacea anyway.

Side Effects - Disappearing slowly...! No more depressing thoughts and feeling constantly tired. Still the occasional mood swing but that might just be me, not the roaccutane!

I still have really really dry lips but I can live with that.

Going out for the first time on Saturday night with my friends and am dreading applying make up, foundation specifically, as I haven't worn any for 13 days so any tips would be great guys :)


Hi again :)

So, I've successfully completed week one on Roaccutane!

I have to admit it's been a busy 3 days (long weekend) as we've had friends over and places to go so we haven't stopped at all... but I think this is the key to success! Every time I get up and don't have many plans, these are the times I feel low and want to sleep constantly.

However, when I am busy and surrounded by people I feel OK, kinda normal. So my advise is to keep busy and not let your mind go into overdrive!

Side effects wise, no massive changes, lips have really dried out now and so has the rest of my face. Have had to buy some anti-dandruff shampoo as my scalp is quite bad at the moment, also my ears are really flaky... Anybody else had this with their ears?

My skin is clearing up, I have one new, painful pustule underneath my nose.

I have attached a photo of the area that isn't great at the moment. Really sore and quite angry too. Hopefully that will start to go down over the next few days.

Will keep you posted on the progress...


Day 5

Woke up today feeling absolutely fine and I'm pretty sure it is due to the fact that I treated myself to an eyelash lift last night which has boosted my confidence a bit.

The beauty therapist I saw last night was on roaccutane for 18 months and it was great to actually speak to someone face to face, who had amazing skin, who could talk me through their experience with the drug as all my friends have flawless skin. Sure, she was brutally honest about the side effects but having seen how she has come through and how she looks now is just an inspiration.

Side effects today... My skin has slowly started to flake around my nose and my lips are starting to dry out but other than that I feel OK.

Went to the supermarket this afternoon and the security guard asked me what was wrong with my face on my way out!! If I'd have been having a bad day I think I would have had a melt down so I simply smiled and replied 'acne...!' and left the store!

I will blog again soon to let you know how I am getting on and which new supermarket I am now using!


So Far...

So... I'm 26 (27 next month) and I have suffered with acne rosacea on and off for the last 10 years.

After my last breakout which left my confidence in shatters I decided that enough was enough and to seek help from a dermatologist instead of my local GP. After an 11 week wait to see the dermatologist, my acne had cleared up due to the course of antibiotics I had taken and I walked into the consulting room and was met with what can only be described as confusion as my skin did not show any sign of the terrible outbreaks I had experienced, luckily I had photos to show him exactly what I meant. My Doctor prescribed roaccutane and I am now on the road to clear skin, hopefully wacko.png

Day 1:

Took my first 2 pills after my evening meal, didn't feel any different until I got into bed that evening and could not stop scratching. My back, my arms, my face, my hair, everything felt so itchy.

Day 2:

Woke up feeling on top of the world and had a great morning until it reached 3pm and I was shattered, I couldn't keep my eyes open, which is unlike me, unless I have had a big night out, but as you know, I was in bed scratching the night before!!

After I woke up I felt OK, headed out with some friends and completely forgot to put any sunscreen on so I came home with slightly burnt cheeks which is unusual for me as I have olive skin and I can use SPF 8 and not burn. Lesson learned...

In bed by 10pm and asleep almost immediately as I felt exhausted.

Day 3:

Woke up feeling like the world had ended and could not stop crying.

Kept myself busy all day with shopping ans cooking but felt like I had an extremely short fuse for the entire day.

Again, felt shattered but am slowly getting used to this now although I did not expect to feel any side effects this early.

pustules have begun to appear along my jawline, quite painful and I can feel my lips getting more and more dry as the hours go by.

Day 4:

I was supposed to go to the gym at 6:30am but had no energy and getting up for work at 7:30 was a struggle.

Have sat a my desk in a bit of a haze all day and cannot wait to get home. Pustules that appeared yesterday are sore and I want top squeeze them but cannot face the pain or any more scars. Itchiness has returned but only my head/hair.

Fingers crossed this is as bad as it gets!

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