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My icepick and boxcar scars are driving me CRAZY. For the past almost 2 years I've been trying to rid myself of this. Every time I look in the mirror it's excruciating :( I've become even some what obsessive over them.

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My Acne Scar Journey

Hey everybody! I decided to post again with some pics this time. I sounded like a damn cry baby in my first blog, I Hopefully through this one I can give you some hope and to let you know you are not alone. The pics that I am about to post are about to months apart. The left side is before and the right one is after. My current regimen is Ambi face wash 2-3 times a day, neutrogena facial toner 1-2 times a day, palmers night renewal cream at bed time, palmers eventone fade cream at bed time and 25% TCA peel once every 7 days. I know your saying omg a TCA peel once a week?! The key is to not leave on until you frost. I leave it on for no more then a minute and then neutralize. I've noticed my skin has a more even and brighter tone, and it leaves my skin feeling super soft. Haven't had any adverse effects and I've been doing this regimen for about a month and a half. If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)


Ok, so I'm new to this site. I kinda stumbled into it while researching how to perform an at home chemical peel [which went really well by the way]. I began going through some of the blogs and right away was able to relate to a majority of people on here.

I've been battling acne from high school well into my late 20s... it sucks. I noticed though that the outbreaks I would get up until 2 years ago where of the cystic type. Very painful and very hideous. After I began to get a bit of a handle on my acne breakouts I noticed I had a lot of dark marks, mainly on my cheeks because this of course is where most of my outbreaks would occur. Not only did I notice dark spots, but also pit like scars along side my cheeks which I now recognize ass boxcar scars.

I was able to get rid of the dark spots by using a derma-roller 1.5mm and that worked really well. It helped a little with some of the boxcar scars too, they don't seem as deep but the ones that are still very visible drive me crazy! Its become like almost an obsession to rid myself of this. Its had a major impact on my social life as well. I don't like going out much anymore or really even socializing because of my post acne scars. I've turned down numerous dates because I'm to embarrassed by my scars. Sometimes it gets to me so much that I just sulk to myself and sometimes cry because I feel like other people with "normal" skin just won't understand. I don't mean to sound superficial but this is how I feel. It would just be nice to have normal skin without acne, without discoloration and without craters. Hopefully I can. I just did a 25% TCA peel about 2 weeks ago and then a TCA spot peel on my boxcar scars a week ago. It was fairly easy to do. I've noticed since that my skin has a little better of an even tone to it. I was reading that it could take 1-3 months to see any real results so now I'm just waiting and taking it day by day. I've been documenting progress by taking pics of my boxcar scars everyday [obsessive, told you :P] so that I can use them for comparison and maybe even upload them here. So yeah, that about sums it up...I hate my skin :[

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